6 suddenly stopped.

"6 what is it?" 5 asked as he looked down at the younger 'punk.

"Safe." The striped doll said distantly as he turned and took a few steps to a pipe on his right. The twins looked over their carrier's shoulders and saw 6 staring distantly into a pipe and they saw this as a reason to get down and explore. The pair started reaching for the ground, which surprized 9 and 7 so the twins ended up tumbling to the ground. Before the couple could react 3 and 4 grabbed each other's hands and ran up to 6.

"… safe together…" The stripy stitchpunk mumbled as he took a few wondering steps into the pipe.

"6, what do you mean?" 5 bent down next to the artist and took his hand to get his attention. 6 stared into the darkness for a moment then looked round to 5.

Without warn 6 took off, dragging 5 behind him, the twins running along after them.

"All four of you! Get back here! Right now!" 1 shouted to no avail, when no response came everyone started following them at a slightly slower pace so they could follow.

"6! Where are we going?" 5 shouted as he got dragged along.

"Safe!" The stripy 'punk laughed so loudly it echoed in the dark pipe. "Together! Safe together!" He shouted never letting up on his speed.

They ran on through the pipe, which was oddly long, until they reached a fork light by a very small candle. Without hesitation 6 took the left path and continued running.

"6! Are you sure you know where you're going?" 5 called over the pounding of their feet, metal to metal.

"Yes! Yes!" The striped shouted in response, still tearing down endless cross-roads of pipe. "Yes, yes, yes! Safe! Together! Together safe!" And with that 5 decided to give up asking for a clearer answer and go along with 6's crazy tour of the dark labyrinth.

Suddenly there was literally a light at the end of the tunnel and the group ran towards it as fast as they could, now being very fed up of dark tunnels and dimly lit junctions. 6 let go of 5's hand and crashed into the light not even waiting for his eyes to adjust. Everyone else wondered after blinking in the light, to see that their stripy friend had crashed into a woman stitchpunk with 7200 written on her right leg. He was holding on to her hands desperately trying to get his eyes adjusted and his balance back.

Eventually 6 took a step back from her, blinked a couple of times and looked up at the woman.

"You okay, honey?" She asked softly, kneeling down so she was at eye level with him. The young 'punk looked at her for a moment then rushed forward, flung his small arms around her neck and hugged her tightly.

"Here! Safe! Together! Safe!" He exclaimed happily over her shoulder.

"Well," she took a look at the rest of the group, "you certainly are together." 6 pulled back, still holding on to her shoulder. "You're definitely are here… And yes, you are safe!"