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Alex's seventeenth birthday passed by unrecognized by all but a few, and none of them were able to tell him happy birthday, save one who never would. Alex and Yassan were faring well together with only a few fights along the way. He was finally up to the weight he had been before his kidnapping, and his physical prowess was approaching that level as well, though it would be a few more months.

He would often send postcards that Yassan had gathered from many different countries to Ben and the NCIS team. They never sent one from the Yucatan, being as that was where they were staying, but the letters were to reassure them that he was alive.

"Yassan, why did you decide to leave Scorpia?"

Yassan looked Alex dead in the eyes. "They killed John, and I have made plenty of money. I don't need any more, although more is always nice. I do, however, have one more assassination I need to make."

Alex paled rapidly. "Who?"

"A member of the board, Dr. Three. No one will get away with hurting you like he did and not suffer for it."

Relief flickered in Alex's eyes. "You think you can get to him?"

"I have already finished the preliminary steps. I just need to travel to Italy and take care of the last step myself. I'll be leaving in two days. Can you stay out of trouble?"

"Yes Yassan. Thank you for this by the way. I- I can't tell you the amount of piece of mind this will give me."

"You have class, Alex. If you intend to get your medical degree, you need to get going."

"Goodbye, Yassan."

Alex decided that now would be a good time to write another letter to Gibbs. The man was becoming Alex's main confidant. Still, Alex was sure he would never see the man again- at least not until he was sure he had changed enough not to be recognized.

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