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Rima and Nagihiko had no idea how to gauge how much time had passed, as the two of them lay on the floor adjacent to each other, their blue and blonde hair mixing on the cold linoleum, while their guardian characters buzzed around anxiously. The only thing they knew was that the fingernails had stopped scrapping against the door which meant the "monster" was somewhere else in the house.

"Nagi, Are we ever gonna leave?" Rhythm asked in boredom, as he floated over his bearer's face. Nagihiko looked up at him with a agitated look.

"Seeing as how we will most likely be murdered if we leave, I say no for the time being," he replied in a sarcastic voice. Rhythm frowned at him.

"Keep your cool, dude!" he shot back in defense, "No need to snap like that!"

Rima scoffed at the small playboy, and rolled onto her side so she was facing the other two. "Of course there's no reason for him to be agitated. We're just being hunted down a horror movie monster after all."

Nagihiko stared up at her and there eyes met. As scared as he was he knew Rima was even more so, especially because she was slightly claustrophobic, and he really admired that she could still keep her sarcastic side. Her pools of gold met his warm brown ones, and he felt a thundering attack in his heart. His lips parted to say something to Rima, something he didn't even know he wanted to say but realized he'd truly always wanted to, but something cut him off…

The faint sound of a lock clicking and a door squeaking open.

"Oh my god! It's my mom!" Rima shrieked as jerked up to her feet. Nagihiko was soon to follow, with a frenzied expression and wide eyes. "What do we do?"

"We should go to her, right? Maybe that thing is gone and we can get out!"

"But… but what if it's not?" Rima's eyes bore intensely into Nagihiko's, trying to find reassurance in his words.

"Then we definitely need to go out there to save your mother." Before she could utter a word of protest, Nagihiko had pulled the door open and was dragging her from the room.

The two stormed down the stairs quickly, trying to get to Rima's mother and take her away before the thing could get them. Nagihiko dragged Rima to the living room, and both of them stopped and stared at the sight before them, trying to pretend it was all just a bad dream; Rima's mom was hanging her coat up in the closet and right behind her in the doorway was the "monster." As the two looked at it thoroughly for the first time, they noticed that besides it's creepy face it was pretty much normal. It had on all black clothes that matched it's long black hair. The only thing truly horrifying about it at this moment (besides the face) was the ax that glinted from behind it's back.

"Oh, hello Nagi-kun! Rima didn't tell me that you would be here today!" She turned to smile at the two as she dug through her purse for something, evidently unaware of the horror behind her. "I'm going to assume she got scared and called you, right? I can always count on you to take care of her."

She looked up with a grin that soon disappeared as her eyes met two wide pairs filled with uncontrollable terror. "What is it? What's wrong?"

Rima made a croaking sort of sound as she slowly raised a finger to point at her mother, but Nagihiko shoved her hand back down quickly.

"Ma-Mashiro-san, please come over here now," Nagihiko whispered in a strangled voice. If she came over without looking back the figure may leave her alone, but if she looked back she would for sure be killed immediately. She had to make it over to them quickly so that they could escape back upstairs once more.

"I'm sorry. You'll need to speak up, Nagi-kun."

"Come over here now. Please." Nagihiko extended a shaking hand out, in hopes that Rima's mother would simply trust him… he had no such luck.

"Just a second. I have to put my purse over-" She cut off as she turned and locked "eyes" with the thing at her doorway. Her eyes grew to the size of saucers as she drew in a large gasp before letting the air out in a ear-shattering scream. At once, the figure shot an arm out towards her. The ax swung wildly around, the metal glistening in the ceiling light, as the smirk of it's bearer grew more sadistic as harsh laughter was emitted.

Nagihiko frantically slapped his hand against Rima's face, causing her skin to sting as her eyes were covered from the image of the ax ripping the flesh of her mom's stomach. Blood splattered the floor as the figure swung again. Screams echoed throughout the air as she was hit once more before her consciousness was lost. Her body sunk down to the ground as her guts began to spill from her torn stomach. With every swing the sound of bones cracking could be heard, as her limbs were slowly and excruciatingly chopped up.

Nagihiko was paralyzed. The only thing he could do was make sure his hand stayed tight over the girl's eyes so that she would not be subjected to the terror of seeing her mother's organs strewed across the carpet of her living room. The sight devoured his senses. He couldn't look away as flesh fell to the floor and blood stained the walls. His stomach lurched and bile filled his mouth as he tried to hold his vomit back.

"Man, run!" Rhythm suddenly screamed into his bearer's ear, and Nagihiko was jerked back into reality. Rima squirmed in his arms, terrified tears falling into his shaking palm. He still had to protect her.

Nagihiko lowered his lips down to Rima's ear and whispered softly into her ear, "Keep your eyes closed until I say it's okay."

Rima nodded, and Nagihiko swiftly grabbed her body and hoisted it into his arms. Without glancing back at the carnage on the floor or the killer laughing cruelly, he ran up the stairs, skipping several at a time. Racing down the hall loud pants of breath filled his own ears. The door to Rima's room flew open as Nagihiko threw himself in, and then locked the door up tightly.

"You can look," he uttered quickly as he dropped her onto the floor without warning. Her eyes flew open as she stumbled to gain footing on the ground, tripping over her own feet.

Nagihiko raced over to the dresser near the door and leaned against it, pushing it over to barricade the exit. After doing that he stumbled over to Rima's bed and collapsed on it, Rima sitting down next to him soon after.

"Is… is my mother…" Rima couldn't finish the question, but Nagihiko got the gist of what she was asking. It hurt incredibly to do so, but all he could do was nod his head.

Rima let out a small sob, her bottom lip quivering as she tried to restrain herself. She brought a hand to her face and muffled her tears into it, trying not to be weak while a monster was in her house.

"Rima-chan, I'm really sorry. I should have been able to do more," Nagihiko said softly, as he reached up a hand from where he lay on his back and softly caressed her cheek. Her tears dripped down his fingers and splattered against the bedspread as she shook her head.

"No. If you weren't here I'd probably have died straight away. Or I'd have had to see that by myself in the best situation."

Nagihiko grinned weakly up at her as he struggled to think of something comforting to say, but was saved from doing so by an interruption that only made things ten times worse.

"Yo, Nagi! This is bad!" Rhythm said loudly, his eyes wide with fear from the window across the room.

"What is it?" Nagihiko asked as he sat up. Kusukusu glanced at the glass pane before turning to her bearer with a horrified expression.

"Amu and the others are coming." Rima had forgotten that it had been her turn to house the guardians' meeting. It had seemed like such a minuscule detail compared to being chased down by an ax-wielding maniac, but now she realized her mistake. If they came up to the carnage below, her best friends would all be killed just like her mother had been.

"We have to stop them!" Rima screamed at Nagihiko as she flew to the window, throwing it open to stick her head outside. Yaya bounced happily as she dragged a protesting Amu towards the house while Kukai laughed merrily, with Tadase and Kairi peacefully bringing up the rear. The group had no idea of their immediate death.

"Amu-chan!" Nagihiko screamed as loudly as he could as his head protruded from the window as well, but he had no luck; they were simply too far away for their noisy friends to hear them.

"What do we do? We can't go down there and my cell phone's still on the table!" Rima panicked, her mind racing as she struggled to find a way to get herself and Nagihiko out but keep her friends away.

Nagihiko's mind suddenly went blank, his arms moving on his own until they wrapped around Rima's body. She let out a harsh shriek as he drew her up into him and let out a sharp smirk.

"We're just gonna jump, babe!" he said in a cocky tone unlike his own and Rima realized what was going on as she spied the headphones around the boy's neck. Well, she supposed this was one way to get out.

The two flew out from the open window, their bodies careening towards the hard ground below. Nagihiko's legs shook with the shock of impact and he nearly fell over. Several yards away, the guardians stopped where they stood and stared at the petrified girl and triumphant boy with wide eyes.

"Dude, how the hell did you do that? And what the hell are you doing with Mashiro?" Kukai looked like he was both disgusted and proud of Nagihiko.

"No time!" Rima explained while sliding out of Nagihiko's arms as the headphones disappeared, "Just run as far away as possible!"

Everyone stared at her for a moment while Nagihiko looked around with a very disorientated expression, as if wondering how he came to be outside, before Rima screamed at them once more. "GO!"

Nagihiko obeyed Rima at least, taking her hand and dragging her after him. As he passed the others he grabbed Amu's hand as well and traded Rima's for Tadase's. As he dragged his friend's along the others frantically chased after him, yelling frenzied questions that got jumbled up in the air.

Rima chanced a glance back and let out a high pitched scream. The figure was exiting the house and watching them go with something akin to amusement. She turned back to face front and sped up. Unfortunately her scream got the others' attention though, and they all looked back in unison before letting out almost as equally scared yells.

"What the hell is that?" Amu questioned as she hurried to keep up with Nagihiko, who was all but pulling her arm out of the socket.

"Don't ask me!" he yelled back in response, "It's not good though, that's for sure!"

"What's wrong with it's face? It's like it's a corpse or something!" Tadase yelled as he raced to keep up. The group quickly rounded the corner at the end of the street, racing away from the house. Thinking about it, the body did seem a lot like a corpse, although one with the eyes removed, the skin having lost all it's color, and the body having received a blow to the head then.

"Except corpses cannot move!" Kairi yelled back to him, snapping this ridiculous notion from Nagihiko's head. No, the killer wasn't just a corpse... it was a monster.

When they reached another corner Nagihiko went to go right but Kairi stopped and gestured to the left. "The police station is this way… I assume you want to go there?"

"Oh yeah, definitely," Nagihiko said as he nodded his head certainly. Maybe they could get to the police and they could get to Rima's mom in time to…

No. As much as Nagihiko really hated to admit it, Rima's mom was without a doubt deceased. As the group ran along behind him he let his mind wander and images of Rima lying on the floor, blood staining her golden locks and organs showing from her torn flesh, her eyes wide in terror as her mouth gaped in a silent scream, filled his mind. He shuddered as he ran, thankful that Rima had called him and that he had saved her from that fate.

Why had Rima called him, though? Maybe she wanted to just kill him off, thinking that if he died it wouldn't be a big loss, or… maybe she had grown to trust in him. Maybe she had desired his presence because he was a comfort to her.

Whatever the reason, Nagihiko was extremely glad that she had called him. True, seeing one of your best friend's mothers brutally killed by a creepy white corpse of a monster was a horrific thing to witness but if he was able to keep Rima from seeing it it was definitely worth it.

When the group flung themselves through the doors to the police station they received many curious looks. The receptionist standing behind the desk starred at the seven with wide eyes and a confused expression. One of the officers over by the water cooler moved his hand to his gun's case and eyed the group warily, as if worried one of them was packing a bomb or would start slashing the civilians sitting around.

"C-can I help you?" the woman behind the desk asked uncertainly as she blinked at the group in front of her.

"Yes! My mother was murdered! Right down the road, at 5600 Sakura street! Her body is still there and the guy who did it too! Please! Hurry!" Rima practically dove at the receptionist with frenzied eyes. Her fingers grasped onto the counter in order to stabilize herself, because if she was left alone she knew she would collapse to the floor in a heap of limbs.

"Alright sweetie please calm down and speak slowly," the woman replied in a quite condescending voice, staring down at the young girl in front of her as though she was a six year old insisting her pet unicorn killed the President of the United States. Nagihiko shot forward as well.

"Her mom was just killed! There was some weird… thing that broke into her house and then it chased us down and killed her mother! You have to go there quick!"

The smiling receptionist let out a small sigh as she gestured over to the cop who was toying with his gun. "Sato-san, can you go with these kids to check on their house? They think the young girl's mother was murdered or something."

"It's true! We're not just crazy kids, I swear!" Amu's assurances of their sanity didn't really do any good, especially considering she was wide-eyed and jittery.

"Sure you're not, sweetheart," the receptionist smiled at the group but as they turned to follow the cop Nagihiko saw her mouth something that looked an awful lot like "check them for drugs."

Nagihiko swallowed deeply as he pushed open the wooden door at the entrance of Rima's house. Rima gripped his shirt from one side as Amu did from the other. After hearing all of the details on the walk over, the other group was even more scared then before.

Nagihiko shut his eyes tightly, expecting to see carnage on the floor and smell the stench of death in the air. He could practically hear the scream of Rima's mother as her stomach was ripped in two. He didn't want to see it again. He didn't want Rima or Amu to see it either, or anyone else for that matter. He also didn't want the thing in there to jump out and kill him either.

"Nagi, dude, open your eyes!" Rhythm said loudly in his bearer's ear, causing him to open his eyes to see a sight more starling than anything else that day…


The carpet was absolutely clean, not a speak of blood on the pure white floor. The walls were clean as well, free from the gore that had splattered them only minutes earlier. And most surprisingly of all… Rima's mother was nowhere to be found.

"Where… where is she? Nagihiko?" Rima turned to Nagihiko as if expecting him to say he hadn't really seen her die or he had stuffed her in the closet before they left. But Nagihiko could say no such thing because it wasn't true: Rima's mother had been killed before his eyes, her body's whole skewed about the carpet.

"I… I… she was here. She was definitely here! And there was blood… all over…! I… what's…?"

Nagihiko looked quite taken aback. The others flooded the room, looking around wildly as if expecting to find the body lying about somewhere or the killer lurking behind one of the tall loveseats.

"Crazy kids," the cop muttered with a frown. He glared down at the shell-shocked Nagihiko and Rima and snapped, "Don't report false crimes! It wastes our time! I'll give you a warning this time but if you do this again you're going to have to pay a fine."

The officer stomped away irritably as Rima stared blankly into the room.

"Was she definitely dead, Nagihiko? Without a doubt dead?"

Nagihiko shook his head slowly. "There was no possible way she could have been alive."

"You know what this means then, right?" Kairi asked as he closed the closet he was looking through and turned back to his friends. They all shook their heads and stared at him expectantly. "That thing, the killer, he moved the body and cleaned up the mess."

Kukai furrowed his eyebrows at the younger boy. "But what does that mean? That he didn't want people to know he exists or what he did? Or did he maybe want Mashiro-san's body?"

Rima shuddered at the thought of the killer taking her mother's body and using it to his liking, doing all kinds of unmentionable things to it.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Souma-senpai. But if there's one thing I know for certain it is this,"

Kairi turned to Rima and stared down at her, straight into her eyes. "The killer definitely wants Mashiro-senpai dead, and he will most likely keep trying until he succeeds."

It was finally all too much for Rima to take. But Rima wasn't so much of a pansy as to faint, so she instead stared at the others blankly and then muttered, "excuse me for a moment."

She walked into the closet, closed the door behind her, and then there was a moment of silence…

Before the sound of fists and feet hitting the walls rang out through the room, along with many profanities.


And little did she know that things were about to get much worse.

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