Love Trouble: Ice meets Fire

Mai: yo Minna-san Ogenkii des ka?

Miki: This story is about A new girl who has an icy personalty meets Raimon's fire striker.


Gouenji: The Himes don't own Inazuma Eleven or the Oc that I'm about to fall in love with. They only own their Ocs but if they did own Inazuma...

Mai: this would absolutely be one of the best episodes X3

Miki: and we would totally make Goenji a softie xD

Goenji's POV

Today was every other day with me going to school,discussing with Mai on tactics and hissatsu techniques which Endou somehow joins in our conversation, the teacher yelling and teaching us and so on but today was different. Our teacher Mr. Kogoro (lawlz detective Conan reference) was late which was a shock. 8 minutes passed after class started when Mr. Kogoro comes in with a girl that has knee length black hair that ended with curls with her bangs covering her forehead,fair skin and her intimidating onyx eyes that seems to see through someone's eyes. I started to feel this tingling sensation in my stomach.

"Okay everyone we have a new transfer student please introduce yourself."

"My name is Angel Starling nice to meet you." said the onyx eyed girl known as Angel.

Normal POV

"Alright then please take a seat in between Ushiromiya and Goenji."Said .

Mai and Goenji both got up so the new student can find her seat. Mycella who was also known as Mai looked towards at her platinum haired friend and noticed he was staring at the new girl like he just feel in love. A creepy smile crept on her face but it suddenly turned into a sad smile for when she looked at Angel's eyes she saw sadness that enveloped them. She thought to herself "she's just like the old me shrouded in a repeating sad memory." As Angel continued to walk to her desk she saw the spiky haired boy staring at her. A weird feeling arose from her stomach as she felt her face get hot so she turned around and saw Mai staring at her.

"ummm can you like stop staring at me." Angel asked in a cold tone.

"Oh I'm terribly sorry oh my name is Ushiromiya Mycella you can call me Mai if you want." Mai blushed a little but she noticed a glint of love in Angel's eyes "ah a new love story is cooking" Mycella thought.

"Okay please hurry up your hellos we are wasting valuable precious time HERE!" Yelled a very angry . "during lunch Mycella I want you to show Angel around the school."

Mai smirked and looked at Goenji who was still staring at Angel. "Ummm sensei I can't I have to practice for the school concert can Goenji show her around."

"Okay then Goenji please show Angel around."

"Ha-Hai sensei." replied a startled Goenji.

First period and second period ended very fast which was followed by lunch. After Goenji began his tour around the school for Angel.

"Alright so this is the Art room,the Science lab, The gym." Goenji said as he pointed to the various room till they heard a piano playing with a voice accompanying it.

*Aoi, kumori sora
futarishite aruita
sono toki kimi wa mada waratta

furui, akai hibi
nande modoranai kana
sokomade mieru no ni

todokanai yume wo miruyoude ima
dokomade ittemo karamawari suruyouni
mou saigo no kotoba
nandaka omoidasenai
totsuzen kieta sora
omoidasu demo mienai

oikakete oikakete
todokumade oitsuzukete
anata no shinon ga doukatta
tookumade nagesuteta
anata no omoi wo hirutta
haha no hi no tegami ni wa arigatou

nande, nande
hitori nano
zutto mukou ni kanjiru no

oikakete oikakete
todokumade oitsuzukete
anata no omoide ga ofureta
yume ga same hitorikiri
kimi no kao ga mienai
kutsu wo gyuuto mune ni daite mae

"this tune sounds like it's for me" Angel wondered as a small sad smile crept over her face Goenji couldn't help but notice her smile as the tingling feeling came again but now it was accompanyed by his intense beating heart.

Both Angel and Goenji looked into the room and saw Mai playing. She looked up at them and smiled while thinking to her self "but quickly went on to another piece but this time the tune was more complicated. Goenji then took Angel to the field. As soon as they reached there a voice called out to them.

"Oi watch out!" yelled a voice that belonged to a girl.

Goenji saw the ball but it was too fast but suddenly.

"Fire wall!" Angel said.

A wall of fire was in front of them and the ball passed through. As soon as the wall vanished there was Angel with ball in her hands. A girl with long wavy brown hair came over to her apologizing.

"ah gomen I hope your not hurt or anything." the girl asked but Angel just stared at her with a icy glare. "um my name is Ushiromiya Mikoto you can call me Miki and once again I'm terribly sorry and that move of yours was intense hey I know wanna play soccer!"

Angel just glared at her more. "whatever just leave me alone OKAY!" and with that Angel ran way.

"oh did I say something wrong." as she looked towards Goenji who just shrugged his shoulders and then he to ran away but only to find Angel.

Angel's POV

"now what have I done I shouldn't have been so mean to her but..." Angel's eyes began to water as a sad memory came to her mind.

*flash back *

"MOM I CAN'T WAIT!" shouted an excited young girl with black hair.

"Angel honey calm down before you start jumping off the walls." her mom chuckled.

"If you don't then who's gonna pay for the damages?" questioned her dad as he too started to chuckle.

"fine fine." pouted young Angel.

They all started to head outside to go to Angel's soccer game when all of a sudden a they began to feel under their feet a sudden rumble. The rumbling became stronger as houses began to collapse. Angel and her family were near the car when suddenly a huge piece of debris came flying out of nowhere and attacked them. Few minutes later the rumbling stops and Angel slowly opens her eyes to see her mom's body on top of her.

"Angel...I'm glad your safe... please continue living for us and never give up hope...remember Allah is there to help you." Her mom whispered before taking her last breath.

Angel just stared back at her now limp mom and screams even though no one can hear her...

*End of flash back *

"It's all my fault they died... if only I hadn't been so eager for the game they wouldn't have died and I swear that I will give up on soccer but..."

"ANGEL!" A voice called out to me but I didn't reply all I did was run towards the school.

*at the classroom *

I ran back inside the school and straight towards my classroom. As soon as I opened the door i saw Mai talking to a teal haired boy.

"Mai!" I called out which surprised me for I never did that anyone after that incident.

Mai turned around and smiled asking me how the tour was. All I did was nodded my head when suddenly a question somehow escaped my lips.

"that song did you write it?" I asked.

Mai stared at me for a minute but then she smiled.

**"yes,yes I did just today actually why?"

"today but how?" I exclaimed which

Once again she stared at me.

"because this song... was made for you." she smiled a little as a glint of sadness appeared in her eyes as though she knew my story...

Mai: finished hoped you liked this chapter.

Miki: this story is dedicated to our good friend Princess of Flames also known as Angel.

Mai: So we all hope you guys enjoyed it oh and the *= the song and it's named Thank you for being born from the Umineko series

Miki: and the **=Mai didn't really compose the song someone

else did but we forgot who sorry

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