Love Troubles: Fire meets Ice

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Angel's POV

I was about to ask Mai when I heard a voice call out her name.

"Mai where are you?"

I looked at Mai who flinched all of a sudden as she put her finger over her signalling for me and the teal haired boy to be quiet . After she quickly hid behind the last desk in the first row. The door slid open and entered the same girl who was playing soccer a while ago. She looked around and when our gaze locked on each other she began to apologize.

"Look I'm so sorry about what happened on the field but I was so surprised at the great move it left a huge impression on me." she said.

"ummm no it's okay Miki right?"

"yep" She replied. She then looked at the teal-haired boy as a smirk came on her face. "Ka-ze-ma-ru I-chi-rou-ta tell me where is Mai"

The teal-haired boy whose name was apparently Kazemaru flinched,looked away and began whistling.

"Miki-san I don't know where she is." he began to back away but Miki already was near him and she was giving him a glare.

"If she doesn't have her medicine she will become very sick,never come to school,never play soccer again, never do the stuff that she loves to do,never see you guys again and it will be all your fault." She began to rant. When she finished, Mai quickly went up to her,tapped Miki's shoulder and held out her hand.

"I hate you." Mai murmured as she glared at Miki.

"I love you too!" Miki smiled as she poured some kind of pills into Mai's hand. Mai then looked over at me.

"heh I guess your wondering who this queen bee is. She's my older twin Ushiromiya Mikoto or Miki." she pointed to Miki.

"Yeah I know I met her on the field with Goenji-


"speak of the devil." Mai smirked.

Once again the door slid open and there stood a panting Goenji. His eyes met mine. He let out a sigh of relief and smiled at me, my heart started to race and my face felt hot. "What is this feeling" I began to wonder.

" There you are I was looking for you." Goenji replied.


"awwwww lunch is over anyways nice meeting you Angel." Miki said as she waved goodbye.

*Let's skip to After School cause classes are boring *


I turned around to see Mai running towards me. When she catch up to me,she asked if she can walk home with me. I just shrugged my shoulders and wow was she happy. It was a pretty quiet walk till she started a conversation.

" So Angel-chan where do you live?" She asked.

"um right over there." I said while pointing to my place.

"Wow it's so big and pretty." Mai said in a surprised tone.

" Where do you live?" I asked and she pointed to the opposite direction of where we were going. I was confused so I asked her another question. "Why are you going this way then?"

" because I have to go to the hospital for a check up."


" You see I always get sick and..." She said as she hung her head down and sadness washed over her eyes. Then she quickly looked up and smiled a little. As we continued to walk in silence. We reached my place and we said our goodbyes. I opened the door when I was pounced by my pet cub lion Lily.

"Lily I see that you missed me huh." I said to her as she nuzzled my face when I scratched behind her ears

I went and freshened up,ate my dinner,did my homework and went to bed. I was so tired today. First of all meeting a lot of people,second finding more about someone and Goenji. I felt like I've known him before but I didn't know where?

Goenji's POV

I was laying in my bed still thinking about Angel. It's so weird but I feel like I meet her before. The more I thought about her the more my heart beats faster. I really don't know this feeling but what I do know that it never happened till now after I met Angel.

*A few weeks later (long time skip) *

"Alright class as you know you are going to be off school for one week and you know what that means no school. I bet your all happy that no school means no homework but your wrong. I expect you to do pages 113-123 for math,pages 245-260 for science and study for your Socials for you will have a quiz on it* all right." Mr. Kogoro instructed with a devious smile.

Everyone groaned. The bell rang as I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed for the field for soccer practice. As I changed and got on the field I heard someone call out to us.

"Minna ohayo!"

There was Mai,Miki and Angel. They ran up to us on the field.

"um guys I was wondering if Angel-chan can play too but in my position one-gai-shii-masu." Mai asked with her childish tone.

"why can't you play?" Endou questioning Mai.

"Doctors orders." she said with her tongue out. " So Angel-chan must practice in for me."

I looked over to Angel who seemed to be lost in her thoughts. "she looks so cute when she's lost in her thoughts...wait why am I thinking like this"I thought to myself though I did began to wonder what's in her mind.

Normal POV

Angel was lost in her thoughts about how she ended up coming to the field instead of going home.

*flash back *

"ne,ne Angel-chan want to come play soccer with us." Miki asked.

"not really..." Angel replied in her usual tone.

"please I can't play today cause my doctor told me and we must be ready for a game." Mai pleaded.

"a game?"

"yes please just this once Angel-chan!"

"alright,fine I'll play."Angel said because she really wasn't in the mood to argue.

*End of Flashback *

Angel sighed and thought to herself , "What have I got myself into?" She went to the locker room to get changed with Miki. As soon as they came out everyone stared in awe.

" You look amazing.." Aki smiled.

"Totally!" Haruna exclaimed as she began to take photos.

"Okay...I guess" Angel whispered.

"Well then now that we have everyone here Sakka Yarouze Minna!" Endou yelled excitedly.


The whistle blew meaning the game started. Angel stared at the ball,watching it like a hawk. Kidou was dribbling the ball towards Angel. She closed her eyes,then opening them slowly as she ran up to the ball and in a swift movement stole it from Kidou.

"She got the ball very gracefully..." Kidou mumbled as his eyes stared wide opened then realized that she was heading towards the goal and ran right after her.

Angel quickly went past Fudou who then gave her a glare. She stopped right inf ront of Kogure who was the only obstruction between her and the goal. She took a deep breath as a platform of began swirling around her feet. She jumped up in the air,when she did the fire grew larger as it began to surround her and the ball. A pair angel wings grew behind her with a crown of fire on top of her head.

" Angel's Rage!" Angel yelled as she kicked the ball with tremendous force. Kogure couldn't defend fast enough and neither was Tachimukai tried to use his Maou the Hand but the ball was too fast for him!

"GOAL!" yelled Kakuma who randomly appeared out of nowhere and scared the managers along with Mai who then went back looking at the game.

At the bleachers everyone there was still mesmerized at Angel's swift and graceful moves even after a rude interruption. Coach Kudou stared at her as a small smile crept over his face. Fuyuka looked at her father with her blue eyes.

"Oto-san what are you thinking about?" She asked.

Coach Kudou just smirked but Fuyuka knew what that smirk meant as her smile grew wider. The game continued with 1-0 which meant Angel's team was in the lead! Soon after awhile it was still 1-0 till Fubuki,wh had the ball with him, signalled Miki who nodded in reply. The two came side by side as they both jumped in the air. Both were facing opposite of each other with the ball between them,they both kicked but the ball was rotating. They both switched sides and did the same thing then the last kick they kicked it forward towards Endou.

"Lone Pack Legend!" They both said in unison as a pack of wolves howled and went straight towards the goal. Endou used his Majin the Hand but the went through. Meaning the game was tied 1-1.

Angel looked at Endou who gave her a thumbs up. The game resumed with only a few minutes left (A/N:sounds like game but no its practice so yeah...). This time Fudou had the ball and Kidou was right behind him. Kazemaru knew they were planning to do Killer Fields. He looked at Goenji who nodded at him. He went right up to Fudou and Kidou.

"Fujin no Mai!" He yelled. The ball was now in his possession till he kicked it to Goenji.

Goenji was running up t the goal with the ball. Angel was the only person near the other team's goal. When Goenji cam closer to her he smiled and she smiled back as though they both had something up their sleeve. Now both were closer to the goal when suddenly they both the jumped up in the air and spin just like Goenji's Hissatsu Fire tornado except it was with two people. There were two fire tornadoes that merged together and made one intense fire twister,They kicked the ball with tremendous strength.

"Fire Twister!" They both yelled in unison as the ball quickly went through the defence and right into the goal. You could tell that Tachimukai was a little shaken up from the shoot.

"G-Goal!" Kakuma shouted while receiving a glare from Fudou who stated that this wasn't a game but a practice, though you could tell he was pretty upset.

Goenji came up to Angel and congratulated her.

"Amazing practice huh" He smiled making Angel's face hot.

"I guess" she managed to say and keep her cool.

Everyone else came over to Angel to congratulate her.

" I swear Angel-chan you should be on the team instead of me." Mai giggled.

"No and plus the coach decides right?"

"Well then Angel would you like to join the team?" Coach Kudou asked.

"Sure if it's fine with everyone else." Angel replied.

Everyone nodded their heads but not Goenji he just gave her a hug. Everyone one else looked at their flame striker's odd reaction with mischievous smiles. Then they began to taunt him but in a playful way. After everyone changed so they could go home. Goenji met up with Angel at the school gates. He yelled out to Angel to stop. Angel looked at him with her onyx eyes. When he came closer Angel noticed his face was a little red. They talked about the practice for a little bit till Goenji looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Um so Angel do you have any plans for the break other then homework?" He asked.

"No why?" Angel questioned back.

Goenji smiled a little bit and asked his question which made Angel turn a bright shade of red.

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