The Stitchling Chronicles

Shortly after being abandoned, thrown out, by their creator a small group of very young stitchpunks found themselves wondering aimlessly in the Emptiness. A pale, crudely made doll lead them, his name was 1, he thought it was his duty to protect the group being the oldest. He was closely followed by a much larger 'punk his name was 8 and he was constantly guarding, feeling it his purpose, and only left 1's side to carry out orders given to him by 1 and 1 alone. Behind them was 9 and 7 carrying, the young twins, 3 and 4 to stop them from running off. Although being the smallest, and acting the youngest, the twins had so much energy that all they wanted to do was jump around cataloguing everything in sight but 7 and 9 had held them back so they wouldn't hurt or scare themselves with what they might find in the destroyed world. Trailing along at the back was 6 being dragged along by 5 and 2.

"Come on 6, race you to 7 and 9!" 5 asked trying to get 6 to move a little quicker before 1 noticed they were being slow. The little striped 'punk shook his head in response.

"No run." He said, sounding very stubborn, but that didn't stop 2.

"6 I think we should speed up a little so we can catch up." The younger shook his head again. 5 sighed and stopped.

"Come on then I'll carry you." The one eyed doll picked up 6 up and rolled his eye as the younger one clung on to him and rested his small head on 5's shoulder. "I bet you were just waiting for that." 6 shook his head slightly and smiled. "Oh really? Well at least you're not holding us up any more." 1 looked back his eyes searching the group.

"What did you say 5? Is someone dragging behind?" he said more out of impatience then concern.

"Oh no, 1, not anymore!" 5 called forward, poking 6 in the side making him giggle.

An hour or so later the group were getting a bit tired, with the exception of the twins and 6, and 5's arms were aching from carrying the little striped doll.

"Sorry 6, my arms are getting tired." Said 5 as he returned 6 to the ground, 6 didn't start walking though he just looked around as if he was trying to recognise where he was. "You have to walk this time, 'kay?" 6 looked up at 5 and nodded, he then smiled and walked happily along, hand in hand, with 2 and 5.

3 and 4 were getting progressively restless in 7 and 9's arms. They were wriggling around trying to get back to the floor, but when the two older acting stitchpunks told them to knock it off, they soon started trying to reach each other's hands.

"Stop it." 7 said firmly, the twins pouted then they silently laughed at the each other's grumpy faces.

"Might as well leave them to it 7, they'll get tired eventually." 9 called over to the bleached white stitchpunk, playfully prodding 4 in the side making him squirm and silently giggle. 3 got jealous and started poking 7 to get her attention, 7 repositioned 3 so she could look at her.

"What is it 3?" 3 pointed over to 4 getting tickled by 9, "Oh, so that's what you want." 3 nodded eagerly, 7 smiled she had a trick up her sleeve. "Are you sure?" 3 nodded again and bounced up and down in 7's arms. "No, I don't think I will." 3 crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at her. "No need to be grumpy, 3" 3 slowly nodded, as if to say there was, 7 replied, "well stay grumpy then." 3 looked longingly over at the fun her brother was having. Suddenly 3 started squirming and silently giggling, just like her twin: 7 was tickling her.