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Isabelle knocked on the door and quickly put her hand to her side. She did not want the owners of the house thinking she was an idiot or space. Scorpius was at her side, waiting for the owner to answer the door. His posture told her that he was alert for any dangers of any kind. She heard faint shuffling in the house before the door was thrown open. In the doorway stood a fifty odd year old man in a dress bottom-up shirt. He was wearing what seemed to be blue jeans from the muggle world but they were faded. His black hair was neatly cut but some of his bangs fell in front of his brown colored eyes. His eyes reminded her of her grandfather's, James Potter, but they were a much darker color. If he wasn't standing in the light then she would have though his eyes were black. Isabelle put on a pleasant smile and addressed the man standing in front of her.

"How are you doing today sir? My name is Isabelle Potter. I'm from the Department of Child Services and Abuse. I was called here by a police officer who came here when your son, Matthew, was home alone. He wanted us to make sure that he was alright and was safe."

"I'm doing well, thanks for asking" said the man coldly "Why is someone such as you at my house? I don't have any children being abused. I suggest you leave now before I am forced to make you leave."

Next to her, she felt Scorpius tense, as if preparing to launch himself at the man if he made the slightest move towards her. But Isabelle Potter was the last girl in Britain that needed someone else to protect her.

She smiled at Mr Conway.

"Look sir, I don't mean to be rude but a police officer was the one to send me here. If an officer has filed a formal abuse report against you I suggest you shut your mouth and let me in." she cocked up an eyebrow at the surprised looking man.

"What you going to do, if I don't?" Mr Conway threatened.

"Nothing today," Isabelle replied, "but I'll be back, with the Police of course who will make sure your neighbours see them breaking into your home and hauling your handcuffed, red faced, sorry backside to the station, to explain in detail why you didn't let me in to ensure your child's safety and well-being." she smiled sweetly at him before her eyes flashed, "and heaven help you if there is a single scratch on your boy, cause I'll make sure you never see him again."

"Zero tolerance for Child Abuse," Scorpius drawled next to her, "no exceptions."

Mr. Conway looked fit to burst. Red faced, he moved back and barked for Matthew to come downstairs while he turned towards the two friends, gruffly inviting them in.

After the door was closed behind them, Isabelle got a good look at the entrance hallway. It had a small table against a wall that had pictures on it. The different color frames had different pictures in them. Every picture had a different person in it. Before she could get a better look at the pictures, Isabelle heard a noise from the staircase. Turning, Isabelle spotted a young boy who appeared to be the age of thirteen. The boy had sandy blond hair that fell in front of his two color eyes…Wait did she see that right? Isabelle blinked a few times and looked back at the boy. Sure enough, the boy had one ice blue colored eye. The other eye, his left eye, was a deep brown almost a hazel color that seemed very familiar to her. Isabelle immediately knew that this boy was Matthew Conway.

"There! You've seen him!" Mr. Conway growled, "Now get the hell out of my house!"

"With pleasure," Isabelle drawled, picking up that habit from Scorpius, "just as soon as I have a quick chat with Mr. Matthew Conway."

Mr. Conway looked set to argue but his eyes darted to Scorpius before landing back on Isabelle and he turned to march into the adjacent room, slamming the door closed.

Isabelle turned to face the boy, staring at her with the strange two coloured eyes.

"Hi, you must be Matthew. I'm Isabelle Potter and this is my friend and coworker, Scorpius Malfoy. I wanted to know if I could talk to you. I just have a random question first. Are your eye's naturally different colors?"

Matthew blinked at Isabelle while she spoke to him. An unidentified expression crossed his face as she introduces herself and her friend but as quickly as it came it vanished. Matthew smiled at her question before looking around the entrance way. He seemed to making sure that there was no one besides them in the hallway.

"No. My eye color is really blue. I have a hazel contact in. I'm reading a manga that has a character in it that has two different color eyes. I liked it and decided to try it. It's nice to meet you, Miss Potter. I'm Matthew. You can call me Matt if you want to. My friends do anyways. What can I help you with? Do you want to come upstairs to talk? So we don't get in my father's way?" said Matthew as he turned towards the stairs.

Isabelle debated whether it was a good idea before nodding and followed Matthew upstairs. Scorpius followed silently behind wondering if this was a good idea or not.


When Harry got done getting dressed, he headed downstairs. He had to wait for Ginny to get done getting ready before they headed to his parents' house. They still lived in Godrick's Hollow even after the war had ended. The house had so many memories of their youngest son that they didn't want to leave the house. It was just too painful for them to leave the house that held so many good memories but also a few bad memories as well.

A vibrating brought Harry from his thoughts as he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket. He opened the phone to see a text message from his daughter, Isabelle, had sent him a text saying that she was at work. Closing the phone, Harry walked into the living room and pulled out a couple of photo albums that he had kept for years. One of the albums was of his time at Hogwarts, both from his sixth and seventh years. The other two was filled completely of pictures of Damien. His parents had put together the albums for him after his brother had died. They had pictures from his birth until his last pictures taken at Hogwarts. Harry had promised his mum he would bring the albums with him today to the party.

"Are you ready?" asked Ginny as she walked down the stairs as she fixed her earrings.

"Yeah. Let's get this party over with." Said Harry as he walked over to the fire place.

Harry waited until Ginny was over at the fireplace to pick some floo powder from the ceramic bowl. He and Ginny stepped into the fire place and Harry throw the floo powder to the ground.

"Godrick's Hollow."

With that said, Harry and Ginny were covered in a green fire. Both disappeared into the fire holding hands. In Harry's other arm was the leather bound albums with cherished photos that he hoped he would never lose.

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