Ashley arrived at the Amity moon resort via a civilian shuttle. While flying in, she could see much of the surface was bare mountainous rock. Not at all different from the planets she had explored with Shepard while chasing Saren. The only outstanding feature was the vast landscape of volcanic sand. The sparkling black sand covered a circular area about nine hundred miles wide. Finding the maw wouldn't be easy.

The resort itself, however, was beautiful. Fauna had been imported from exotic places like Illium. An assortment of flowers lined the sidewalks and balconies. Trees dotted the various green gardens around the hotel. A line of attractive asari greeted the passengers as they entered the fifteen story hotel. Even Ashley had to appreciate their charm.

For the first time in a long time, Ashley was wearing a dress. Udina insisted that she not draw attention by wearing armor. Not that it would do much good against a maw anyway. The dress had an open back and stopped just above the knees. The front was a little more conservative showing a small amount of cleavage. The cool air brushed softly against her exposed skin making her feel awkward. Going from military fatigues to a dress was an uncomfortable change.

Stepping into the lobby, she was greeted by a richly dressed volus. "Welcome Miss Williams. We've been (inhale) expecting you. I'm Vauhn Mot. I'm the general manager (inhale) of this resort. How was your flight?"

"It was nice," said Ashley shaking the volus' hand. "Tell me about your thresher maw problem."

Vauhn chuckled nervously looking around at the other guests. None of them seemed to have heard her. "Let's discuss this (inhale) in my office. I wouldn't call it a (inhale) problem."

Ashley followed the volus to a spacious office located on the top floor of the hotel. The center was occupied by a large desk with two plush chairs in front. Pictures of the resort's construction lined the walls as well as an encrypted safe. The back wall was one giant window looking down on a swimming pool and spa. Everything about the room had a tropical feel.

"Make yourself comfortable Miss Williams," said Vauhn sitting down behind his desk.

"Please, just call me Ashley," she said, taking a seat on one of the soft chairs.

An asari entered the room wearing an expensive looking purple dress. The garment exposed much of the asari's torso and legs. Sitting down next to Ashley, she smiled saying, "Hello, I'm Nyala. I'm one of the share holders for this resort."

"The largest share holder," added Vaugn.

"I'm gunnery chief Williams. You can call me Ashley."

Nyala continued smiling meeting Ashley's eyes, "Vauhn runs the show here but I'm technically the owner. I obviously have an interest in what you're planning to do here."

"I'll probably have to close the resort until we can kill the thresher," suggested Ashley.

Vauhn and Nyala exchanged concerned looks. Vauhn spoke first, "We haven't officially opened. These past weeks we've only been 'testing the waters' (inhale) so to speak. Opening day is tomorrow and we can't afford the publicity of a (inhale) thresher maw attack."

Nyala put a hand softly on Ashley's wrist saying, "People tend to react poorly to these situations. You yell 'varren', everybody says 'huh, what?' You yell 'thresher maw', and we've got a panic on our hands on opening day."

"So why did you even contact the Alliance?" asked Ashley becoming mistrustful of the two aliens. "Sounds like you don't want me to do anything."

Vauhn stood up from his chair walking over to the window looking out over the landscape. "Pieces of a young asari were found in our soon-to-be famous black sand. (Inhale) The turian she was with said he 'thought' he saw a thresher maw."

"The poor boy was messed up on red sand," said Nyala with a careless laugh.

"We want you to go look for this 'maw' (inhale) if one even exists," explained Vauhn watching the guests swim. "And deal with it."

Nyala moved her hand from Ashley's wrist to her thigh massaging it lightly. She said, "In the meantime Miss Williams I suggest you enjoy your stay here. Perhaps I'll see you at our club tonight?"

Ashley blushed deeply then gently pushed Nyala's hand from her leg saying, "Doubtful. I'm supposed to meet a salarian and a krogan here."

"Oh yes..." said Vauhn sitting down again. "The salarian arrived yesterday. He's down in the basement (inhale) studying what's left of the body. Juran, I think his name was. He'll be at the club tonight for our (inhale) pre-opening day party."

"The krogan hasn't arrived yet. Can't say I look forward to it. Despicable race if you ask me." Nyala turned a cold gaze toward Ashley feeling sore from her denial.

"Do you have a room available?" Ashley asked, ignoring the miffed asari.

"Of course, we have one reserved for you (inhale) on the house," explained Vauhn, "Just check in at the front desk."

Ashley went to leave but was stopped when Nyala spoke up, "Please remember to not speak of this matter to any of the guests."

Responding with a simple nod of acknowledgment, Ashley left the room. After the door closed Nyala turned to Vauhn. Her cold executive smile returned. "Nice ass on that one."

"I wouldn't know (inhale), never cared for humans myself," sighed Vauhn.

"A quarian would more likely suit you. Ha! Suit," giggled Nyala.