Babylon 5/Star Wars space combat... a little something I've wanted to do.

EarthForce, the ISA and the Rebellion go head to head with the Empire and their treacherous new allies, the Shadows loyal assistants, the Drakh and co...

Outskirts of the Ilum system, Galactic Day 329

The ship rocked. Circuits blew and sparks flew. The secret smuggling compartments lost their lids as turbolaser blast after turbolaser blast hit the shields. One such lid flew into the main living area and landed on R2-D2 who screamed. Everyone was having a hard time holding on. Han Solo and Chewie fought to keep the Falcon under control. Luke was desperatly manning one of the gun turrets, but he was barely scratching that Star Destroyer. As another blast hit the ship, Leia called out

"Is the hyperdrive ready yet?" Han threw back his head and shouted "NO! Just two more minutes, OK?"

"We don't have two minutes!" R2 screamed again. C-3PO was babbling about how they were all going to die horrible deaths if the Empire captured them. Chewbacca roared at Solo. "All right Chewie, I got it," he turned again, "30 seconds!" he called, "Then we're outta here!.

Meanwhile Luke was fighting off TIE fighters in the dorsal turret. One fighter came from dead ahead, but it didn't stand a chance. Luke aimed and fired at its control module. Two lasers smashed into the TIE and it exploded in an orange fireball. As the desbris cleared, however, a blue vortex appeared. Lightning like flashes surrounded it. Luke's expression turned to horror.

"Han!" he shouted, "Turn away from that blue thing!" Immediatly, Han and Chewie started flicking buttons and pulling levers to try and get away from the blue vortex. But it was all in vain.

"It's pulling us in!" cried Han. The Falcon twisted and turned, hut nothing could stop it from tumbling into the blue abyss. The Star Destroyer and its accompanying fighters all hit reverse thrust and turned away, but a few TIE's were pulled in aswell. All the ships pulled in found themselves in a strange red region with dark black clouds and flashes of lightning. The Rebel troupe stared through the cockpit windows at this phenomenon in absolute amazement. It was beautiful, yet horrible at the same time. Even the TIE pilots couldn't believe their eyes.

Just then, R2 beebed and booped. C-3PO readily translated.

"R2 says that he detects a beacon in a different part of space. He believes he can get us to it and use it to get us out of here, if you would allow him to interface with the ship." Solo looked at the droids, face stressed.

"Alright. May aswell be were that beacon is than here." Within seconds, R2 had connected with the Falcon's computer core and 'opened' the beacon's code. However, that created another vortex. The entire troupe screamed as the vortex's strong gravitational forces pulled them in. They were once again, followed...

Babylon 5, August 3rd, 2268

Captain Elisabeth Lochley guided in another Achilles type freighter. There hadn't been much action since the Excalibur had departed in search of a cure to the plague at Earth. Just a few hiccups here and there. She stood at the main console, legs crossed, rolling her head out of boredom. A shrill beeping tone sounded from across C'n'C at Lt. Corwin's station.

"Jumpgate activated. There's a vessel coming through. NO, make that 12 vessels coming through. Most of them appear to be fighters. Captain, I'm detecting weapons fire!"

Lochley perked up at that. "Are they firing at us?" she shot. Corwin shook his head. "No Sir. They appear to firing at the first vessel that came through. None of those ships have known power signatures. They appear to be of races we haven't encountered before." Another beep sounded. "They are hailing us, priority one." Lochley nodded her head, "Let it through." A man's voice came over the speakers.

"Attention unknown space station. We are under attack by Imperial fighters and are requesting immediate assistance! We have lost weapons and engines are failing! Please respond!" The man was surprisingly speaking English. Lochley turned to Corwin. "What's the design of that ship Lieutenant?"

"Its got a lot of space inside. It appears to be a lightly armed freighter." Lochley turned back to the firefight. She had an obligation to protect any vessel requesting help. She straightened up and started giving orders.

"Scramble Zeta Squadron and order them to protect that freighter. Then tell the freighter that help is on the way."

Alarms yelled as the pilots for Zeta Squad rushed into the hanger bay and jumped into their Thunderbolts. The bay doors opened and, one-by-one, the two-seater 'Fury's zoomed out to the ship's aid.

"Attention Imperial fighters," said Lochley, "You are violating neutral space by firing weapons. Leave at once, or our fighters will engage." As the Thunderbolts surrounded the strange circular vessel, the hostile fighters closed in and fired on Zeta 3. Green bolts ripped through the aerofoils of the ship, but surprising little critical damage was done, although the pilot would have to be careful when banking. Zeta squad immediately engaged the Imperials, and soon gained the upper hand. Their superior maneuverability meant the enemy fighters couldn't keep on their sixes. In no time at all, the hostiles were eliminated.

"Thank you station. Much appreciated. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here right now. Permission to come aboard for repairs?" Lochley wasn't sure at this point. No First Contact protocol had been carried out. No official one anyway.

"Permission granted... what is your ships name?"

"The Millenium Falcon at your service." said the man.

Lochley smiled. "Permission Granted Millenium Falcon. Welcome to Babylon 5!"

Hope you like this first chapter ppls!