Chapter 5 HERE! Sorry it took so long. It also has the SEXUAL CONTENT and maybe some naughty words. As you read this, you might notice this is kinda pornographic and defematory. A Yes and No on the porno. And a definite NO one the defamation. In reality This Kayla girl is probably by 17 now, the number of dirty deeds with men is probably a rather low number. Idk anything new about her and the other two girls, for I haven't talked to Rosethefangirl for quite a long time. Probably a year now. WHERE ARE YOU! I MISS YOU! Remember a good deal of this sex stuff is either exagerated or made up. Mostly Made up. You can probably guess whats made up. If not i'll let you know what is made up/exagerrated at the end.

I DO NOT OWN FRIDAY THE 13TH. Also in my story I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE THESE GIRLS LOOK BAD! I WAS Given their permission, approval and THEIR IDEAS, over a year ago.

"Oh my God! That had to been the BEST sex I had in years!" Kayla said out loud to Jason, telling him how satisfying the initmacy they shared, despite being Jason's first time. Kayla had a big smile on her face and was lying butt-naked on her back on the bed, with one hand behind her head, the other stroking her wet and ravished womanhood, lightly with tips of her fingers, and her long red hair partially spread out on the bed. Jason aslo was lying naked but had his mask on, and his muscular arms were next to his sides.

"Yeah I can also see why teens do this." He said in a rather exhausted state. Kayla turned her towards Jason's direction and gave him another lecture, "Well lot of teens and college age adults, have sex either to feel loved, just for fun, love lust which is what I kinda somewhat made up, its part love and part fun, another is "why wait", or my fave, the pornography!" She smiled.

"Pornography?" Jason asked raising his 'eyebrows' under his mask. "Aren't those the magazines with pictures of naked girls on them?"

Kayla gave the masked killer that glaring 'what?' look. "What primitive culture do you come from? I'm just kidding!" She said while giving off another of one her cheery smiles. "Yes but those are the boring ones. But the porn I'm talking about are the ones that you can actually watch the action happening!" She explained.

*"Like on the TV with the VIHIS and DIVD?" Jason asked obliviously to his mistake.

"Do you mean VHS and DVD?" Asked a giggling Kay.

"Ummm I guess." He responded.

"And to your answer; yes like on the TV. But there is something called the Internet. Which you can access on the computer." She further explained.

"By computer do you mean that TV looky like box or that small flat thing with the board of buttons, which make letters appear?" Jason asked as though he was a child.

Kayla giggled at the thought of Jason acting this adorable right now. "Yes." She responded.

"Have you done any?" Jason asked surprisingly.

"YEP! I've done four; one solo, which is by myself, one in with one other guy, one with me and two guys and one with another girl." She listed.

"I don't think love being made between two girls actually counts, because when girls do it I just see them put their heads between their heads. Past victims." He pointed out in a somewhat minor basic educated way.

Kayla gave him a seductive smile, "You really are big pervert. I like that. Maybe I'll show you some girl-on-girl action later."

"Okay." He simply said. "Were any of those your first time?" Going back on the subject.

"Oh no. You have to be 18 to be in one."

"Wait a minute I thought you-"

Before he could finish Kayla cut him off, "I meant that between 15 and 17 was the bulk of my sex life. And I know remember it was 20 times and seven guys. The total number of sex I had, before you, was 56. 15 guys and 8 girls. And that also includes the oral, handys, and even..." She moved in closer towards his ear, "The butt." She whispered.

Instead of being grossed out, "I have seen something like that 4 or 5 times in the past, the butt thing. But what do you mean by oral?" He asked.

Just then Kayla gave a mischeveous smile and moved herself down the bed, and laid on Jason's muscular legs. She brought her hand up and and wrapped her fingers around his member which instantly raised her eyesbrows, 'Fastest I've ever seen.' She thought."

Kayla placed her lips on the tip of shaft and then took his entire length in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down at first a slow pace. She looked up at Jason as he sat up, then back down before slowly increasing her rythm. "So this is oral huh?" Jason asked himself through his teeth as pressure slowly started to build in his manhood. "I've actually seen this a couple of times in the past." He added.

The redhead picked up her pace faster, causing Jason to place his large hand on top of her head. A few minutes later the large man gave a loud moan as he climaxed. Kayla closed her eyes and stopped her head as she felt his orgasm fill up in her mouth. Kayla's head gave a few more long small strokes, before pulling back containing Jason's cum. Kayla sat up on her knees between Jason's legs, with her eyes still closed. She swallowed hard and started breathing hard.

"Yum!" She said between pants and wiping the sweat off her forehead.

"That felt nice." Complemented Jason whose breathing was more shallow.

"Thank You!" Kayla said in a high sweet voice. "I think were done... for now." She winked at him seductively.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. I APOLOGIZE. Started working on this like a week ago. Didn't really have any ideas for it. NOW for those who couldn't tell what was made up, I'm gonna tell you first Kayla's not a virgin IN REAL LIFE.