September stood on the side of the sidewalk, watching a group of girls. But he was watching one girl imperticular. Her name was June. He tilted his head as she came closer.

"So she just left him?" She asked one of her friends.


"Well good for her!" She said laughing slightly.

As she walked past him there eyes locked for a moment. Deep down September felt something he had never felt before. He watched as June stopped suddenly.

"June? June what's wrong?" One of her friends asked concerned. Then June collapsed of some unknown reason.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Few Hours Later:::::::::::::

September stood beside June's hospital bed. A tube went down her throat to keep her breathing and a monitor showed her heart beat.

"There are two possibilities." He thought. "But if she were to live." His hand caressed her smooth pale skin. Picking up her medical charts he read them. "I know this. I have the cure." Disappearing from beside her he went into the future to go get her the cure and bring it back.


I felt a presence next to me. I wish that I could only open my eyes. But I couldn't. I can't move. What was wrong with me? I didn't know. The last thing that I could remember was collapsing. Then all there was is blackness. Something sharp went into my arm. Another IV? No. This one felt different. A warmth spread over me slowly. My eyes flickered open. But once I opened my eyes I wanted to shut them immediately. I saw a tube going down my mouth and wires attached to me. But what kept my eyes open was seeing the man standing beside me. The was tall and bald with no eyebrows.

"Don't be scared." He said with no emotion in his voice. "I did not mean to scare you." He tilted his head. "You can call me September."

"September." I thought. "I must remember that." Then I slipped into unconsciousness.