Chapter OneTime to test out the babies

The Double Tap

They died once and managed to live, so you might as well make sure they stay dead this time.


A somewhat sinister smirk was located on her face as she watched the ghoul's blood splatter across the wall and its body now lay motionless on the floor. She has finally cleared out the police department of lifeless beings, and could now restock her weaponry. *CLICK*

"Guess I won't be double tappin' you." Her slick voice rang out as she walked towards the body, standing over the creature's chest. She lifted her leg backwards and with all the force she could muster, she kicked the delicate head off the dead body. Her smirk grew as she sent the head flying into the wall, landing on the ground with a SPLAT. "Though it's fine as long as you have no head…"

The blonde then made her way to the back of the small town police station, kicking the locked door open with her combat boots. She entered the small armoury and sighed – there was hardly anything left.

"Let's see, a Para-Ordnance P-14 and a Desert Eagle Mark XIX…nice." She said while placing each gun in a holster located on her thighs. Collecting the correct ammunition for the guns, she walked to the back of the room. Her hazel eyes widened and glistened as she spotted her babies. "Holy guacamole cheese Batman! Dual 12-Guage sawed-off Double Barrelled Shotguns! I've died and gone to heaven… damn I'll look sexy carrying around these beauties." What can she say? They were her favourite choice of guns – she almost cried when she had to throw away her last one a couple of towns back. Plopping them in some holsters and grabbing some ammunition, she then made her way out of the now empty armoury and towards the front door.

Before heading out she turned into the small kitchen. Opening the fridge she grabbed out 'Normans' energy drink, ripped off the nametag and took a large gulp. She then walked to the cutlery drawers and pulled them open, looking for anything large and sharp. She found several large kitchen knives and put two in knife sheaths on her hips and twirled one around her fingers.

Turning around, she exited the kitchen and opened the front door of the police station. She only spotted one zombie as she made her way onto the street – the town was small and the police station was near the exit of said town. Still twirling around the knife, she approached the ghoul. Once close enough she took aim and flung the knife towards its frail head. The knife swished through the air and landed in the eye socket of the zombie; successfully damaging the brain. The moans stopped and the street became quiet once more – much to Lucy's dismay.

She wanted to try her new weapons out, and the lack of ghouls was making it rather hard. She needed to gather all the undead into one place and go ape shit on them – and she had the perfect plan that would allow her to do just that. Walking up to the current car she was using – some kind of minivan – she grabbed her phone, portable speakers and baseball bat.

She needed to remember to find a new form of transport later, her current one was big, loud and extremely ugly – plus it kind of made her look like a pedo-bear, it simply wouldn't do. Hopping onto the hood of the car, she then made her way onto the roof. Plugging in her speakers, she clicked on her 'Zombie Killing :D' playlist and looked through the songs. Finding one she was in the mood for, she clicked it and placed her baseball bat down before pulling out her shotguns and getting ready.


The music started to play out through the speakers, turned up to the loudest it could get. She could hear the moans of the approaching ghouls and the evil glint in her eyes brightened.

'You don't know me, baby, but I've seen you around. It might be kind of crazy, but I'm just new in town. And now I wonder what you'd think if I said; Hey look, I'd like to get your number and a link to your Facebook. Now if I tell you what a nice guy's supposed to, would that compel you not to scream when I approach you? You'll have to promise me you'll take this news calmly, but honestly, I'm sort of a zombie.'

She swayed her hips and tapped her foot to the beat as she waited for the zombies to become within shooting range. A zombie was finally close enough; it was an old lady, she had blood splattered all over her and a missing arm. She shot her straight through the head, and moved onto the next one.

'I knew you'd be surprised. You can bet that I may not be alive, but I sure as hell ain't dead inside. What's with the Shotty? I ain't wishing you harm. You see, I'd try to hold your hand but I'm missing an arm. Brains are all I've eaten all week it's true, but if my heart was still beating, it would beat for you. So let me take you to Wendy's. You deserve it. Yeah, I'm a zombie, baby. Ain't nobody perfect.'

So far all the zombies never came close enough for her to become worried about being bitten, but a lot were approaching. *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *CLICK* She quickly reloaded her guns, sadly giving some zombies a chance to get closer. Her combat boots strongly gripped the top of the minivan, so that she wouldn't fall from the continuous firing of bullets.

'I'll chase you through the yard and all through the house, into the dark. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. I've never been so true, but if my heart was still beating, it would beat for you. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains.'

One of her shotguns jammed, so she quickly threw it down on the roof and grabbed one of her handguns. She never stopped shooting, and the sounds of firing and bodies dropping to the floor never ceased. But even over all that noise she could still hear the faint sound of an engine. Reloading her guns, she focused on the fight in front of her, instead of the approaching humans – seeing as zombies can't drive cars.

'Baby, sometimes I bite, and you can bet that I've got an appetite for human flesh. I'll always be near though. You'll just have to accept that, when I nibble on your earlobe you might get infected. 'Cause I fell in love with you, and I'm undead, but you make me feel alive. And when I chase you through the graveyard, it feels like foreplay.'

She let out a frustrated sigh as she ran out of shotgun bullets, she knew she should have brought a bigger bag into the police station – she would have more fucking room for bullets that way. Some zombies were now close enough to do her damage; that is if they managed to get onto the roof with her. The three ghouls on her right slammed into the minivan, the shaking causing her to almost fall. Luckily she saved herself, though she managed to drop her handgun in the process.

'If I'm lying I'm dying, and I speak truly when I say I love your mind. I'll take brains over beauty. We'll be the undead Dagwood and Blondie, when I teach you how to zombie, teach you, teach you how to zombie. And everybody will love you, and you can sing along to the post-apocalyptic, post-mortem love song. So give me a chance, girl. You know I'll be worth it. Yeah, I'm a zombie, baby. Ain't nobody perfect.'

She let out a frustrated sigh once more. She hated using one gun; it put her off her game when one of her hands weren't doing anything. She picked up her final gun and shot the bastards that made her drop her last one.

She was suddenly grabbed by the ankle and dragged down, her gun went skidding towards the other side of the van and a mouth slowly approached her ankle. Grabbing the baseball bat beside her, she turned around and aimlessly swung at the undead latched onto her. The bat made contact with the zombies head and the body soon fell to the floor, releasing her ankle.

'I'll chase you through the yard and all through the house, into the dark. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. I've never been so true, but if my heart were still beating, it would beat for you. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains.'

She was now on her knees, swinging her bat at the remaining zombies surrounding the van. She loved the feeling of the bat connecting with the ghouls head, sending it flying. "And that's a home run!"

'Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains.'

She picked up her discarded handgun and shot the last two lifeless beings in the head. The sounds of an engine were louder now, but she just couldn't bring herself to give a damn. She picked up 'Normans' or was it 'Bobbies' energy drink and sculled the rest – throwing the empty bottle on the ground. She placed her guns back into her holsters and picked up her baseball bat. After taking a few swings and imagining a crowed going wild for her, she slung the bat over her shoulder and waited for the approaching humans. Not even caring that she was covered in blood, guts and sweat nor that thirty or so bodies were surrounding her.

'I'll chase you through the yard and all through the house, into the dark. I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains. I've never been so true, but if my heart were still beating, it would beat for you.'

"I wanna steal your heart and eat your brains." She sang the last line. She realised she was hearing more than one engine when the music slowly died down. She never turned around to face the approaching vehicles, her eyes were set on a cloud the shape of a lion, waiting to see if the humans would notice her and stop.


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