Once More, With Feeling Chapter 1: Pilot

Rating: T

Summary: The year is 2016. Only four years have passed and the Glee Club has been disbanded. It takes a leader to bring the underdogs of McKinley back together. With no teacher, instruction or support, these kids are going to need all the help they can get.

A/N: The introductions are taking place in the first few chapters. Some of the characters won't be brought in largely until a bit later in the story. I'm spacing them out so it seems more realistic.

A/N 2: Glee doesn't belong to me, but I do own Charlotte Greenstone and Kale Atlas, my OC's.


The flawless hallways of yesterday had become the familiar, crowded, filthy passages of high school. The jocks were all huddled together in the corner, probably sharing about who they got lucky with over the summer break. Obscene gestures were exchanged and the three Cheerios who just happened to walk by made identical actions of disgust.

"Charlotte! Baby, where's your man? He better keep you on a tight leash if he wants to keep you all to himself."

The cheerleader huffed in exhaustion and rolled her hazel eyes. She was about to reply when suddenly out of nowhere a short girl with glasses and crimson colored hair leaped out of nowhere with a microphone in her hand and a small camera crew following her. "This is Sarah Kai Israel reporting live from the hallways of William McKinley High School. This marks the first video journal of this 2016-2017 school year. I'm here with resident HBIC, junior Charlotte Greenstone. Care to inform us on your situation with boy toy Kale Atlas? Rumor has it that you two had a rough summer." She shoved the microphone into the blonde cheerleader's face.

"Okay sweetie," The girl sugarcoated the words,"I'm going to break it down for you real good, 'kay?" The tiny-sized girl nodded with excitement and awe in her eyes. "Kale and I are perfect. We're going strong and are very much in love." Her eyes flashed an uncertain green so quickly that no one even noticed before she regained her previous composer.

She crossed her toned arms and straightened up her long, tanned legs. "In fact we spent almost the whole summer together in Spain. So yes, to answer your question Midget, we are still dating. And look-," since all surrounding eyes were on her, everyone turned around to see a tall blonde making his way through the crowds of teens. "There he is now."

Her boyfriend picked her up and spun her around in circles until she slapped him playfully on the back. "Kale!" He grabbed her around the waist and she angled his head down towards hers. They exchanged a kiss and the jocks roared in approval.

"Put that in your blog Israel. Erick, Kale, Dani let's go!"

Before anyone could get another word in, the Cheerios and their plus one walked off in the direction of the gym.


On the other side of the corridor, there was a pair of brunette heads standing together with their faces almost all the way into their lockers.

"Nick, I really don't understand why we're trying to go unnoticed, we need to go to administration to go check in. Plus we don't know where Mr. Moore's English classroom is and you know that dad will kill us if we get detention on the first day."

The one who was talking turned around to face the people in the halls, but he was immediately shoved back, ultimately hitting his head on the red surface.

"Ow! Crap, Nick just turn you head around and let's-." A calloused finger rose up to give the universal signal for quiet.

"Nate, now would be a good to silence yourself."

Slowly, the two boys turned to face each other. It was almost like looking into a mirror except the one on the right was slightly shorter than the other.


"I kind of sort of crashed my bike into one of the upperclassmen's cars. He saw me but I bolted and so yeah… You might want to turn around now."

The twins went silent and when heavy footsteps were heard approaching them, they froze. Nick crossed his fingers, and his toes too just for good measure. Silently chanting for someone to come save them. When the footsteps disappeared, both let out a large breath and turned around.

"How do you 'accidentally' crash a bike into a car? Isn't that why they invented brakes?"

Instead of his brother's mild voice, Nate was met with a deep baritone. "Well freshmeat I was hoping that your loser brother could explain that to me and my baby's two broken windows."

"Two? Really Nick, really? How do you do this? You didn't even include me this time!"

An incoherent noise came out of his brother's mouth when a burly jock picked both of them up and threw them over his two massive shoulders. As they were pointed and laughed at during their trip down the hall, both had the same thought.

'Dad's going to kill us.'


The Argyris twin boys had always been pretty popular in middle school. With their adorable hazel eyes and wavy locks of thick chocolate brown hair, their peers ate out of their hands. Teachers put up with their mischief just because of their brilliant minds and due to their charming smiles; they were able to wiggle their way out of trouble almost ninety-five percent of the time. In grade school maybe, but high school?

Hell no.

The inside of the dumpster they were tossed into was only filled up to the second notch so when they were tossed into it, both were expecting to hit solid material. Not the case for one of them. While Nick landed on the plastic bottom, Nate landed on a soft body.


"Whoa look Nate! Another person!"


Nick quickly moved off the body and stood up, offering a dirty hand to the curly haired blonde boy that broke his fall.

"Sorry dude, I didn't see you there."

When the guy stood up to full height, Nate's jaw dropped to the floor. Standing in front of them was a kid about six foot one.

"I didn't know that upperclassmen got thrown into dumpsters too! See Nate, that wasn't too bad."

The tall boy rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled nervously. "I'm a freshman, defiantly not part of the upperclass."

"But whoa you're tall."

"I get that a lot."

A moment of silence passed until it finally set in that the three boys were standing in a trash deposit. Nick lifted himself out first and then stood on the side to help his brother out. The blonde simply hopped over with one leg.

"I'm Walker Parker, but you can call me Walks."

Nate immediately brightened up. "Can I call you Texas Ranger?"


"This is Nate and I'm Nick." The boy gestured to himself.

"That's kind of confusing."

The boy echoed the words that were spoken before, "We get that a lot." They shared a smile and headed back into the school. "You'll get used to it Walks, it gets easier."

"What a great start to high school, huh Nate?'

"We smell like corn syrup and dirt."

"Fantastic, right?"


A/N: So we've met one set of our twins, Nate and Nick Argyris (only-one-of-my-kind-7), Walker Parker (Criminal-Minds-JJ-Foreva), a tiny bit of Erick Gomez (GLEEK098) and my babies Kale Atlas and Charlotte "Charlie" Greenstone.