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Harry could not believe his eyes. He couldn't comprehend what had just happened. One minute he was staring at Voldemort, and the next he was staring at a pile of ashes. He had just killed Voldemort, the person who had raised him. Granted, he had abused Harry and made him believe that it was the Potters but he had still raised him, nonetheless.

Turning, Harry looked to the fallen form of his little brother, Damien. Voldemort had struck him with a killing curse that sent the poor boy flying. Standing, he made his way over to his brother, slumping down next to him. He moved his hand towards his brother's neck, trying to find a pulse. He found none. His brother was dead and Harry could do nothing but watch as Voldemort had delivered the final blow. He vaguely heard his parents running towards him as he picked up his brother's body and pulled Damien close to him. He didn't want to believe that his brother was dead, but the fact that he had no pulse and not breathing made the situation all to0 real.

"Harry?" asked his mother as she knelt down next to him "You have to let Damy go, okay? Poppy has to check on him for any injuries."

Harry mumbled a reply but Lily could not hear him. He had his head buried in his brother's hair. She asked him to repeat what he said because she could not understand him. Harry lifted his head and told her what he said.

"He's dead. V-Voldemort hit him with a killing curse. I saw it happen."

As he spoke, tears ran down Harry's face. His mother stared at him, trying to comprehend what he had spoken. When she finally understood what Harry meant, Lily slumped on the ground. Tears were running down her face, just like they were on Harry's. Before Lily said anything, Harry notice that his surroundings were dissolving. People, buildings, and trees disappeared till all that remained was Harry and Damien. Startled, Harry looked around, trying to find what happened. All of a sudden, he felt Damien move. He looked at his brother as Damien opened his eyes and looked at Harry. Before Harry could say anything, Damien started to disappear as well, until Harry was all alone in the dark. He was starting to panic. What happened to his family? What-


Harry sat straight up in the bed, startled by the alarm. Looking around at his surroundings, he realized that he was in his and Ginny's room. He hated that dream-no- nightmare was the right word for it. That night always played back in his mind every year on the exact same day. He looked next to him and saw Ginny lying down on the bed, asleep. The alarm clock hadn't even woken her up.

He heard a noise coming from the kitchen downstairs and he got up from the bed quietly. He pulled out his wand and slowly walked downstairs. He pushed the door to the kitchen opened and peeked inside. At the stove stood his seventeen year old daughter, Isabelle, who seemed to be making breakfast. Harry looked at the clock and realized that his alarm went off earlier than normal. It was only five o'clock in the morning.

"Why are you making breakfast at five in the morning?" asked Harry as he walked over to his daughter.

"Well it happens to be your birthday and I wanted to make you breakfast before I go to my work."

Harry looked at his daughter and still couldn't believe how much they looked alike. Isabelle had long black hair but was not unruly as his was. Her eyes happened to be the same shape, shade, and color as his and his mothers. A bright emerald green color. She was a little shorter than Harry but not by much. Many people who saw them thought that they were twins except that Harry was older than Isabelle.

"You don't have to cook me anything. How's the internship going? I still can't believe that you talked me into letting you work at the Department of Child Services. I will forever regret the day when you decided to work for Albus Dumbledore."

"Be nice. I'm very happy that Isabelle convinced you to let her work there. It's better than the Ministry, like you said." Said Ginny as she walked into the kitchen.

"Sure it is. Working for Dumbledore is much better than working for the Ministry of Magic." Said Harry sarcastically.

"Hey, you were the one who told me to go out and make a difference. This is my choice and you have to live with it." Said Isabelle as she finished with the breakfast and sat the food on the table. "Food's done. I'll get the plates."

Isabelle turned and went to the cabinet. She got out the utensils and plates and sat them on the table. Her parents were already at the table waiting for her to join them. Sitting down, Isabelle turned to her father and grinned.

"Happy Birthday, Dad!" she exclaimed as she threw her arms around Harry.

Chuckling, Harry hugged her back. He still couldn't believe that his daughter was seventeen and still hugged him every morning. She was even more ecstatic today because it was his birthday. Releasing her from the hug, Harry turned to his breakfast and started eating. The family of three talked about anything and everything as they ate breakfast. About an hour later, they had finished breakfast and were just chatting. Isabelle looked at the clock and let out a startled cry. Ginny turned towards her as Isabelle rushed out of her chair and gathered her purse and other items for work.

"I'm late. Sorry but I have to go. Rose asked me to come in early and take over her shift."

Rose Weasley was one of Isabelle's best friends. She was her cousin and the daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley. Isabelle, Rose and Scorpius Malfoy had all been friends since they were kids. At first, Ron had almost had a heart attack when he found out that Ginny and Harry wanted their kids to be friend with Draco and Kathleen Malfoy. Finally he gave in when Hermione convinced him to allow the kids to play together. This soon bloomed into the three friends being inseparable.

"Just call us when you get there. I don't want you stopping until you get there either." Said Harry as he gathered the dishes and put them into the sink.

Isabelle kissed her mother and father on the cheek and raced towards the door. She slung it open and shut it when she got past the threshold. Ginny looked out the window just in time to see her daughter apperate away to work. She turned to Harry to find him staring at the sink full of dishes, a look of sorrow on his face. Ginny walked over to Harry and put her arms around him.

"Did you have the same dream again?"

Harry couldn't find his voice so he just nodded. He never talked about that day twenty years ago. He had not only lost his brother that day but he also lost the person he called 'father' all of his life by his own hands nonetheless. They hadn't told Isabelle about Damien. It was just too painful for Harry to talk about.

"It's always the same. I don't understand why it still comes back. I have come to realize that he will never come back years ago. I guess that I, subconsciously, want him to show up. Anyways, we have to be at my parents' house at noon. Mom cooked us lunch and demanded we not skip this time."

Smiling, Ginny turned to her husband and nodded. Last year, Harry had been working on his birthday and lost track of time. He ended up missing lunch at his parent's house, which made Lily Potter furious.

"Let's get ready. We've got a long day ahead of us."

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