Hi guys.

Lone Warrior News

I have to admit, I have not progressed with this story much further. Unfortunately, my interests in HTTYD have waned considerably, but I am still hoping to continue this story. To show you I still care about you, I am putting together a sneak-peek at one of the idea's for a later chapter, though it is still far from being implemented into the story yet.

The upcoming 'proper' chapter will also be the last to implement the 1st person narrative format. I believe it is the main cause for my inability to continue this story.

Physical Impossibilities News

Ah yes, my CHERUB fanfic. Guess what? Lost interest. This is the story of my fucking life guys...

Sisterly Bonds News

The next chapter is coming along slowly. I've been watching the hell out of Evangelion. Don't worry, tonight is the last one I'll be watching for a while, at least until the english dub for Evangelion 3.0 comes out. But not even NGE can stop my love of TANKS!

SpinnyTrek News

Ehhhhh, there is none. Lost Interest... again.

The Time of Sorrow News

Recently been watching a bit of B5, so I might begin putting this one together again.