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Isabelle got to work with only two minutes to spare. She thought that was a new record considering that she was late for almost everything including work. As she walked into the building, she went to the time clock and punched in her time. She let out a sigh as she looked around for her boss. She was supposed to be giving her a case file, the first one that she has ever done by herself. Rose was still working with another caseworker but, because her father was one of the people who sponsored the program and seeing that she never gave up on a case, she got one by herself. It usually took people years to work by themselves, but her boss, Luna Carrington, decided that she could handle a case by herself.

Isabelle spotted the petite blond that was her boss taking to a police officer. Isabelle immediately knew something was not right. The cops only showed up here to report to the department of a child that was in the database had been found to being abuse or had passed away. She really hoped that it was the former but then again she hoped it was just a friendly chat. She quickened her pace as she headed over to her boss and the kind looking police officer. This officer was one of the regulars who kept watch within the muggle world for the department. A lot of wizarding children who lived in the muggle world had not contact with the wizarding world's officers. This officer, Officer Johnson, happened to be one of the few muggles who knew about the magical world.

Isabelle quickly walked over to where the two people were talking and caught a bit of their conversation. From the information she heard, there seemed to be a family in the muggle world who may be wizards. The one of the children were thought to have been abused. Isabelle couldn't hear the child's name because her boss saw her standing off to the side.

"I'm really glad you're here, Ms. Potter. There is a case that Officer Johnson himself wishes for you to look at." Said Mrs. Carrington as she handed Isabelle a folder.

The folder was a bit thick but not by much. Isabelle knew it was the family that she overheard her boss and the officer talking about. Opening the folder, she scanned the information while Officer Johnson filled her in on the case.

"The child in question is twelve year old, Matthew Conway. He hasn't been at school for the past two months. This led the teachers to tell the principal, who called the muggle Department of Child Services. I went over to the house to discover that Mr. and Mrs. Conway were not at home but their son, Matthew, was. He told me that they had to work and couldn't be there to greet me. When I asked him about school, he said that he had a really bad case of the flu and had been told not to go to school until it was cured. I immediately knew something was off when he said that. Matthew looked completely healthy when I was talking to him. So I left the house and called my commanding officer and told him what I had found. After that I came straight to you guys. I was hoping that you would take the case, Isabelle. I'm not sure what it is yet but I have an uneasy feeling about that house."

"Sure. I'll take the case." Isabelle turned to her boss and asked "When can I go to the house?"

"As soon as I get the paper work done. I have to end your internship and put you on the employee list before you can go. I wouldn't normally do this but because Officer Johnson asked specifically for you, I have no choice. I would also like it if you take someone with you. You know how some families can be if they are trying to hide in the muggle world."

Isabelle nodded her head as she flipped the pages of the file. She had to contain her excitement. Not only was this her first solo case, it was also her first case as an employee. She wondered who she should take with her. Rose was wanting off today, which is why Isabelle came in early, so that ruled her out. She could as Scorpius. He, she hoped, had nothing planed today. She decided to give him a call and asked him. Thanking the officer and her new employer, she headed to the break room to read more about this Matthew kid. She had to know as much as possible to understand what condition this boy may live in so that she may be prepared. Who knows how this boy was raised.

Isabelle pulled out her cell phone, her grandmother got her, Rose, and Scorpius them for Christmas when they turned 14, and dialed Scorpius' number. After a couple of rings, she heard his voice mail kick in. She left him a message telling him to call her back ASAP and hung up the phone. Turning back to the file, she shuffled through the papers until she found what she wanted, the Conway's address. They lived on the outskirts of London, about 10 minutes down the road. She would have to take a muggle taxi to get there. Her dad didn't want her to get a car or a license for that matter.

She looked at the photo that the officers had taken of the house. It was a two story house covered in red bricks. It had a two car garage with what seemed to be a garden on the side of the garage. A car sat on the outside of the house. It was a German car, Volkswagen to be exact. She looked through the file some more hoping to find a picture of Matthew but couldn't find one. Sighing, she pulled her phone out again and tried Scorpius' number again. This time he answered.

"I really hope you have a good reason for calling me before noon." Came a slightly annoyed voice from the other end of the phone.

"You bet I did. I have my first solo case. Could you come with me?"

"Doesn't solo mean alone. Why are you asking me to go with you anyways? Weren't you the one who told me and Rose that you didn't want anyone to come with you on your first case."

"I did until I found out that this family might be wizards in hiding. Mrs. Carrington told me to bring someone with me. She doesn't want me to get hurt. Another thing, it's Rose and I not me and Rose. I swear your grammar gets worse as the time goes by."

"Hey! Don't get started on the grammar thing again. I'm starting to think that you may be Hermione's daughter instead of Ginny's. When and where do you want me to meet you? I've got nothing better to do."

Isabelle told him to meet her at her work. It was located in a muggle community after all. They didn't want to make people suspicious because they popped out of nowhere. She also told him to meet her in an hour. That would give him time to get ready. That is if he didn't stare at himself again in the mirror like last time. She hung up the phone after they said goodbye and turned back to the file on the table. Closing the folder, Isabelle stood up and headed to Mrs. Carrington's office. She was going to let her know that Scorpius was coming to the office to go with her to the Conway's. Walking into Luna's office she told her boss who was coming with her and that he would be there soon. As soon as she told her boss, she heard her friend yelling her name. Turning, she saw Scorpius heading her way, a bag slung on his shoulder.

"You got here quick. I thought it would have taken you exactly an hour to get here."

"That is what you think. I'm proud to tell you that I was already up when you called me. You don't know a thing about me (1)" Said her friend with a smug look on his face.

"Sure. Tell me then. Why do you still have shampoo in your hair?" questioned Isabelle as she smirked at her friend.

Scorpius stared at her a moment before heading to the bathroom to check if he really did have shampoo in his hair. Grinning, Isabelle turned towards Luna and smiled. Luna grinned at her as well and turned towards her desk, grabbing an ID badge from the desk.

"Here's your ID. You must keep this with you when you get there. I'll give your friend one as well. His just won't have a name on it or a picture. You best get going. I heard that you and your family are going out for dinner for your dad's birthday. Rose told me yesterday."

Isabelle mumbled a curse under her breath as she dug into her pocket to find her phone. She had completely forgotten to call her dad when she got to work. He was probably going to murder her when she got home. Finding the phone at last, she pulled it out and sent a quick text to her dad that she was at work and to not send a swat team to find her. She put the phone up and grabbed the badge from her boss. Heading towards the door, she quickly got Scorpius his badge and walked out the door. Scorpius was waiting outside for her, sulking about her comment earlier.

"Stop sulking. Your hair is fine. Here's a badge. You have to wear it when we go there. That way the Conway's won't question why you are with me."

"Conway? That's the family's last name. They sound American."

"I think they are." Said Isabelle as she flagged down a taxi.

They climbed into the back of the taxi and gave the driver instructions to go to the address that her boss had given her. Along the way, Isabelle filled Scorpius in on what the officer had believed was going on with the family. She told him about the boy Matthew and what the officer had discovered when he went to the house. About thirty minutes later, they arrived at the house. Climbing out of the cab, Isabelle paid the driver and asked if he could come back in three hours. That should give them time to talk with the family and get more information.

"You ready?" asked Isabelle as she turned towards Scorpius.

He nodded and they both headed up the sidewalk to the door. The house looked the same as the picture. Isabelle had a really uneasy feeling as she neared the house. Taking one last look at her friend, she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

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