Patch's P.O.V

"The realll question is, what is up with YOU tonight!" she asked, giggling and poking her finger on my chest.

I closed my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to gather up some patience from deep within. "Angel, this isn't like you. I need to know what's up." I say, my tone much gentler and calmer than a couple of minutes ago.

"Nothing's wrong, silly! That's the point. See, I'm trying to show you that I can have fun without you and Vee. That's why I made Mark and the nice limo man take me here to see you tonight. I wanted to prove to him that I am over youuu,"

I groan in frustration, knowing that something weird was going on. Suddenly, I notice something unfamiliar hanging from her neck. "Nora, where did you get that necklace from?" I ask slowly.

"Mark gave it to me! He's a much better boyfriend than you, you know. He gave me jewellery. Hey – what are you doing?" She complained, as I turned her around and unclasped the necklace from her neck.

"I need to look at this for a sec," I murmur, sensing something off about it.

I trace my finger over the design – it was a silver necklace with the letter N on it as a charm. Two tiny diamonds were on opposing sides of the letter. And yes – it was real diamonds and real silver. Either Mark was super rich, or he really liked her. I was hoping it was the former. I couldn't deny the fact that Mark and Nora made me extremely jealous. Even him putting his arm around her left a sour taste in my mouth.

As I'm tracing the charm, I feel the tiniest indentation in the right corner of the letter. Nora, meanwhile, is on her phone with Vee, also declaring how happy she is without her.

I gently twist the corner of the letter where I felt the indentation…and it comes off. The necklace was actually…a USB stick? No, some kind of simultaneous tracking and listening device. What the hell? Was Mark secretly spying on Nora? Why would he do that? Was he using her for some reason?

At this thought, I feel a rush of anger at Mark. No one messed with my girl, regardless of our relationship status. Whatever the hell was going on here, I would make sure he would pay.

Meanwhile, Nora's back is towards me, and she hasn't noticed this discovery. I decide not to tell her, especially in this state. I'd call her tomorrow, and tell her then. She was much easier to trust sober.

Or maybe I shouldn't tell her.

If Mark knew she knew, that could make the situation worse. I'll make a decision about it tomorrow, I decided.

I put the necklace back on her, just as she ends the call. I can just about hear the tail end of the conversation.

"Look, Nora," Vee is saying exasperatedly at the other end. "I have no idea why you're drunk or what's gotten into you, but I hope you're ready to apologise to me tomorrow. Bye,"


"Ssshhh!" I hiss. "Nora, calm down, alright? Look, I'm taking you home and I'll even drop Mark back too. You need to get some rest."

"No!" She says instantly. "Mark is a muchhhh better boyfriend than you ever were, and HE is dropping me home!" She turns away from me and starts walking towards Mark.

"I'm not going to allow that," I say darkly, stopping her in her tracks. Mark was up to something, and I needed to do my best to protect Nora from whatever shady thing he was doing with her. "Let Mark find his own way home. You're going to tell him you found a ride home with me, and we needed to talk some things out. Okay?"

Nora's POV

"You're going to tell him you found a ride home with me, and we needed to talk some things out. Okay?" I hear Patch saying.

At these words, everything around me suddenly comes back into sharp focus. I feel…less drunk for some reason, and I don't feel the beginnings of a headache coming on either, like it was a few seconds ago.

When I don't do anything, he clicks his fingers in front of my face slightly exasperatedly and says "Nora. Did you hear me?"

I swallow at this strange turn of events and look at Patch directly in his eyes. "What just happened?" I whisper.

"What?" He says, confused.

"Everything…just came back into focus. I don't feel…drunk anymore. What did you do? Did you mind-trick me?"

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