Authors note: I do not own Hellsing or its characters.. I wish i did, cause then id be able to draw Alucard which I cannot do very well atm..

The clouds were finally parting to reveal a pale moon whose silver rays of light filtered down onto the partially lit streets of London, England where two beings of the night waked side by side in quiet neutrality. The worn down cobble stones they walked on were covered in a watery hue and you heard the splash of each small puddle as they walked through. A small whimpering was heard in a near-by alley way. The smaller blond night walker heard this and gained a spout of curiosity as to what it was.

"Master.. did you hear that?" The small fledgling asked the great master Vampire.

He gave a small grunt in response, mentally giving her permission to explore where the noise came from, giving a watchful eye from the shadows to make sure it was not a trap set by the Freaks that roamed the great island.

"Master! Come here, its important," the girl said in her thick English accent.

"What is it Police girl.." he said in a board like tone. His eyes soon widened to see a small girl covered in dirt and blood taking shallow breaths.

" She's hurt.. we have to help her.. cant-" she was soon interrupted by the small girl coughing and looking up at her with empty, broken eyes, in which you could see the pain and desperation to get away from this horrid place. All of a sudden behind the female vampire you heard gunshots that were not of the twin pistols her master held. She felt a small pain in her shoulder and lower back feeling the warm substance in which she fed upon flow out of the wounds.

"Get away from that kid, shes MINE!" These words were growled out of the mouth of a man who reeked of alcohol and pot. But, as soon as these words were said, she heard now familiar gun shots of the Cassul, one of the guns her master had in his possession, and a loud thump of the man who fell to the ground dead.

" Police girl, don't be so careless, I have taught you better," reprimanded the master vampire.

"Yes sir! Sorry sir.. " Soft words were spoken in acceptance to the darker vampire.

"What are we going to do about this child Seras..." The said vampire looked up unexpectedly at her masters use of her name instead of his many pet names he used to address her. Seras felt something drop on her hand which was steadying the child from falling forward and saw that it was blood. Hesitantly she brought it to her lips and saw the child's memories through it.

"Daddy whats the matter? Your crying again.." said the now healthier girl who looked as if the age of seven and had long dark wavy hair with matching eyes .

"Your mother my child... she has left once again.. I don't believe she'll be coming back this time Venaria, she has gotten tired of this old man, I do not please her it seems, she has left me for another man. I hope her brings her joy, don't you?"

"I suppose.." answered Venaria.

Out of the blue the door opened revealing a woman much younger than the father which sat on the couch in the middle of the room.

"Vali... please forgive me.. I did not know what i was to do-" all of a sudden a shot was heard through-out the small home and the woman dropped to the floor soon surrounded by the thick red substance of blood.

"Serves the bitch right..." A man stepped over the woman's body and aimed the gun at Valeriu.

"Sir.. you don't have to do this... I do not know how i sprouted your anger, but is my life really going to cure the an-" *BANG*

"Father!" Screamed Venaria going over to his now slouched body and shaking him going into denial of the deaths before her.

The nameless man ( AN:who shall forever be nameless cause i dnt feel like naming him...) walked over to the now crying child taking her by the hair and grunting something along the words of 'You'll be just fine for what i want...'

Seras stopped the flow of memories before she could see just what the man had done to Vanaria.

"Master Alucard.. please.. can we bring her back with us to Hellsing? I..I don't want to send her to an orphanage or hospital..."

The Girl looked up at Seras with a shocked expression.

"Why do you want to h-help me? Why did you put my blood in your mouth... and why do you call him master?" She said this slowly looking up to Alucard and back to Seras.

Seras looked back at Venaria and gave a small smile, "All will be answered soon enough..." she answered hesitantly "I need to talk to him for a moment if you would not mind" she said this as she took off her jacket and placed it around the girls frail shoulders. Seras raised from the ground with grace and walked over to Alucard bringing him to the near entrance of the Alley way keeping a wary eye on Venaria.

"Master won't you let me bring her with us?"

" And why should I let you do this my pet?" he said amusingly " How can I be sure she will not get in the way of your duty to Hellsing as a hunter and my.. servant..You do not even drink blood yet... and Walter is not just going to take care of her."

Seras semi flinched at her masters firm words. "I'll drink the blood.. I promise! I can't just let her go to an orphanage I just can't! I will do whats needed to take care of her, and I'll do my duties at Hellsing to near perfection! I can't have her have the same life I did..." She said the last part softly, looking up to Alucard which seemingly got closer to her as his chest was nearly touching hers. He bend down and whispered into her ear;

" So you'll drink? My pet..."

Seras blushed deeply at this and unconsciously leaned closer to her masters face that has yet to move from its current position by her ear

"Y-yes I'll drink.."

Alucard stood back to his full height which towered over Seras, "Then she may come with us back to Hellsing, and make sure to keep your word on this, I don't want to have to reprimand you again for the loss of blood down the toilet again.."

At this Seras pulled him into a hug that surprised the master Vampire and gave him a small kiss on the cheek giving him the faintest blush on his alabaster features. She then let go after lingering her lips on his cheek for a moment and almost ran off to the girl to tell her the news. He then placed a gloved hand on the cheek she kissed with his eyes widening ever so slightly.