Once More, With Feeling

Rating: T

Summary: The year is 2016. Only four years have passed and the Glee Club has been disbanded. It takes a leader to bring the underdogs of McKinley back together. With no teacher, instruction or support, these kids are going to need all the help they can get.

A/N: Here's the intro. Sorry that it's short. The form for the OC's are at the bottom.


The hallway floors were surprisingly clean for the first day of school, no trash leftover from the abandoned raids of the school during the summer. Everything felt quiet, a little lonely. The red lockers were uncharacteristically bright and they were begging to have their smooth, new dials twisted.

The doors to the front of the school opened and a gust of fall air swept past the new banner that read 'Welcome to WHMS' in large black letters. The metal knobs on the white doors gleamed in the sunlight and the asphalt behind the door looked fresh and ready to take on a stampede.

The only thing standing untouched by gloves and cloth were two regular sized wooden doors standing along in the far corner down the hall. There was bright yellow caution tape placed across both doors and the dust was gathered on the sliver of window showing from under the tape.

An empty room, so many memories… And it was locked.



No relations to the show's characters. No sisters, brothers or family members of the past New Directions. However your OC's may be related.

Please don't make your OC's perfect. No one person is perfect, everyone has their faults and as people we're prone to make mistakes. Plus insecurities and imperfections make the OC much more fun to write. So no Mary/Gary-sues.

I need all sorts of characters. Don't just give me Gleeks and Jocks. Throw in some teachers, exchange students, Dalton Boys, photographers, bullies, etc…

If you read this put "On My Way" somewhere in your form.

Make sure to send the second part of the form in separately, what the others don't know makes the secrets more surprising to the reader.

You can send in more than one OC, just don't get crazy and send in like 10. I can only take in about 9-12 main students without overloading the story. But be sure to bring in some characters described in #3.

Good luck.






Appearance (Give me a meaty description. Not just a list of words. I want images that I can work with):


Personality (Again, give me a detailed character. Someone with an interesting disposition or personality complex):


History (Any background that adds to the character. Childhood?):




Their Talent (Can they dance? Sing? Play an instrument?):

Other Talents:



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Romantic Interest (Give some details with this one. Make sure to check out the other OC's submitted. If you don't know, just give the general details about who you want your OC to be interested in or if they're interested at all):

Audition Song:

Two-Four other songs for them to sing:

A possible Story-Arc for them:

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