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~Six months later~

Rima lay in the grass, her golden hair fanned out underneath her. She smiled up at the warm sun above her face, basking in it's glow as she shut her eyes.

A shadow crossed over her, making it considerably darker, but it didn't really matter, because she knew who was casting the shadow onto her. It was someone she loved more that anything else, someone who loved her too.

Rima opened her eyes and grinned happily up at the boy. His long indigo hair swayed back and forth in the wind, the bright glow of the sun behind him making him appear somewhat angelic. He grinned back at her, showing off his perfect white teeth.

"Good afternoon, Rima-chan," the boy said happily, moving besides Rima before lowering himself to the grass. He sat next to her, his legs spread out in front of him, a content grin etched onto his face.

"Hello, Nagihiko," Rima said, grinning with equal enthusiasm, as she sat up next to him. She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder. She was so happy, just being with him. She was just so relieved that he was alive. "I'm so glad you're alive."

"So am I, Rima-chan. It was just so lucky that the fire department arrived when they did, that they managed to pull me out from the burning building before I was burned to death. And so very lucky that my wounds were able to be healed by the doctors; medicine's amazing, isn't it?" Nagihiko said as he rested his head on top of the shorter girl's. She wove the fingers of her hand with his as he did this.

"I love you so much. So very much," Rima said with a sigh.

"I love you too, Rima-chan. Never forget that," Nagihiko replied.

The two sat there in silence for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other's presence, before Nagihiko pulled back and looked her in the eyes. He gently caressed her cheek with his free hand, before drawing her face in towards his and letting their lips meet. He kissed her slow and smooth, his lips and her's dancing together in perfect unison. It was an innocent and pure kiss, one that made Rima's heart ache she enjoyed it so much.

But yet, something wasn't right... something was very wrong. As content as Rima was in this moment, she couldn't think that it was actually happening. It was too perfect. There was no way that this could be happening, after all the pain, all the heartbreak, there was no way.

"Don't forget, Rima-chan. You must remember forever," Nagihiko said into her lips as he pulled away. His eyes were closed and his face looked peaceful to Rima's gently parted eyes, but yet his voice held something more, something serious. "I gave up my life to save your's, right? You must never forget what I did."

"Of course; I'll never forget," Rima insisted pulling back to stare into Nagihiko eyes. He smiled gently back at her, his face still as peaceful as it had been the whole time.

"Good, because that's all I will ever ask of you."

A sudden beeping broke the mood, and when Rima blinked she found herself not in a field with Nagihiko but in the dark guestroom of Amu's house. Her heart thundered in her chest for a moment as she remembered the truth. Yaya, Kairi, Utau, Kukai, and Nagihiko had perished in the fire at the school gymnasium half a year ago. Only she, Ikuto, Tadase, and Amu had made it out alive. She and Tadase had spent several weeks at the hospital, getting tested for this and that and getting their wounds healed before they were let go. Nagihiko's mother had offered to let Rima stay with her, as her mother was dead and her father was lord knows where with his new wife, but Rima couldn't accept that and had moved in with Amu.

Nagihiko being with her again was just a dream, a dream she had had much too often.

Rima slowly got out of bed after turning off the alarm clock, and yawned as she walked towards the bathroom. As much as she enjoyed the dreams when she was in them, they left her feeling empty afterward. She supposed they were the reason she couldn't move on from the tragic deaths, as Nagihiko reminded her two or three times a week of her sacrifice and what exactly she had done. Giving her sweet words and gentle caresses, albeit in a dream, where still an easy way to remind her. The fact he held no resentment whatsoever made it harder to let go, especially as the only thing he asked of her was to hold on to him forever.

Rima was the only one still hung up on the past.

Amu and Ikuto had gotten over it fairly quickly, but that wasn't too say they had forgotten. Once or twice a month they would have days were they sat around doing nothing, sighing and locking themselves in their rooms, and occasionally either of them would just stare off into space for long stretches of time, but no longer were their thoughts consumed by their friends and loved ones lost.

Tadase had held on longer. He had clung to Nadeshiko desperately, not wanting to let go of someone he loved so much, as with the others. But eventually he gave her up. Rima asked him about this one day, how he could let go of someone he loved so much, and he had given her a response that baffled her completely. He told her that his love for her had been impulsive, and that he was never actually in love with her, but that everything was so rushed and confused he mistook a crush for something deeper.

Rima wondered if that was simply what happened to her. She wondered if her love for Nagihiko wasn't more like love for what he did, or that she felt that she owed it to him to love him as much as he loved her. True, she had always had feelings for him, but maybe it was just a crush and the dreams were influencing her to believe it was much more.

Everyone told her that Nagihiko would want her to be happy and that she should move on. She didn't have to love anyone else, but that she should let go of him and continue with her life. But she couldn't. Not only were her feelings for him stopping her, but the dreams as well.

But those dreams were better then the ones she had on the other nights.

It had started when she was in the hospital. The dreams were so realistic, so gruesome that every time she had had them at first she woke up screaming.

The details changed often, but it always had the same premise. Nadeshiko was there, but so was Nagihiko. She would attack him, stabbing him over and over as blood splashed up onto Rima and his skin tore, his organs falling to the floor as he was converted to a mess of flesh, blood, and bones. Sometimes others would die as well, her mother was often there, but it was always Nagihiko. And, right before she woke up, Rima would look down and find the naginata in her hand and Nadeshiko would be gone, her voice echoing in her ears "You were the one that delivered the final blow."

Rima wondered sometimes if she had killed Nagihiko. True, in the struggle to save her he had almost killed himself himself, but when she blacked out and began to come to she had the naginata in her hands and there was blood everywhere; it didn't take a genius to put two and two together. Was it her fault Nagihiko was dead? Was it her fault he was gone?

Rima had spoken to Ikuto once, right after the incident, and asked him what he would have done if Amu had died in the gymnasium and he had been the one to kill her. His eyes had clouded over and had looked out the window for a long moment before answering, quite reluctantly, "I'd die."

Rima felt that dying would be nice, god knew she wanted to, but then Nagihiko's sacrifice would have been in vain, everyone's deaths would have been in vain. But it was what Nadeshiko wanted, right? Maybe if she died then everyone would be brought back.

After she was dressed, Rima walked down the stairs, past the kitchen, and through the front door. She wouldn't wait to walk to school with Amu, and she wouldn't tell her that she was going ahead. She didn't want to talk to anyone right now, she just wanted to remember the feeling of Nagihiko's lips on her's as she went along her way.

The dreams with Nagihiko, although the left her feeling guilty and sick, were the only good thing she had anymore. Sometimes they were sweet and gentle, like the one she had last night, but sometimes they were heated and passionate. They would kiss, and then the kissing would lead to touching, and then the touching would lead to sex. At the end, Nagihiko would force Rima to say she would never forget him, never let go. Every time she woke up from one of those dreams Rima cried and cried until she had a migraine and felt like she was going to throw up.

The dreams were horrible; they kept her heart shrouded in darkness, they made her remember things that should have long ago been forgotten. But they were also her sanctuary, her heaven, her paradise. Because they were the only times she would ever see Nagihiko again.

Rima walked out into the early morning traffic, without looking for cars, in the middle of the street at a slow and leisurely pace. She didn't care if she were hit, she didn't care if she were injured or killed. Then she could be with Nagihiko again, then she could give Nadeshiko what she wanted.

The doctors had told Rima that she was going through serious depression, and she didn't find that hard to believe. They offered her several types of medication for this, but she refused to take them. She didn't want to lose Nagihiko, she didn't want to move on.

They had told the Hinamori family before the took the blonde into their care something they didn't think was suitable for the girl to hear. Apparently Nadeshiko had beat her so badly that she had suffered mild brain damage, and that the trauma of everything had only contributed to this. It made sense to Amu then, why she appeared so distant, why she was so hung up on Nagihiko and Nadeshiko. But as hard as they tried to give her treatment and medication Rima refused. Nagihiko was telling her every other night that she needed to hold on to him, and if she let go then she had failed him. After everything he gave to her, how could she possibly let go?

After a long time Rima walked out onto the bridge, gazing down at the water hundreds of feet below with a rather blank look.

It was spring, the cherry blossoms were blooming from where the bridge had started. Rima's heart ached as she remembered going to view the peach blossoms with Nagihiko in place of viewing the cherry blossoms with her parents. Even from then, he had loved her. And he had told her not to cry, because a smile suited her more than tears.

But wait, wasn't that Nadeshiko with her then? Hadn't she made him go and change into his feminine persona?

She was everywhere, wasn't she?

Rima had tried not to cry, just for him, but Nadeshiko was the one who had told her not to. Maybe Nagihiko did want her to cry!

Nagihiko, Nadeshiko, Nagihiko, Nadeshiko... which one was which?

Rima pulled her body up onto the railing of the bridge, holding onto the support beam desperately as she stared down at the water below. No, she wasn't going to jump; she had come to this bridge and stood like this several times before, but she had obviously never jumped. A cherry blossom fell in front of Rima's eyes and she had to blink back tears. Her parents never did go to see them with her. They were gone, and so was Nagihiko.

Why was she holding back the tears if that was what Nadeshiko wanted? Maybe she should cry them for Nagihiko.

What she wouldn't give...

This whole thing was about her, right? Nadeshiko would have taken Rima's life in exchange for everyone else's. If she died, everyone would come back! Everyone including Nagihiko! Who cares if she had to die, as long as Nagihiko could live?

"Yes, Rima-chan. Jump and everyone will come back." Rima knew there was no one there, and this voice was just her imagination, but the logical part of her mind was no longer in control. Instead, Nadeshiko was standing beside her, smirking up at her. "Jump and Nagihiko will come back."

Rima owed it to Nagihiko to survive, as that was what he had given his life for, but if she could bring him back that was even better. And Nadeshiko said everyone could come back if she died, even the people who were killed without any say in the matter.

"Rima-chan, don't forget me. Remember what I wanted," Nagihiko voice echoed in Rima's ears from deep in her subconscious. He wasn't there either, part of Rima knew this, but there he was, standing on her right, smiling at her. What he wanted was her to live and be happy, but she wasn't happy, she would never be happy again. The only way she would be happy was if he was alive. And if he wanted her to be happy, then he needed to be alive. And for him to be alive, Rima needed to die.

She needed to die.

"Yes, Rima-chan, bring him back! Bring them all back!" Nadeshiko's grin was huge, filling her face with an evil sort of lust. Rima wanted to, she really did, but was this truly the way?

Nadeshiko had always wanted only her to die. Sure, she desired revenge on the others, but she had wanted Rima to die.

It was all her fault. Everything was her fault.

"Rima-chan!" Ah, and there was the voice of Amu echoing in her ears as well. But Amu wasn't dead.

At the end of the bridge Amu stood, severely winded, along with Tadase and Ikuto. She began sprinting out onto the bridge as the other two kept pace.

"They don't understand, Rima-chan. They don't understand that you're going to bring them all back. Don't you think Ikuto wants his sister? Don't you think Amu and Tadase want their friends? They don't understand, or else they'd want you to jump as well," Nadeshiko voice said, smooth and deadly. Rima's head hurt as she tried to focus on her friends and the twins surrounding her. What was the truth, what was real?

"Rima-chan, go with Amu. Go with Amu. Don't let my sacrifice be in vain," Nagihiko pleaded, his eyes wide. Amu reached Rima and stepped right where he was, causing him to vanish.

So Nadeshiko was real, so she was right. Dying would bring Nagihiko back.

"Mashiro-san, it's alright! Come down from the bridge! Things will get better, I promise you!" Tadase urged, his face frantic as he looked up at her with wide eyes. But he was lying. The dreams would continue, the guilt would increase.

"Nagihiko wouldn't want this!" Ikuto added.

"Nagihiko wanted to live," Nadeshiko's voice hissed in Rima ear. It was true, he wanted to live. He wanted to live. He wanted Rima to be happy, but Rima wasn't happy. Rima was in so much pain.

"Ikuto doesn't want you, he wants Utau. Amu doesn't want you, she want's Nagihiko. Tadase doesn't want you, he wants Kukai," Nadeshiko's voice continued, poison dripping from her dulcet tone.

It was true, they didn't want her. And if she could help them, then it would be worth her death.

"This is for you guys, you know. She told me she'd bring them back if I died," Rima said, her voice shaky and unnatural. Amu furrowed her eyebrows. "She told me they'd bring Nagihiko back."

"Wait, who told you?"

"Nadeshiko did."

Amu's mouth dropped into a small "o" at this. She was in shock; Rima was hallucinating that Nadeshiko was there? Had things really gotten this bad? How had she not noticed?

"Rima-chan, Nadeshiko is dead," Amu said, her voice oddly high-pitched.

"Yes, but she's here," Rima said, glancing back down at the still water, not wanting to look at neither Amu or Nadeshiko. Could she still do it, with Amu and the others here? Wouldn't that hurt them, to uselessly watch her die? But yet, in the long run, it would help them much.

"Mashiro-san, it's just me, Ikuto and Amu-chan; Nadeshiko-san isn't here," Tadase said, his voice weak as he tried to smile up at the blonde, but finding himself sick at the thought of the girl he may or may not have loved. Rima frowned, glancing over at the indigo-haired girl.

"She's here, she's always with me, in the background, watching everything I do, every move I make," Rima said, her voice bland and tasteless. She looked up at Amu and stared at her with dark, emotionless eyes. "She's always watching me."

"Rima, killing yourself won't bring them back; once someone's gone they're gone. It's too late, but you can still live," Ikuto said, holding out a hand to the small girl.

His hand... she had just held Nagihiko's in her dream. Jumping would bring him back. Or, even if it didn't, they would be together again, in an endless dream. She could hold his hand, kiss his lips, and say that she was sorry for what she did, thankful for what he did, and that she loved him more than words could express.

She wanted to hold Nagihiko's hand, not Ikuto's.

"Do it now and you can, Rima-chan. Do it and you will be with Nagihiko forever," Nadeshiko whispered, her voice cool and enticing.

Nagihiko was suddenly there, standing in front of her, holding out his hand.

"I want you to be happy, Rima-chan," was what he said. He held out one of his hands for her to take.

"Nagihiko," Rima said, smiling as she reached forward to take his hand, stepping forward as she did so.

"No!" Ikuto screamed, lunging forward, grasping at air, as Rima tumbled forwards, her long hair falling out behind her as her body sped to the water below.

Now Nagihiko will come back, now he can know my feelings.

"Why aren't you glad? You got what you wanted," a dark voice hissed in the ear of a young girl. She turned from where she was frowning into space and gave it a exasperated look.

"I didn't think getting revenge would feel quite like this. I feel bad about it. Like... like I was in the wrong," the girl said slowly, as if unsure about her words. The figure smirked at her.

"But she did die in the end, you know. Aren't you glad?"

"I... I really am not. I mean, once Tadase told me that he loved me, I kind of realized what I did was wrong, that I shouldn't have tried to kill others just because they liked my brother more," the girl sighed, resting her head in her palm, "I can't believe I drove her to such insanity that hallucinations of Nagihiko and I told her to kill herself. I mean, even though I lost, I suppose I won. I got exactly what I wanted."

After a long period of silence, she continued, "You know what's funny, though? I'd give anything at all to do it all over again, to get a second chance to fix it. Instead of seeking revenge, trying to cooperate with Nagihiko."

"More that anything else, I should have asked for a second chance."

"Hmm, isn't this curious?" The figure said, smirking as the girl sighed off into the distant darkness.

"I wonder if I'll give you a second chance..."

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