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"Come here, beautiful."

And she was beautiful, standing in the doorway of my bathroom in nothing but creamy sheer lace. She had asked for a few minutes, so I nodded leaving her in the bathroom and quickly shed my clothes, waiting for her on the bed.

We had been dating a month. A month of first kisses, first touches and just plain falling for each other. Tonight would be another first.

Focusing on her again, I could see the barest hint of darker nipples beneath the soft pale color. Her bra pushed her gorgeous tits up and they practically spilled over the top. I could just imagine my tongue sliding over her soft swells, tasting the salt of her skin. I wanted to tug the cups down, forcing her breasts up and out even further. Her nipples would be taut and rosy before I even got my lips around them.

She moved closer, tentative in her steps. I've… no, we've been waiting for this night, taking our time… getting to know one another. I knew from date one she would be it for me, but we didn't want to rush any of it.

Pale pink toes on bare feet moved across the dark hardwood of my bedroom. As she slowly approached the bed my eyes trailed up long, bare legs to the juncture of her thighs. More sheer cream lace covered her there, with an anything but innocent bow at the top of the band and I felt my lips curve at the memories we'd made together so far.

My dick was erect beneath my boxer briefs and I palmed myself over the fabric in an attempt to relieve some of the tension in my body. My hand pressed and slid. Her eyes fell to my cock, her lip sliding across her lower lip watching me.

Of course we'd messed around… I've had my tongue on almost every part of her body, sucked her tits, had my fingers inside her and had her gorgeous mouth around my cock. My eyes slid closed at the memory of being surrounded by that warmth and wetness. Her soft lips engulfing me, her rough tongue sliding up my length. My hand pressed harder as the memories ran through my mind.

I forced my eyes open as she finally stepped in front of me. I could see her nervousness with every breath she took, her chest rising and falling with softly panting breaths.

Her arms unconsciously crossed her chest in a modest move and I looked up at her. Brown waves tumbled around her shoulders, her lips parted as her breathing increased. Soft pink cheeks and lips on her heart shaped face reddened as I unabashedly stared.

"Hey, don't hide yourself, baby. Never hide yourself from me. You're gorgeous."

Her arms fell to her sides.

I could see the pulse point in her neck beat a perfect rhythm and I placed my fingers on it. Her head tilted back and a gasp escaped her parted lips as our skin met. I slid my finger over it, feeling it quicken in response. I wanted to touch her everywhere. My fingers skimmed her throat, softly moving to the center of her chest and down, gliding over her breasts. I teased over one lace covered nipple and then the other until they pressed tight and taut under the sheer lace and goose bumps covered her skin.

My hand slid further down, over the softness of her stomach, skimming around her belly button and then lower still. My finger trailed slowly back and forth along the edge of the fabric that covered her just barely nudging the fabric down.

"Edward, please … touch me."

I pulled my hand back and gazed up at her again, our eyes locked in a heated stare.

"Should I touch your pussy, Bella?"

She blew out a puff of air and slowly nodded.

Her hips tilted towards me, begging for my touch but I wanted to tease more, get her worked up. My hand reached for her, hovering but never touching. Her thighs pressed forward, searching for friction.

"Hold still…. Don't move."

I could see the small, darker patch of hair beneath the lace and I trailed a finger, barely touching her over the fabric down, down down.. She gasped and quietly moaned above me. I flipped my hand over, and gently, softly… barely even touching, slid two fingers down her folds. Even with the barest touch I could feel how wet she was and I groaned, sliding my fingers back up.

My tongue slid out, wetting my lower lip in anticipation and I looked up at her, taking in her half lidded gaze.

I increased the pressure of my fingers and made another pass over her, leaning forward slightly and placing a soft kiss on that innocent looking bow. "I can't wait to finally be inside you, baby."

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