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Chapter Two

It's been four years since the girls and I made the 'special' appearance during the beyblade tournaments. I've been wondering if the Bladebreakers kept the promise I asked them to keep. After a year went by I finally learned all of their names. The blunette on the team is Tyson; the blonde one is Max; the brunette with glasses is Kenny; and the dual heir guy is Kai. Since then I've had grandfather tell me their progress. So far they've been champions for three years in a row. But the fourth year he told me that the team split up. I stared at him surprised when he told me everything, but then went to me emotionless mask when he finished. Ray, Max, and Kai had decided to go back to their original teams for a chance at the title of champion. Then when BEGA came along Ray and Max had gone back to the team, but now Tyson had an extra teammate, Daichi. I learnt that Kai had gone to try out for the BEGA team, but wasn't accepted. Then he went back to the Bladebreakers and they accepted him back with open arms. I was relieved, but I harbored remorse against them.

It's been a few weeks since they defeated BEGA and everything went back to normal. Grandfather was close to losing the BBA beyblading industry, but the Bladebreakers pulled through at the last minute. The girls and I were in the gym training like usual when his secretary came and told us that he wanted to see us. We grabbed our towels and followed her to his office. She opened the door and closed it when we were inside. We looked at him and saw that he had a hard look on his face. We waited expecting him to blow up on us for failing on our last bodyguard mission, but when he looked at us his face held worry.

"Girls." He said. "I have a new assignment for you."

"What is it?" I asked.

"I want you to be the Bladebreaker bodyguards. They won't recognize you since Mariah hasn't kept in touch with Ray since four years ago, but I'm worried." He said.

"Why?" Julia asked.

"Because I know that they broke the promise that they made to you, Hilary, and that you can't kind of trust them anymore, but also I'm worried because your uncle is after them now knowing full well that if he manages to harm them enough that you'll be on a rage of revenge and that you'll go after him."

"Don't worry." I said. "I'll be fine. And as for trusting them, I can't but I'll try."

"Alright." He said forcing a smile. "For this assignment you girls are their bodyguards as I said, but you'll each be responsible for a Bladebreaker. These papers tell you who you'll be a personal bodyguard to. All you have to do is make sure you're with them twenty-four-seven, with the exception of personal hygiene, and make sure that they're never alone with someone you don't trust. These are their friends and people who are close to them." He said handing us another packet of paper. "Now go, shower, get ready and head to the front of the building. A car will be waiting outside for Hilary to drive to your house to get your things ready. From there I'll send you the information that you need to get to Tyson's dojo. You may go."

With that the girls and I left for the girl's locker room in the gym and showered. As soon as we were ready we headed to the front part of the building. There waiting for us was a Ford Focus ST with grandfather beside it. He handed me the keys and I climbed into the driver's side. Julia in the passenger seat; I started the car and headed to our house. Grandfather told us that we would have to pack things that we need for our temporary stay in Tyson's dojo. Well not his but his grandfather's. After we got everything we needed and we were all in the car I called grandfather to give me the information I need to get to the dojo.

He told me that his secretary gave the information to my secretary and that she sent it to Emily's computer. I thanked grandpa and hung up. I told Emily to turn on her laptop and to get the information. When she told me that she got it I started up the car and drove off, following the instructions. When we arrived and stepped out of the car, we saw the entrance to the dojo and an elderly man, who surprisingly looks fit, doing some moves with a kendo stick. I closed the door—the girls did the same—and headed to the trunk. We grabbed our things and stood at the entrance. Julia cleared her throat and he stopped moving his stick.

"Hello there." Julia said.

"Hey home-girls." He responded. We stared at him, shocked. Noticing he surprised us he said, "Sorry, I call every girl home-girl since four years ago I heard about these girls from Tyson and the others. I only a picture of them, but that was enough for me to know them."

We smiled at him, knowing full well that he was talking about us.

"So you must be 'Grandpa' Granger?" I said reading the name of the guardian for the guys.

"Yes I am. And you must be. . . "

"We're the assigned bodyguards to the Bladebreakers." I said.

"Oh, yes. Mr. Dickenson told Hiro about that." He said. "Go down that walkway and make a right and you'll see the guys practicing. If they ask, tell them I let you in."

"Thank you, Mr. Granger." I said.

"Sure thing and call me Grandpa like the others."

We nodded our heads and walked down the pathway that he said. We turned right and saw them training. I looked at them and saw that they haven't changed much. They just grew up and out more. I heard someone giving orders and saw an older guy, which looked like Tyson, shouting at Tyson to focus. Tyson faced him and shouted. He faced the dish again, but was surprised when his beyblade was thrown out of the dish—towards the girls and me.


I had woken up earlier than everyone as always. After I got dressed I looked at the calendar that we had in the room that we all shared together; today was the day that we last saw Hilary—the leader of the G-Revolutions. After we all lost to some strong bladers that were chosen by her personally—well Tyson somehow managed to win—we went to the locker room that they occupied. When we had entered the locker room, we saw that it was empty. We were about to go search for them but a lady, who was maybe in her ate twenties early thirties, stopped us and explained that they had headed back to the academy to start an early semester in bodyguarding.

I remembered Ray asking her if the school was close, but she shook her head saying that they're going abroad, but she never said where. We looked at her in silence until Tyson yelled asking no one in particular why they would leave without saying goodbye. He continued ranting until she told him to shut up. Once he did she had said that she had a letter for us from them. She handed it to us and left. It said:

Dear Bladebreakers,

Sorry that we had to leave like this, but I think it's for the best. I know that you guys will do fine against the opponents I personally chose for you. I just want to say that we won't ever forget you. Keep your promise cause if you don't than when we meet again and I know that you broke your promise—you guys are done for. I'm trusting you guys—with everything. Now this part is for Ray, sorry but Mariah won't be able to keep in contact with you. It's not personal; it's just that where we're going—which is abroad—we won't be able to use our cell phones. Only for emergencies. Once again, sorry. Take care.


After Ray finished reading it aloud we were all shocked. Since then they've been true to their word. I walked out of the room remembering the promise that we made with them and now we broke it. After we came back together as a team, Max had mentioned that we all broke our promise. We all looked remorseful until Kenny said that she'll never know. We all agreed, but a small part in my head doubted it. After I finished my morning training, the others had woken up. Breakfast was made and eaten—or in Tyson's case, inhaled. Then we all went to the back of the dojo were the dish was at and started training. Hiro was telling us what to do. I knew that he was a teacher at some school for beyblading, but he should know that we know what to do. I was battling against Tyson when Hiro told him to concentrate.

Tyson shouted back at him and when he focused again I had knocked out his Dragoon out of dish. His blade flew out of the dish and was heading towards a group of girls that we hadn't noticed were there.

"Watch out!" Max said.

The brunette with ruby eyes dropped her bags that were in her right gloved hand and caught the blade before it hit her in the face. I noticed that Tyson's blade was still spinning in her hand. Once it stopped she grabbed her backs with her left hand and walked towards us. She gave Tyson his blade back and faced Hiro.

"You guys are?' Hiro asked.

"Bodyguards." Was all she said.

"So you must be the guys, er, girls that Mr. Dickenson said were the top bodyguards in the industry?" he said.

"Yep." Said the brunette; for some reason she looks very familiar. "Also, he said that the Bladebreakers will be transferred from their old school to the BBA Academy. So we can keep a close eye on them. Plus, whoever's after them will not be able to get them there. BBA Academy is well protected."

"He told grandpa about it the day they began, but they refused. Looks like now they can't." He said looking at us.

Then I remembered Mr. Dickenson saying something about the school, but paid no attention to it because I thought it was stupid and annoying. And that's the same place where Hiro works at as a teacher.

"Who're they?' Max asked; asking the question that we all probably wanted to ask.

"First let's head to the living room. I'll explain then." Hiro said. Then he turned around and faced the brunette. "Oh and I'm Hiro."

They nodded their heads in recognition and we followed him. Once we were all settled down he explained to us that Mr. Dickenson decided to assign us bodyguards because of the threat letter that he got. After he said that the brunette looked up at him.

"He didn't tell us about a letter." She said.

"He didn't?" Hiro asked. She shook her head. "Then what did he tell you?"

"Something completely different."


"Don't ask." She said cutting him off. She got up from her seat, phone in hand. She dialed a number and waited for whoever she was calling to pick up. She put it on speaker as soon as the person picked up. "Mr. Dickenson?"

"Hilary? What is it?" we all stared at her surprised. This is Hilary! The girl whose promise we broke. One thing crossed our minds that time: Hope she doesn't know that we broke our promise.

"How come you didn't tell us about receiving a threatening letter?"

"I forgot about it. I mean with you not trusting them." I saw her stiffen. Then she sweat dropped at Mr. Dickenson forgetting.

"Mr. Dickenson I'm going to send Mathilda to go and get the letter. Have anything else that you didn't tell us about ready with it."


"Thanks." With that she hung up. "Mathilda."

"Keys." Mathilda said, hand extended.

Before Hilary could give her the keys, Ray interrupted her. He asked her what Mr. Dickenson meant about not trusting us.

"You guys promised that you would never break the team apart, but you broke it. I trusted you with the title of 'Bladebreakers.' I trusted you lot with everything. Guess that was a mistake." She said bangs covering her eyes.

"I know," Ray said, "but we wanted a chance at the—"

"Title?" she said. "What's a title? It's just something that identifies you, but is it worth it when along the way you lose the people important to you?" he was about to respond, but she spoke again. "Look, forget about it. It's in the past, but you guys have a lot of kissing up to do to regain my trust again. I don't speak for the others, but you have a lot to do. So I'll give you a second chance. Screw that up and you're screwed."

We nodded our heads as she gave the keys to Mathilda.


They all nodded their heads in understanding about me giving them a second chance. Honestly, I don't want to but I know that my parents would want me to. I gave Mathilda the keys and she headed out through the way we came in; for some reason I got this random feeling to follow her. I told the others and we followed her. I called her and she stopped. We were nearing her when I heard a familiar male voice. One that I haven't heard in a long time.

Mistress, be careful. Go to her quickly and dodge the bullets.

With that I ran to her. From the corner of my eye I saw something small and shiny come her way. I grabbed her and leapt forward. A few more came our way until they stopped. I looked around and saw that Mariah and Julia were missing. Guess they went to see who gave us the 'friendly welcoming' fire. I got up and helped Mathilda get up. The others came up to us and asked if we're okay. We told them that we're fine. I told Mathilda to go and get the letter; that everything was under control now. She nodded and got into the car. The guys looked at the car with mouth wide open. Once Mathilda left, I turned to face the girls. Their eyes held no emotion and neither did mine. Hiro began talking about how six girls aren't enough to protect guys and the others. I narrowed my eyes at him, but he didn't notice. I saw something move down the pathway we came from, from the corner of my eye.

"Miriam. . . Emily, protect the them." I said. Taking out my own gun and heading down the pathway silently.

"Hils, what's going on?" they asked doing what I told them.

"I saw something go down the pathway we came from." I said. 'Now do what I say and stay here."

With that I went back down the pathway. I looked around carefully until I heard a noise in the kitchen. I slid the door open quietly and pointed my gun at the short red headed kid that looked around thirteen-fourteen years old. Instantly I knew he wasn't a threat, but I didn't take any chances.

"Who're you?" I asked.

The kid dropped what he was doing and turned around. He looked at me then at the gun pointed at him. What he did next surprised me.

"Tyson!" he screeched.

I flinched at his yell. He's worse than Mariah when she sees that her favorite store has a sale and yells. Trust me; pink haired, tough girly girl can yell. Also, this kid's worse than screaming fan girls. And we've come across them many times. I heard shuffling feet and the door slid open. I turned around and saw the girls with confused looks. I gave them a confused look myself, shrugged my shoulders and put my gun away. The red head kid continued shouting about him almost dying and not getting to do what he always wanted to do. I rolled my eyes and went to get the book with people that we're supposed to know. When I came back into the kitchen the red head kid was calmed down.

"Okay so his name's Daichi." I said to Emily and Miriam. "He's titled as 'orphan,' but Mr. D's not sure. He's thirteen and half and has been raised in the jungle."

"Basically he's a monkey." Tyson said.

I pulled out a dagger and threw it close to his head. His eyes widened and he slumped to the ground. He looked up at me terrified.

"Never call a boy without parents and was raised in a jungle a monkey. Do it again and you'll get hurt." I threatened.

He nodded his head in understanding. I was about to go and grab my dagger when my iPhone beeped—announcing that I have a text message. I took it out and looked at who sent me a text. It was from Mathilda. It said:

I have everything. Mariah and Julia are with me. They separated from you and the others during the attack to see if they could capture the attackers, but were too late. They were gone. We're on our way now.

I responded back and put my phone away. I grabbed my dagger, put it away and headed to the gate for Mathilda. Emily and Miriam asked where I was going, but I didn't respond. As I headed out I heard Tyson say,

"Are we really safe with her being our bodyguard? I mean she's really moody."

"Of course you guys are." Emily said. "It's just that you called an orphan a monkey. And she doesn't like orphans being insulted."

"But he is one."

"Doesn't matter, but if you remember she lost her parents eight years ago." Miriam said.

"So she's an orphan?" Ray asked.

"Technically no; she has family members,"—Emily said 'family members' like it was taboo—"but her guardian is her grandfather. Though we call him grandpa because he said to call him that and Mr.—" she caught herself before she released information that wasn't supposed to be released.

"Mr.?" Kenny asked.

"Don't worry about it." Miriam said.

"So she's not an orphan?" Ray asked.

"Yep, but to the media and everyone else outside of the BBA Beyblade and Bodyguard Industry—she's an orphan." Emily established.

"Why?" Max asked.

"Because her parents and grandfather decided that it would be best not to announce to the world that she's her grandfather's granddaughter."

"But wouldn't they know because of her father? I mean since they would know who her grandfather is because of her father." Kenny asked.

"No." They all turned around to face me. By now I had arrived back to the kitchen with Mathilda, Julia and Mariah behind me.

"Why?" Hiro asked for pretenses, but I already know that he who my grandfather is. I mean, he's going to know since he works for him and is his right hand man.

"Because grandmother passed away while giving birth to father and uncle—his younger twin. Grandpa didn't tell anyone about them being his sons. When grandpa couldn't be with them, he gave them to grandmother's younger sister to watch them while he went to work. When he came back grandpa would take care of them. So no one, not even the BBA Beyblade and Bodyguard Industry know whose father and uncle's father is."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because, well honestly I don't know the reason why. They just did." I said.

"Okay back to the matter at hand—the threat letter." Mathilda said handing me the letter.

"Thanks." I took it and read what it said. "Mr. Dickenson if you don't watch out your precious team—the Bladebreakers—will suffer more than what your treasured team suffered eight years ago for the years they were champions. Be on the lookout at all times because we want your life, your precious granddaughter's life and we want to destroy the BBA. —B"

When I finished reading it o looked at the girls. They all had emotionless expressions on their faces. We knew a few things:

The Bladebreakers are in deep danger

Grandpa's life is in danger

They want my life

We were brought out of our thinking to Tyson shouting.

Mr. D has a granddaughter?"

"No the bigger question is: he has a son?" Kenny said.

"He does." Said Hiro. All the guys looked at him expectantly. He looked at me, asking for permission. Though he didn't voice it I knew what he wanted. I nodded my head. Grandpa had introduced us to his right hand man when we were thirteen, but before we arrived to the dojo today grandpa told me to act like we never met him—or the others—and that he'll call Hiro too. Looks like he kept his word. "He had a son, but was killed eight years ago. Now Mr. Dickenson is his son's daughter's guardian. He kept it a secret for their safety."

"Oh." They said.

"So, whose Mr. D's granddaughter?" Tyson asked.

"What part of 'secret' and 'for their safety' did you not understand Tyson?" Hiro asked.

"Everything." He said sheepishly.

We all sweat dropped. Then I remembered the threat and what it said about grandpa. I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. I stepped outside quickly before one of the Bladebreakers could ask any questions.

"Grandpa?" I asked when he picked up.

"Hilary? What's wrong?"

"Just checking up on you."

"You read the threat, didn't you?"

"Yeah." I said.

"Don't worry," he assured me, "I have the second best bodyguards with me."

"Okay, be careful." I said.

With that we hung up. I put my phone away and went back inside. They all stared at me and I told them that grandpa is fine. They heaved a sigh of relief. I looked at the clock and saw that it read one in the afternoon. That's when my stomach growled. The guys looked at me and I explained that I haven't eaten since breakfast. Then the other girls' stomachs growled. We all laughed. Ray told us to wait—that he'll make a late lunch. We nodded at him and he went into the kitchen. I followed him. He turned around and looked at me confused. I told him that I want to help with lunch. He gave me an apron and told me what to do. I followed his instructions and soon enough we had lunch ready. Everyone came in and sat down. As soon as they did, Tyson and Daichi began to pig out. The girls and I just stared at them surprised. Ray told us that they're always like this and that nothing will ever change them. I continued to look at them as they continued to pig out and create a mess. Everyone was eating normally, but then and I were getting annoyed. I went up behind Tyson and Daichi; everyone stopped eating and was paying attention to me. The girls looked at me and tried to hide their laughters. They knew what I was going to do. I lifted up my hands and whacked them on the heads.

"Hey?" They said. "What was that for?"

"For eating like pigs and making a mess." I said glaring at them, but it wasn't a serious death-glare, but they shivered. Then the girls busted out laughing.

"What?" Tyson said.

"Just that Hilary likes the food she makes to be enjoyed and not just eaten. Ray," Mariah said, "I'm sure that while making this you saw her add her own stuff, right?" he nodded his head. "That's why. Plus, she's a person who strongly believes in table manners."

"And you two definitely need them." I said taking a seat between Julia and Kai.

"Well sucks for you cause we're going to eat like we always eat." Tyson said mouth full of food.

Now I death glared him and Daichi. They gulped. "If you know what's good for you than you'll both eat like the Homo sapiens that you are. If not then I'll treat you like the animals you want to be and give you animal food. Your choice." I said.

Kai, Ray, Max, Kenny and Hiro stared at me surprised. The girls were trying to stifle their laughters again. Tyson and Daichi straightened their postures and ate like human beings. "Good."

With that we all ate normally. By the time we all finished eating it was almost two in the afternoon. I looked at the girls and nodded. I looked at Hiro and he looked at me.

"Which is the room we'll be staying in?" I asked.

"Follow me." He said. Kai and the others went back to beyblade practice while Hiro led us to our room. He said that the girls and I would be in one room, just like the guys. We nodded our heads. "Well this is your room." With that he turned around and left us.

"Alright." I said. "Let's get changed and head to practice."

We all changed into our training gear. Julia wore a red and blue tank top that reaches two inches below her bust with black shorts. Mariah wore the same but with a pick tank top. Mathilda wore the same but with a purple tank top. Miriam wore the same but with a blue tank top. Emily wore the same but with a tan tank top. I wore the same but with a red and black tank top; the same as Julia. We walked until we saw them in sight. I went up to Hiro.

"Hiro we're going to the front of the dojo to train." I said, the guys had stopped what they were doing and looked at us.


We walked to the front of the dojo and sat on the floor trying to decide who'll be against whom. We decided that I'll battle against Julia, Mathilda against Mariah and Miriam against Emily. We all got up and faced our sparring partner. Then I said go and we began fighting. An hour later and the only ones that were left standing were me and Julia. Then I decided that it would be a tie. Then we heard faint clapping. We turned around and saw the guys and Hiro standing there.

"That was amazing!" Tyson said.

"Now do you believe that we can defend you?"

With that I went to our room to get spare clothing and went to the shower. The rest of the day went by uneventful. When it was time for the girls and me to head to bed I told the guys that they'll be going to our school soon. They all grumbled and I smirked. As soon as I placed my head onto the pillow I fell into a deep slumber.

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