Kayla kept a firm grip on Jason's hand as she kept pulling towards a suitable spot to get down to... business. They stopped in the middle of the camp grounds surrounded by the cabins, Kayla looked around to where they should go. Jason started to stutter, "L-l-look m-maybe w-we should go back to t-the main cabin and-"

"No time! Besides we need to go find a place where my friends won't be able to hear us... mostly you!" She said while pointing at Jason.

"Why me? I think you're the one is going to start screaming since I'm so big I could crush you!" He said with cocky smile.

"Not if I'm on top!" She said with a smile. Kay took notice of a large cabin that look like it was recently built, like more than half of the other cabins that looked like they were either recently built or just only repaired. The cabin had a sign over the that said, 'Female Counselors'. Jason noticed where Kay's eyes were and asked her, "Y-Y-You want to g-go in that cabin?" He pointed.

"Does it have a bed?" She asked with curiosity. "It has two or three and-"

"PERFECT!" She said with excitement and started pulling Jason with her. They walked the 30 foot distance and up the small steps and went through the door.

Once they were inside and excited Kay said, "EVEN MORE PERFECT!" The result of finding out that they're three beds, but more important to her, they were all queen-sized beds.

Kay walked across the fresh looking oak floor and let go of Jason's hand and suddenly pushed him on the bed where he let out an, "Umph!" He slowly sat up and started to stand up, but then Kay said, "You stay right there! I'll be right back!" She said while heading for the door.

"Can you get my mask please?"

"Okay!" Then she was out the door.

Jason sat up on the bed and looked around and saw a clock hanging on the wall ticking and toking and giving the time which said, "12:17", five minutes passed and Kay came in through the door with Jason's mask in her hand and a large smile on her face.

"Here you go!" She walked towards the sitting figure on the bed and handed him his mask.

"Thanks!" He gently took his mask and put it over his face, he smelled the inside of his mask, it smelled good! "So I guess you have a condom for me to-"

"OH HELL NO! NO FUCKING CONDOM FOR YOU!" She got into his face, er... mask and grabbed the collar of his tattered jacket tightly.

"But won't you get pregnant without it? I think you should give me one!" He said while raising an eyebrow.

Kay gave him an innocent look and tone, "But its not as fun with it as it is without it. Besides I took a birth control pill." She then pulled up Jason's mask and reached over to his face with hers with her eyes closed, and placed a full kiss on his lips and grabbed his hand again and brought it over to Kay's ass where planted it to where he started stroking and petting it like a cat, after when he started giving into the kiss while closing his eyes.

Kay removed his hand from her butt and sat on the bed right next to Jason. She put her arms around his neck and tried to use place her tongue in his mouth, but pulled away which caused Jason to tilt his head to the side since he was confused. She giggled from his reaction and said, "I guess I need teach you somethings. First off this is called making out, which is intense kissing, and to do so we need to put each others tongues in our mouths and make them dance. ME FIRST!" She then suddenly gave a quick kiss before she entered her tongue into his mouth which he did also. Kay pushed off Jason's jacket, while in return Jason pushed off Kay's unbuttoned thin pink her off her shoulders and slid it off her arms and once it was off he placed it on top of his jacket that was on the floor. Next thing Jason lifted up Kay's tank top, which she raised her arms up while he pulled her top over head and placed on the bed. Jason broke away from the kiss for some air and stared at the redhead's pink bra covered breasts. "You can touch me if you want, which I know you want to." She said with a confident smile. Jason removed his gloves from his hands and set them aside, as he reached up with his right hand and stroked her neck with a feather like touch from his rough hand, he trailed down to her gold necklace, to her collar bones, and settled on Kay's right breast and gave it a little squeeze, causing a her to close her eyes and causing a moan to escape her lips. He brought his left hand up to her left breast and squeezed both of mounds of flesh on her chest, which caused her to moan a little louder and a little more sexy like.

Kay opened her eyes and saw that Jason's hands were not on her chest anymore, but instead were around her, trying to open her rear bra strap. She smirked and said, "I can see that you're having some trouble... soooo... let me do it!" She said with excitement. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and slid the straps down her shoulders. Once it was off she through on top of the small pile of clothes on the ground. Jason saw that the ends of her long hair covered her breasts, so he moved her red hair away, and the sight that he saw, came another painful bulge in his pants. He gave her another kiss followed by another war between their tongues. A couple minutes passed and they broke the kiss for some air again, his head went down to her neck, where started licking and kissing that area which made Kayla blush and giggle. He made sure that her necklace got some attention to. He left her neck and went down to her breasts, but before he could apply there, Kay stood up and walked around from the end of the bed, where they were sitting on, and stood in front of Jason with her back towards him. He tilted his head in confusion again, and he saw Kay remove her cowgirl boots and set them aside. Next thing, she unbuttoned her jean shorts and unzipped them. Once she undid her shorts, she grabbed the top of her pants and bent over so her butt was in his face. She then started tugging down her pants, once they were down to her knees she reached up for he pink panties, but suddenly Jason took his right hand and smacked Kayla on her butt cheek, causing her to let out a surprised giggling yelp while she stood straight back up holding her butt with one hand.

She turned around to face him, giving him a devilish smile, "Eager are we? But now its your turn to shed some clothes! So take your shoes off." She said while bending over grabbing the bottom of his tattered up shirt while he took his large boots off. She started to lift up his shirt which he replied by lifting up his arms and helped her removing the piece of clothing and setting it on her tank top. Kayla stood back up with wide eyes at what SHE saw. She saw that he was very muscular, not body-builder muscular, but still muscular, and he had scars all over his upper body. She literally drooled a little at the sight she saw and said, "Oh... Oh... My... God!"

Next thing Jason took hold of her waist and pulled Kayla towards him. His eyes stared at Kayla's boobs causing the bulge in his pants to swell up more.

"So this is what other males are into." He said while eyes looked up to meet her face.

"YEP! And I'm one of the few women that takes pride in her breasts, and our nice little asses, but mostly our boobs. But that's not the entire lesson!" She smiled.

"Okay. What do I do now? Do I do this?" He said before giving Kay's right nipple a couple of licks followed by a couple of kisses, which caused her moan a response, "Ohhhh! Yeah that's a good job. Now lay on the bed." She pointed.

"Uhh... okay."

He laid on his back, but the her heard some metallic clanking and looked up and saw that his hands were handcuffed to the bars on end of the bed. He stopped what he was doing and looked at Kayla who stood up and tugged down her panties. Once they were off, she tossed them to Jason, but since his hands were bound to the bars of the head board Kay's undergarments landed on top of Jason's face. Kay giggled at that and removed them from his face and set them on the pile of clothes. She played a smirk before she straddled her partner and bent over him so her boobs were in his face. Jason captured her left nipple, swirling his tongue making her moan and groan in pleasure.

Jason continued sucking on Kay's breasts, despite being handcuffed to the metal bars of the bed. His tongue swirled around and licked Kay's left nipple before he went over to the right one and started to lick it like a dog. "So do you like them?" Kay asked him.

He stopped and said, "They're amazing."

"They better be!"

Kay felt something brush against her butt, she sat up and smiled widely.

"Hey Jason is that a machete in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?" Kay said in a sexy tone while reaching for his button and zipper. Once she undid his pants she flinched as his hard member shot out from its imprisonment. She gasped at what she saw before her very eyes.


"I thought you had sex before?" He said while raising an eyebrow.

"YES! But I haven't been fucked by any man with cock this big!" She said with some fear in her.


"More lessons!" She shrugged.

She got off of Jason so she could take off his pants. Once they were off, she sat on his waist again, straddling him with hands chained to the bed.

"OKAY! She shouted like a cheerleader.

"Sex Ed has begun... Kalya style!" Joyfully shooting her fist into the air.

Kay placed her hands on Jason's muscular chest and started to lecture him, "Okay! When people have sex, there are nicknames to certain things. Like for sex, sometime it's called: making love, screwing around, messing around, or having some fun.

Kayla used her legs to push herself up a little, to where Jason could see her woman hood. "And this is called a vagina, or pussy, or womanhood." She said while lifting herself up to where she was hovering her entrance over Jason's manhood. "Umm... a man's penis is commonly called a cock. So that's pretty much I can teach you... for now." Kayla then lowered herself to where Jason's tip came into contact with his lover's entrance. He looked down at those two areas, before looking back up to see a sexy smile plastered on Kay's face.

"Alright, Jason Voorhees, get ready for the night of your life!" The red-head announced.

"Its noon." He corrected her.

"Whatever." She shrugged.

Just then, Kayla relaxed the muscles in her legs, that kept her from having fun with a certain fleshy object, she used her weight to quickly slide Jason into her tight entrance. Causing the couple let out some moans. Kayla moved up and down on causing the man below her to let out some moans and out of pain and pleasure. Kay was just going slow, and after at least 5 minutes she started to increase her pace, so she lifted herself up to where the tip remained inside, but then suddenly Jason pushed his pelvis upwards, which made his cock roughly penetrate his lover, and then quickly retracted, causing her to let out a quick squeal.

"EKKK!" She looked down and playfully glared at the man inside of her and said, "Ohhh! You're in for it now buster!"

He responded with a smile. Just then he pushed himself upwards inside her again. He repeated the rhythm, while the red head on top of him let out some moans, "Ohhh! Oh fuck! This 'pant' is SOOO GOOD! Thank 'pant pant' God I haven't lost my touch at this!" She pushed Jason's pelvis back down with her weight and started her own rhythm. She moved herself up and down, riding Jason's manhood, only harder and faster this time, which made Jason finally give out a response, "Ah! Ah! So this is 'pant pant' why those teenagers do this stuff!"

Kalya stopped and opened her eyes and leaned over to the pile of clothes on the floor, while Jason was still inside of her.

"I can feel your cock twitching inside me." Kay came back up to her original position and held a small key in her hands. She laid herself on Jason, while she was unlocking the handcuffs that chained Jason to the bed. Kayla let out some giggled moans when she felt Jason's tongue trailed across her fleshy mounds, up to the rim of her gold necklace. Kay sat back up and threw the key and cuffs down to the pile of clothes on the floor. She bent down on Jason's body and placed her lips on his. They lighty moaned as their tongue's battled each other for dominance. Jason placed his hands on Kay's waist and restarted his upwards thrusts, but faster and harder than Kay's second rhythm, into Kayla's tight wet womanhood. They both grunted as Kayla restarted her rhythm as well, but faster and even harder than Jason's current one.

One last push, and Jason let out a long grunt and shot his hot seed up into Kayla's body. Kayla sat back up and moaned out while she came, "OHHHHHHHH!"

After a couple of minutes Kay laid down, and cuddled up to Jason. They were both panting and sweating. Kay kissed Jason's cheek and reached over to her down stairs, then retracted and brought back some sperm on her fingers which she licked up greedily.

She kissed him again and said sexily, "I hope there's plenty of more where that "came" from."

Then started making out again, but only gently, out of exhaustion.