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I locked the heavy door behind me and tossed my overnight bag in the entryway. Peeling off my coat and kicking off my shoes, I made a beeline towards the back of the house, the soft light of our tableside lamps spilling into the hall.

I tugged my tie free and my travel wrinkled shirt was unbuttoned and off before I even got into our room. Tossing them on the big chair in the corner, I heard Bella, humming a tune in the bathroom.

As I peeked around the corner she was just dropping her floss in the trash bin. She hadn't noticed me yet so I took advantage. She stood in front of the vanity in nothing but a white thong. I could see her chest length hair just brushing the tips of her breasts so dark against her creamy bare skin in the mirror.

It was rare when I could just watch her.

At least without her noticing my gaze and cracking a joke so I gazed... watching her perform her nightly rituals.

I leaned against the frame of the door, crossing my arms over my bare chest and admired more of the lovely site before me.

Her toes seemed to be tapping out the tune she hummed on the tile of the floor... they were painted a deep red color today. My eyes slid up her legs... her gorgeous legs. I loved the feel of them, tangled up with my mine... wrapped around my waist... it didn't matter. They went on for days and they were mine.

As my gaze drifted up her body, finally finding her face in the mirror, she startled, realizing I was there, watching her.

I pushed off the door frame, slowly making my way towards her.

"You scared the shit out of me!"

Pressing my bare chest to her back, my arms trapped her between the counter and my solid frame.

"I missed you."

My lips found her silky shoulder, a nip of teeth, a swirl of tongue and then just my lips again. Her breath caught and she made a motion to turn around, but I pressed harder.

"Don't move, baby... just let me..."

Our eyes locked in the mirror as her arms dropped to her sides, her head tipped back to rest against my shoulder. I felt her breathing increase... her pert breasts rising and falling with each movement.

With soft fingertips, I slid over her skin... up her arms and to her shoulders. I could feel my dick harden, getting more uncomfortable beneath my dress pants, but I wanted to make her feel good tonight. Though it was rare that I had to travel for work, I still hated being away. Not to sound like a pussy or anything, but I really did miss waking up with her in my arms.

My thumbs pressed harder, massaging deep circles into her shoulder blades and a groan eased past her lips.

I softened my touch again drifting over her shoulders to her breasts. I smoothed a path down the center of her chest, then over the swells of her breasts and under, lifting them and squeezing. My thumbs slid over her nipples and I felt them tighten and and peak from my attention.

Teasing her with featherlight touches she gasped and then moaned as I squeezed. Her hips slowly rocked back against me, my cock pressed into her lower back and I ground myself against her. I pressed my lips to her jaw before she turned her head, dragging in a rough breath before our mouths met in a hot wet kiss.

As my hands drifted lower, scratching gently down her ribs then smoothing across her taut abdomen I felt her muscles quiver. I twisted my tongue around hers! deepening the kiss further.

I pulled back, dragging a deep breath in. My hands grasped her hips as I rotated my pelvis against her ass.

"I'm going to make you come with my fingers, baby, and after that, I'm going to fuck you. Hard."

I ran my hands down her thighs, barely brushing where she wanted me. I felt her legs tense as she tried to create some friction. I pulled back and placed my feet inside hers spreading her legs apart.

"I can feel how hot you are... I'm not even touching your pussy yet and I can feel the heat."

"Fuck... I love when you talk to me like that," she moaned, her eyes on mine in the mirror.

She squirmed against me and I groaned at the feel of her ass pressing against my hard cock.

I grazed the cotton covering her pussy with my thumbs, the wetness apparent even without touching.

"What does it do to you?"

My question, whispered in her ear, caused a shudder to wrack her body. Her head tipped back again and I nipped the base of her neck as my fingers slid into her panties. Her smooth skin, the small patch of hair, were damp and hot as my fingers slipped lower.

"It makes me wet... god, so wet."

Her panting response pushed me on.

"What else... what else does it do to you."

"Hot, I'm so hot... I need you to touch me."

I grasped her hip with my free hand, pulling her body tight to mine as I slid my fingers over her clit, down one side of the bundle of nerves and up the other, over and over. Her hips bucked against my hand a loud moan escaping her lips.

I pushed my fingers lower still, sliding through her wetness down and pushing easily inside her, my palm pressing against her mound.

"You're right, baby," my fingers slid in and out of her and her hips rocked against my hand. "You're so fucking hot and wet."

I could feel her walls tighten around my fingers. She was so slick, tight, hot and wet. With every pump of my fingers inside her, my thumb rolled against her clit. Her breaths were heavy pants, her fingers dug into her thighs and my tongue laved her neck.

"Fuck, Edward... harder... please."

"Squeeze me baby, squeeze my fingers with your pussy."

My fingers pushed in harder and she panted, little moans filling the room. I rocked my pelvis against her ass pushing her onto my fingers and with a last pass over her clit, her pussy clenched around me, a gasp escaping her. She tilted forward, her hands grasping the vanity as she rode out her orgasm.

I leaned over her, placing wet kisses up the length of her spine as I slipped my hand out of her panties.

"You're beautiful when you come, baby."

I placed one final kiss to her shoulder and caught her eyes in the mirror before pulling away from her body, my cock hard as steel.

"I'll be waiting in the bedroom."


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