Maybe Intruders Can Be Friends
Jason was walking to back his little house that he called home, he was exhausted and it wasn't from intruders, they're were some trespassers earlier in the day, but they were police officers who were looking for any marijuana crops they should know about. They found half a dozen bushes that was planted 2 years ago, and they found the remains of the original owner... until he came across Jason. Even though the officer appeared to be trespassing on his land, he just watched them until they left, since they were merely doing their jobs. After all, he was the one who gave an anonymous message to the police in the first place. Jason was kind of surprised when the head of the recent operation and chief of the police, believed that Jason was the one who tipped them off.
It was 9:30 A.M. and a group of at least 15 officers scanning the small area for any more marijuana crops or seeds. Jason watched from behind a tree, he was at least 10-15 meters from the group of lawmen doing their jobs.
"Does anyone know why this mysterious person killed the planter and called us over, when he would've just kept this shit all to himself?" Asked a curious officer looking at several of his friends who all shrugged. "Maybe he's just a good Samaritan there Jack. Even though he may have killed the suspect." Said a female officer as she was tying her boot on a stump. Just then, Chief Turner came up to the 15 personal group and said, "I may have an idea who called us over officers Jack and Amy." Everyone looked at him eager to here his theory. "Jason Voorhees. The Camp Crystal Lake Murderer." Almost everyone gave a light chuckle, before another officer replied with a grin, "I thought the FBI fucked him up 6 years ago sir, before a bunch of crazy shit happened with people being fuckin' possessed and shit by Jason's spirit?" He said while still grinning. Another officer spoke up and asked, "Yeah and sir how would you actually know, or believe that Jason gave us the whereabouts of this crop, sir?"
"Yeah and you never even saw that hockey puck." Said another officer. The chief smirked before giving a reply, "Oh I've seen him rookie, I was actually with the FBI on that day."
'Oh god, I actually still remember that day my body was blown to bits.' Jason thought to himself while still keeping his distance.
"Alright, but still it could have been anyone who gave us this information." Said Sgt. Amy.
The chief gave off another smirk while preparing to give them a lecture, "Well Officer Amy, the majority of the people that come here, either at the campsite or just near the camp groups, to have a good time, are usually teenagers, mostly the disgusting ones that do drugs and alcohol and have underage premarital sex. And who would just give us a an anonymous message, when state law says that who ever tips off the police on the presence of drugs, he or she must given an award of $15,000 for doing so, so why would just pass that chance up? And another thing, why would anyone kill the supposed drug lord, which look likes the wound had been caused by long sharp weapon... like a machete? Also, why is it that there have been never ending reports of people going and never found? Except for this one." He while pointing to the body of the drug lord in the ambulance. "And another thi... you know what just forget it! What I'm trying to say is that Jason is REAL!" He finally ended before he started lighting a cigarette.
"I don't know why you would stand up for that freak sir, he's just a mass murderer. He ain't no better than Michael Myers or that Thomas Hewitt... Leatherface guy down in Texas. I think you might be a little crazy sir." Said another officer. Chief responded with an irritated look, "Are ya sayn' that cuz I'm black Officer James?"
"NO SIR!" He responded quickly with a startled expression.
"Good, now lets wrap this up here!" The chief said.
But that wasn't the reason why Jason was tired. Today he got a surprised visit from FREDDY KRUEGER! "Man he's getting annoying!" Jason said to himself.
"But it gets lonely around here wouldn't mind to make some new friends. And maybe take Fred's advice on finding lover... echhh." Just then he heard a car coming to his land, he turned around and started walking to the source of the automobile.
"Speak of the devil maybe this is when I start meeting new people." He again said to himself.
5 minutes later he saw the car and three girls between the ages of 18 and 21. There was blonde haired one, a red head, and a brunette. Jason looked at his machete, then back to the girls.
Just then, the red haired girl unknowingly surprised Jason when she asked, "HEY GIRLS! Do ya think Jason gets lonely out here with no friends?" Then she gave somewhat a sexy smile before saying, "OR lllooovers!"
"How would we know Kayla." Said the brunette. "I'm sure he does, even though he kills people I'm pretty he can be interesting if he tried." She added.
Jason tilted his head to the side before thinking to himself, 'Maybe I'll let them stick around for a while, and then present myself to them.' He then smiled under his hockey mask. Suddenly he felt something get a little stiff... in his pants. The result of the blonde haired girl bending over to tie her shoe laces. She was wearing a miniskirt... so yeah he could her panties. Which kind of caused him to blush a little.