CHAPTER THREE – Reunion and Food

Eat the food, don't be the food

You never know when you'll get to eat or if it'll be your last meal. So take some time out of your busy schedule of beating the crap out of zombies, and enjoy a nice meal.


"Oi! Who are you?" Gray demanded, his hand still hovering over his gun. "You know you should introduce yourself before asking strangers their name. Learn some manners…" A sweet voice rang out. Loke's eyes widened; he knew that voice.

"Lucy..?" Loke questioned before Gray had the chance to retort. Said girl quickly turned around with a shocked look on her face, she hopped off the van and approached him. A smile made its way to both of their faces; happy to find out someone they cared dearly for was unharmed.

Her bright smile quickly turned into a frown as she approached, she quickly pulled out her gun and aimed at Loke. Natsu and Gray instantly pulled out there's and were about to threaten her but a bullet had already shot out.

The bullet whizzed past Loke and implanted itself into a struggling zombie. "Sorry about that, didn't have enough time to check if they were all dead…" Lucy mumbled while scratching the back of her head. All the boys let out a heavy sigh; they were scared shitless for a second there.

Loke moved toward the girl and pulled her into a fierce hug. "I'm so glad your okay; I've missed you so much." Loke said while tightening his grip on her. "Same here Leo…" Lucy replied brightly, instantly returning the hug. She released him from the hug and turned towards the others with a raised eyebrow, the look on her face clearly saying 'Who are you?'

"I'm Natsu! And the stripper is, Gray." Natsu informed the girl, pointing to the suddenly shirtless Gray when introducing him. "Nice to meet you, I'm Lucy. You know, you shouldn't be walking around shirtless during a Zombie Apocalypse…" The girl replied with a bright smile. Gray raised an eyebrow at her before looking down at his own body and letting out a small shriek.

Loke placed a hand on the blondes shoulder, grabbing her attention. She turned around to face him and was suddenly slapped across the face. Natsu and Gray were shocked; never in their life would they think that Loke would hurt a girl. "JUST WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU FUCKING THINKING? ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE BY DRAWING ALL THOSE ZOMBIES TO YOU? YOU COULD'VE BEEN KILLED! YOU STUPID GIRL!" Loke bellowed at the blonde and all she did was stand there and take it.

"You could've died…" Loke whispered with teary eyes as he thought about what it would be like losing someone so precious to him. Lucy reached her hand out and stroked his cheek before pulling him into a comforting hug. "Shh, it's okay. I'm here, I wasn't killed and everything will be alright." She comforted the distressed teen until she knew he would be fine.

The two other boys watched the pair with longing in their eyes. Wondering if they'd ever be reunited with their loved ones again. Lucy separated from the orange-haired boy, giving him a bright smile. "Sorry about that, I shouldn't have been so stupid." She apologised to all males before turning around to check all the undead were indeed dead and to collect her fallen gun.

"I like her, that Luigi seems pretty cool." Natsu said with a grin before following after the blonde. Before he was out of earshot he heard a faint, "Her names Lucy, not Luigi…" from Loke.

"So what now?" Gray asked, bringing Loke out of his distant state. "I guess we just continue what we've been doing. Though now we'll have another member travelling with us." Loke answered before walking off to find the other two. "Right…" Gray mumbled, following after Loke – now fully clothed.

After picking up her discarded gun, Lucy walked around to check the bodies. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around to become face to face with the pink haired boy. Natsu, wasn't it? "So Luce, you're gonna be travelling with us from now on right?" Natsu asked cheerfully, kicking a dead body as he passed it. "Yeah I guess… Fuck~ I'm hungry!" Lucy replied absentmindedly as her stomach grumbled.

"I know how you feel, Gray's been starving me. We should get some grub…" Natsu mentioned while looking around at the surrounding shops. "Yeah, that's cool. But first I need to get some more ammo, I ran out during my kill fest. I'm gonna need a bigger bag though, 'cause mine doesn't carry shit…" She said with a sigh, heading back to the van to retrieve her stuff.

"I've got a spare duffle I picked up from the last town, you can use it…" Natsu said while continuously following her. She gives him a smile and a nod before turning around and opening the sliding door of the van. She grabbed out a backpack with her jacket and other essential items in it. Reaching up to the roof of the car, she grabbed her other small back pack, iPhone and speakers. Shoving them all in one bag she turned around to all three boys.

Natsu tossed her the duffle bag with a smirk. "Ammo then food?" He asks, confirming the plan. "That is indeed the plan." She replies; looking towards the other two to make sure it was cool with them, which it was. "Well then shall we go, fair lady?" Natsu bows and gestures towards the police station. "We shall, kind sir." Lucy replies in a posh voice before heading towards the chosen direction. She heard a mumbled, "When did they become all buddy-buddy?" from Loke and a "No clue…" from Gray, causing her to chuckle. She skipped towards the door and kicked it open – she was in such a good mood after killing all those zombies and meeting up with the three boys.

Leading the way, they ended up in the police armoury. The place was still basically empty – sadly no magical force restocked the place while she was on a killing spree. Lucy walked towards the back, unzipped the duffle bag and shoved the remaining bullets in. She then walked over to the place she found her handguns and grabbed the rest of their required bullets. She heard an, "Oooh~! Look at this gun, my favourite!" from Natsu and turned around to see him holding a Brügger & Thomet MP9.

Lucy scoffed, "Really, a machine gun? The best type of gun is a Shotty…" Natsu turned around with a face that clearly said 'Are you stupid?'. "You've got to be kidding me! Nothing beats a machine gun and their awesome firepower!" Natsu boasted while holding the gun like it was a trophy. "You are an idiot. They get jammed loads and have hardly any control! The shotgun is the ultimate gun!" Lucy said while pulling out her two shotguns and showing them off. "Am I right?" She questioned the other two as she turned to them.

"She's right droopy eyes, shotguns are better." Gray replied, there was no way he would side with Natsu, plus he did really agree with her – though handguns are the ultimate choice; easy to use and quick to access. "Don't drag me into this; they are just weapons either way you look at it…" Loke said while looking around the room for any forgotten weapon, he would not join this petty fight. "Hah! I win!" Lucy cheered while placing her shotguns back into their holsters.

"Whatever, let's just agree to disagree." Natsu mumbled while shooting a glare at Gray and socketing his new weapon. "Well it looks like there aren't any weapons left, so how about we go find some food and come up with a plan." Loke said after doing a double check of the room. "Sure, I think I saw a diner on the way in from town…" Lucy replied while heading out of the police station and towards the direction the diner was in.

"Hold up, Blondie. We need to bring our bikes and stuff with us. Not everyone is prepared as you." Gray called to Lucy while heading towards his ice blue motorcycle. "Don't call me Blondie, stupid perverted stripper. My names Lucy, so use it." She replied while heading over to the other two. Natsu hopped on his fire red bike, turning towards the others. Loke followed lead and sat sideways on his golden motorbike, facing Lucy. "I don't really care, I'll call you whatever. It's not like we're friends, and you just called me something that's obviously not my name, so don't give me attitude." Gray said to Lucy with a smirk, he got her there.

"Oh! Your names not perverted stripper? Could've fooled me with all the stripping you've been doing." Lucy retorted while pointing to his now bare chest. Natsu let out a cackle, Loke chuckled under his breath and Gray blushed lightly with embarrassment while he searched for his shirt.

"Anyway, get on Princess. Where's the diner?" Loke questioned while turning around on his bike and starting it up. "Down the street and to the left. It's bright green, so it's kinda hard to miss." Lucy replied while hopping behind Loke and wrapping her arms around his waist. "Let's go! I'm HUNGRY~!" Natsu yelled while heading towards the diner, Loke and a now clothed Gray following after him.

They arrived in front of a bright green diner. "Wow…" Gray mumbled while stopping his bike and hopping off. They building was a loud green colour, with white coloured windows and random black swirls, stripes and skulls decorating the front. "How awesome is this diner! It's so random, and it's actually called 'A Little Random Diner'!" Lucy exclaimed while jumping off the bike, grabbing her bags and running into the small diner.

"Heh, she's a little different but you get use to it." Loke said to the two males, one with a brow raised and the other with a massive grin on his face. "Yeah, she's weird." Natsu managed to get out as he ran after the girl, his bags slung over his shoulder. "Great, now I have to deal with two children…" Gray sighed, ignoring the glare from Loke. The two picked up their stuff and walked inside.

The inside walls of the diner were similar to the outside, the floors were a typical diner style – checkered black and white – and the tables and chairs scattered around the diner were each a different colour of the rainbow. At the back were two doors – both coloured red – with either a male or female sign. Behind the grey coloured counter was a red swinging door that led to the kitchen.

"This would have been such an awesome place to eat, but a zombie apocalypse just had to go ahead and happen. Well, I guess we'll be cooking our own food, I'll make the hot chips." Lucy said to the boys after looking around. "I'll make the drinks then, nice and easy." Loke mentioned while going through the kitchen doors, the others following behind him.

"I wonder if there's some alcohol… Oh, there's only Bailey's and Kahlua, I'd like a Bailey's milkshake!" Lucy exclaimed while picking up the bottle and shoving it into his arms. "Alcohol? Do you really think that's wise..?" Loke asked cautiously, receiving a shrug from the blonde.

"I'll have the same, and I guess I'll work on some kinda meat for us to eat…" Natsu said while heading over to the freezer and looking for some meat; he ended up pulling out four steaks. "I guess I'll have a Bailey's milkshake as well, and for a job… I'll just sit here and look pretty." Gray smirked.

"Well then you've already failed at that job, you can make a small salad for us." Lucy instructed Gray as she started washing and peeling the potatoes. Soon the four of them were busying themselves with cooking and discussing random topics, such as; Gray's abnormal stripping habit, how Loke is fairing without his entourage of fan girls, why Natsu's hair is naturally pink, and how Lucy ended up with such massive tits when she acted like a five-year-old.

This is how they were found when their conversation ended. Loke was set up on the floor sobbing about his fan girls; Gray was also on the floor but was covered in bruises, lumps and cuts; and Natsu and Lucy were glaring down at the black-haired boy with a menacing aura. Their food forgotten and slowly burning.

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