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For an extra measure, Seras had found an alarm clock to wake the both of them up, because they did not have Walter to wake them up sadly. The persistent beeping of the alarm clock did the trick... although, at the cost of the alarm clocks life. For the moment it started going double time, Alucard smashed the clock with his fist. Groaning Seras got up, and dragged Alucard to the shower, and to his enjoyment undressed him and he willingly got into the shower and turned the water on to a warm covering feeling. Getting in with him she leaned against the wall, sighing under the water. Alucard started to trail his hands along her curves, nipping at her neck.

"Hn.. You're a pervert, even when you're tired."

He laughed, "What.. I like to have fun in the shower..." Pulling her to him, he kissed her fiercely. And about an hour later full of suppressing moans, evil laughs, and girlish giggles, they got out of the shower, and headed back to the room to get dressed for the following DAY instead of NIGHT. Seras decided to wear black jeans, boots, and a long sleeved sweater that went down on her like a dress. Alucard was Alucard and wore the norm, just without the red overcoat, this time, a black overcoat with a tall collar. Both walking up to the kitchen, and taking a few blood packets for the time being, drinking them steadily savoring the rich substance. Venaria rushed in through the doors, and raided the fridge. In her raid she took milk, bacon, and some eggs and shoved them on the counter, looking expectantly at Seras.

"You want me to cook you breakfast?"

"Uh, yeah."

She scowled, 'What do you say?"


At that she walked over to get a skillet, flour, and bread. Putting the skillet on the stove, she got the eggs, and started to crack them on the side of the pan, pouring the yolk into the pan, watching it sizzle, she poured another one into the pan. Walking away for a moment she took the rest of the eggs and put them into a bowl, stirring them then dipping the bread in it.

"Shit..." Going back over to the cabinet, she grabbed another skillet, and a few plates. Bringing one plate to the stove she took the eggs out of the pan and put them on the plate. Following the eggs she put the bacon in. Alucard just watched in amusement as she made Venaria breakfast.

"I think Seras will be a good mommy." Venaria said smiling gleefully at Seras. Seras smiled, and continued to cook.

"It's been awhile since I've cooked, but I find it second nature..." She said, taking one skillet off and putting the other on pouring oil into it.

"What else are you making?" Venaria said, trying to look around Seras to see what she was cooking now.

"French toast, my mom made it for me when I was little. It was my favorite food. When she wasn't out cooking I'd always ask her to make it for me. But, sadly I can't eat it anymore, so why not make it for someone else?"

Mixing the flour and egg together she dipped the bread in it. After a few slices, she poured powdered sugar, and cinnamon over it. Putting all the food on one plate she sat it in front of Venaria who was practically drooling at the food. Taking one of the pieces of bread she took a bite. Immediately her eyes went wide, then closed again,

"MMMM! Seras this is the best thing i've ever tasted!" She started to eat more, taking bites of everything gleefully. Only minutes later the plate was cleaned, and Venaria had pushed the plate aside and had her head down.

"So...Full...So.. goood..."

Seras smiled and patted her head.

"C'mon, feel better soon, we'll be getting on the plane to Bran soon." Picking Venaria up, she motioned Alucard to follow her out, they were both out in the foyer waiting for Integra who came rolling out. All of them getting into the car, they were met with a very pleasant surprise.

"Hello Alucard, Seras, little Venari," The old man at the wheel smiled.

"Walter!" Seras hugged him from the back of the seat.

"Be careful Miss Victoria, I don't want you breaking my neck, or squishing your stomach back into place. I mean, Alucard was not slow in getting you to have kids now was he?" Walter laughed as Seras sat back down next to Alucard after buckling Venaria in.

"It's good to see you again Walter.. you've been absent for a while.. thought you'd be gone for only a few weeks." Alucard said to him.

Walter looked in back at him, "I would have liked it to be that short, but Integra insisted I have a long.. vacation.." Taking off from the parking lot they drove in silence, enjoying eachothers company. Seras the entire way had situated herself happily in Alucard's lap looking out the window the entire time, watching the passing scenery to the airport. When they got there they boarded the private jet, and once again enjoyed the scenery of the passing terrain.

"We will be arriving at Bucharest in five minutes." The captain shouted out. The entire way there Alucard had noticed Walter's depressed face. He had never been this sad before. He seemed as if he could break down in tears any moment. Everyone seemed tense, because deep down they knew something was going to happen. Good or bad they didn't know, but something eventful and life changing was going to happen today... they could all feel it. Getting off the plan, Walter rolled Integra out to a taxi that had been waiting there for them.

"It's too quiet in here." Seras said agitated.

"Sorry Miss Victoria, not really in the mood to talk dear..."

"It's fine Walter, I'm glad I could see you." She smiled at him, and he returned it with a sad look in his eyes. They had soon arrived at Bran's forest, and in the distance you could see Bran Castle, or what we here like to call it, Dracula's Castle. Alucard drank in the air, and breathing it slowly out, eyes closed in quiet contemplation.


"Yes Alucard... Vlad, you are home vampire." Integra said to him.,

Walking out to a clearing Integra steadily got up and held onto Walter for dear life as a crutch looking at the clear view to the castle.

"I thought it would be fitting to release you here... I have no want.. to die by suffocation in reality... In this place it is, calm. Unlike its history." Integra snickered slightly. Alucard continued to look at her, as Seras was wide eyed staring. Sighing, Integra beckoned Alucard over to her.

"I have bought the castle back from the government, and it's going to be yours again. I'm sure they'll just love for it to be in your hands huh?" Integra reached down and took his hands in hers' and took the gloves off revealing the charred skin of the seal, which was slowly healing.

"They'll heal now completely," letting go of his hands the gloves slowly disintegrated as they fell to the ground, "You are free now vampire, free to roam and do as you please. Just, if you take any recomendations, don't go slaughtering everyone." Alucard could feel his complete strength come back into his control, and everything around it could sense it. For the shadows hid, the creatures of darkness fled with fear in their hearts, flooding their very beings. The Count has returned to the land, and as such all will be the King's. The name Alucard was now nothing more than a forgotten memory to the ancient vampire, he was now once again and forever Vladimir the third, prince of Wallachia, the impaler, the No-Life King.

"When we left, I had your things packed and brought to the castle. When you go back, you'll be welcomed with open arms count... The descendants of your previous servants await their master's return."

By this time, Seras had slowly walked up to Vlad, who was relishing in his returned strength, his eyes an even deeper scarlet than before, such a colour blood would be jealous of its deep gleam, and his skin looked as if it absorbed the pale light of the moon, such beauty of a true vampire could only be seen once in one's short life-span for a human, and it was truly something to behold. A beauty not even words can come close to describing. Vlad gave one last bow to Integra Hellsing who's shaking hand had been in the handbag she had brought with her, grasping something which she feared.

"A piece of advice Sir Hellsing, from one who has been dead for centuries. Do not fear death or it will consume you and all you are. Embrace it, and it will embrace you in the warmest of light. Refuse it, and you transcend humanity in all you have. End it yourself, and neither will come, only limbo awaits you in a never ending path along a blank road." With that he wrapped an arm around Sera's shoulders, as Seras beckoned Venaria over, taking her hand. And with the blink of an eye, they disappeared into a black portal.

"Walter... I want you to go with them after you are done with one last favor I have to ask of you..."

Walter looked down to Integra face hardening attempting to hold back his sadness. "Anything for you Ma'am..." Integra wobbled over with Walter to a serene spot in the woods, a small circle filled with flowers and mosses of all colors. Sitting down at the base of one of the trees surrounding, she took out a syringe which had a clear liquid in it, and gently placed it on the ground.

"Walter.. thankyou so very much for being there for me," she took a deep breath, seemingly running out of air very quickly, "you are- the most wonderful retainer- this world- has ever seen. This last-favor I ask of you,- is to inject this into my vein-then go to the castle-and stay with Vlad and Seras till the rest-of your days..."


"Now Walter."

Sighing he took the syringe from beside her, and took her arm. He did as he was told, injecting the liquid into her vein, and immediately it flared, and for a moment Integra's eyes went wide, and gasped for a moment or two, then slowly calmed down once again. Slowly closing her eyes,

"thank you..Walter..." And with that, the Hellsing line came to an end, Integra fell limp into Walter, who couldn't keep in his sorrow any longer, and wept for the loss of the girl whom he had known since she was born.

Back at Bran castle...

Seras stared wide eyed at her surroundings, the castle was beautiful! Ancient and cultural, and colored beyond imaging! Golds and subtle regs filtered through the palace.

"So...big..." Venaria's eyes were as big as saucers looking at everything. "I'm gonna.. live here?" SHe turned to look at Vlad who was laughing, filling the halls of the great fortress.

"Yes child, you shall be living here with me and Seras, you are family. This is our Home Sweet Home."

Seras turned to Vlad and embraced him tightly,

"I'm so happy you are free now... And you have your home back."

"I was always at home Seras..."

She looked at him surprised,

"Wherever you are is my home.. you are my home..."

Her eyes immediately teared up from a force of habit reaction,

"Awwahhh! You're so sweet!" She kissed him passionately, with Venaria slowly backing off going to wander the castle, and hopefully NOT get lost...

With that the vampires lived, with daily fresh blood transfusions from the local Red Cross which just happened to fund vampire feedings for the main homeland, Romania! Five months later, Seras gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom was named Alice "Malice", as her father would have also kept to his word and stayed with the family for twelve more years till he died peacefully in bed, with the family at his side. Venaria grew up to be a beautiful young girl, and was able to meet her father's mother, who lived in Romania, and often visited her. Alice grew up to look just like her father, but with mommy's body. She was tall and lean, with assets that Vlad was nearly forced to draw his guns on boys who gave even one sexual look at her. Alice has long black, silk hair, which was curly, and deep dark brown eyes that looked almost red. The family exterminated local ghouls around the area when they showed up, and they lived happily. Even over the next hundred years Seras would give birth to four more children. Two twin boys, James and Sebastian, and two more girls Cneajna, after his mother, and Bernat, who lived up to her name being bold as a bear to anything she believed in. Overall, Vlad's hardships were done for the time being and the family lived peacefully in their homeland, never once looking back to the dreadful Hellsing lifestyle.