Harry Potter / Sekirei Cross-over. Harry, forced into exile to save his heritage from thieves, begins traveling the world. While in Japan, Harry happens upon an intimidating woman dressed in black, and gets thrown into a plot he never saw coming.


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Some back story on a few of the Sekirei has been changed, just cause I wanted to use the characters and needed them to come from a different place. If it bothers you, tough.

Chapter First Published: 2013-01-05

Chapter Last Update: 2013-01-05

Chapter 11– Intimidation Failure

Harry's plans for the next morning were promptly shot to hell. He was outside and deep in magical theory discussion with Akitsu, Homura, and Tsukiumi about their elemental powers when Miya suddenly came outside.

"Harry, why do I keep hearing chimes in my ear?"

Harry's eyes widened. "Get everyone inside! Now! The wards are activating. Someone is coming and the wards recognized that they mean us harm. Get Uzume, Chiho, Matsu, Akitsu, Kusano, and Toyotama under cover for now, let the rest of us deal with them. Those people can't be seen."

Uzume, Chiho, Toyotama, Akitsu, and Kusano were safely hidden within Matsu's safe-room within a minute. The rest of the house emptied and mock-played at lounging around the yard at strategic positions. Homura was in her guise as Kagari and casually leaned next to the front door while she smoked a cigarette with Harry next to her. Musubi and Shi pretended to tend the garden. Yukari and Shiina kicked a football around. Lastly, Minato, Tsukiumi, and Miya were just inside the inn's door as they waited to see who was about to show up.

They didn't have to wait for long. A white convertible pulled up with two men in suits and a woman inside. The driver was new to Harry, a man with dark hair and wearing a dark suit with sunglasses. The other man, who rode shotgun and allowed his hair to be tousled by the wind of the open roof, was their old friend Higa.

Finally, in the back see was Kochou, Sekirei Number 22. Harry easily recognized her as the Sekirei in the office with Higa that provided advisory assistance when Uzume visited to gain access to the assassination list. She was also apparently the mole in Higa's organization who Taki had been in contact with, as they both attempted to find ways for both Higa's and Mikogami's Sekirei to leave their unwanted Ashikabi.

Harry leaned over and whispered to Homura, "Dude in the passenger seat is Higa and the Sekirei in back is Kochou, the one who's been in contact with Taki. I have no clue who the other guy is."

Homura nodded, looked contemplative for a few moments, and then narrowed her eyes briefly, "This just got a whole lot more interesting, didn't it?" she asked.

A grunt was Harry's response. "Keep your eyes open, he's either here because he knows about Uzume and Chiho, or he's after that list. Worse comes to worse, play up MBI storming the Inn looking for suspicious information yesterday or something."

"Sounds like a plan."

"I agree as well," said Miya quietly while hidden through the open window to their right.

The car turned off, and the driver got out and opened the door first for Higa, then the Sekirei in the back. Higa had an arrogant walk to him. The walk of someone who was used to getting his or her way without a care in the world about whom they trampled underfoot in the process. Kochou again looked quite downtrodden just as she did a few days earlier, but Harry could see a bit more defiance in her that wasn't there when Uzume and him saw her in Higa's office.

The intruders walked through the gate and up the path as if they owned the place. Harry was quite proud of everyone visible from his perspective. He could tell with just a glance around that their eyes seethed internally, but unless someone knew what to look for, a casual observer would have no clue just how dire a situation they had just walked into.

Higa stopped a few meters in front of Harry and Homura. He clearly gave them a look that meant he viewed them as the local hired help and expected to be let into the inn. Harry chose to ignore them, and see what sort of reaction he got.

"Can I bum another cigarette off ya?" Harry asked Homura casually and loudly enough so Higa could hear.

While Homura pulled out her pack of cigarettes and lightly tapped one end, Harry conjured himself a lighter within the hand hidden behind his back. Harry hadn't smoked more than two or three cigarettes or cigars probably in his whole life, but he was just dying for an excuse to annoy Higa, and this was an opportunity that he couldn't pass up for the life of him. He could even imagine Padfoot standing off to the side as he rubbed his hands gleefully at what was obviously about to occur.

Harry watched out of the corner of the eye as Higa's face contorted as he tried to suppress the anger at not being paid attention to. The prop was delivered by Homura, and Harry lit up. He took a slow pull on the cigarette, and easily suppressed the urge to cough the noxious fumes. He turned his head suddenly, as he pretended to finally notice Higa's presence, and blew the smoke right into Higa's slowly angering face.

"Was there something you wanted?" Harry said as he looked away, not even bothering to keep his eyes on Higa. He glanced purposefully at the corner of the yard where none of the girls were standing. Higa and his minion followed his gaze, but Kochou didn't. He caught her eye, and noticed she now stared at him with wide-open eyes. A casual graze against her mind with his Legilimency told him all he needed to know. She knew who he was, and was doing all she could to hold in her excitement. A quick smirk and a wink brought a blush to her face. He nodded just slightly, and saw the gesture returned.

They had their ally within Higa's ranks.

"Yes, I'm a friend of a resident here. I came by to pick up something she was holding for me," said Higa in a sugary sweet voice as he turned back to face Harry. The tone of his statement would have been more appropriate out of the mouth of a used car salesman then this supposed powerful and upstanding businessman.

Homura spoke for the first time since Higa had walked up. "What resident would that be? There are quite a few people who live here." She spoke in a slow bored voice, and then took another draw off of her own cigarette.

"A former employee of mine, named Uzume," said Higa, who was obviously intelligent because he visibly began to show signs of realizing more was going on than initially appeared. "She has some documentation I loaned her for research purposes. I wish it returned."

"Uzume left yesterday, very suddenly. It was very odd," said Harry while he spoke in a mock-confused manner. "These guys with suits and sunglasses showed up afterwards and took all the belongings she had in her room. I swear they were perverts. They even took the cosplay outfits she had. No idea what they wanted with them though. If she had something here that belonged to you, those guys have it now."

Higa gave Harry a cold, calculated look. It lasted almost ten seconds, and it inwardly amused Harry greatly. If this guy thought for one moment he could stare someone down in a more effective manner than Snape he was delusional.

"I would still like to confirm it myself," said Higa without any more false pretense of kindness in his voice.

"Well, I doubt the landlady just lets in random guys in cheap suits off the streets to look into rooms. I think someone already moved into Uzume's room, in fact," Harry spoke, giving his bullshit conjurer free reign. He knew Miya was right behind the door and would corroborate anything he said. "I think that new girl Daphne moved into that room. I could be wrong though, I was never good with names."

Higa was obviously fed up with the pleasantries. He reached for the door handle and said, "I believe I wi-" but he was cut as Homura gripped his arm in a grip of steel.

"I believe we said that Uzume is gone. There's no reason for you to stay here," said Homura quite coldly.

The door opened at that point and Miya stepped outside. She had her mask of full-cheerfulness on. A casual observer would have no idea that this woman had destroyed armies and had the blood of thousands directly upon her hands.

Harry almost lost it though when Kochou saw Miya. Her eyes bugged out of her head and she took an three involuntary steps backward. There was no question in Harry's mind that Kochou knew exactly who Miya was. At the sight of Miya, the poor girl's emotions went from carefully controlled excitement at seeing Harry to almost full-blown panic and terror at the appearance of Miya. Luckily neither Higa nor his 'Yes-Man' saw the reaction. They were thoroughly distracted as they favored Miya with equally unimpressed looks.

"And who are our guests, Kagari?" asked Miya as she slipped into her role of landlady with ease and referred to Homura with her cover-name.

"This gentleman wants to search Uzume's old room for something that's his. We told him she moved out. Fled is more like it. Told him there's already someone new in the room, but he didn't seem to care."

"What exactly were you looking for in her room? Those gentlemen who barged in here yesterday were quite rude as they took everything in the room. I'm surprised they didn't take the bed, instead they simply tore it apart as if they were looking for something. They didn't even pay for her last month's rent. Is that what you're here for? To settle her outstanding debt?" said Miya as she deftly lied through her teeth with her signature smile still plastered on her face.

Harry realized that the landlady act was truly that; an act. He wondered if he had ever really seen the real Miya. She had said kind and profound things in private to Harry on occasion. He had also seen her rage slip through and he had seen quiet and tired. Which truly was the real Miya?

Higa was about to respond, probably with something quite rude if the sneer that was slowly spread across his face was prophetic, when he was interrupted before he could begin.

The clip-clap sound of high-heels on the sidewalk drew all of their attention. The woman didn't walk, but sauntered up the path from the gate. She walked casually, as if there wasn't a care in the world that concerned her. She had a very low cut purple dress on that once again, seemed to hug massive curves and accentuated quite literally the largest chest he had ever seen. She had black hair going down her back, and a quiet aloofness and flirtiness that reminded Harry vaguely of haughty movie actresses from old-time 1950's movies.

'No contest. This has to be another Sekirei," said Harry, inwardly incredulous at the bust-line of the female that approached the group.

Higa and his servant were nonplussed at the interruption, but Kochou's eyes were wide again. Whoever this girl was, she was obviously well-known within Sekirei circles.

"Hey Miya, I'm out of Sake, mind if borrow a bottle or two?" asked the woman as she brushed past Higa and ignored him completely. Harry had to bite back a chuckle at the look of irritation as she bumped his shoulder. It looked intentional, but she ignored him so perfectly afterwards that Harry thought she could definitely give lessons in casual indifference.

"Kazehana, what have I told you about drinking this early in the morning?" said Miya

'Oh snap!' thought Harry with no attempt to suppress the movement of his own eyes as they widened.

Kazehana, Number 3. The only member of the original Discipline Squad and the only single Number he had yet to have contact with or meet. She was the one who fell in love with MBI's crazy bastard of a CEO, Minaka. She was rejected by him, and according to Karasuba, 'She crawled into a bottle cause of it and hasn't come out since.'

Unfortunately, Harry realized he wasn't the only one who recognized the name. The two witless wonders in front of him also realized who she was, and more importantly, that Kazehana was unwinged. The greed that suddenly manifested in Higa's eyes spurred Harry into action. Two waves of his hand, and both Higa and his butt-buddy were petrified.

"Excuse me, Kazehana? Please step away from the two Ashikabi you are next to who are known to forcibly wing Sekirei," Harry said to her softly.

Her eyes widened, and then suddenly narrowed. A completely malevolent look replaced the carefree attitude she had just moments before. A sudden clearing of a throat from Harry brought her back to her senses and she moved to stand behind Miya.

"Ok, screw keeping up pretenses." Harry turned back to Higa, looking the spoiled rich boy right in the eye. "Do you have any clue how badly you've fucked up by coming here, little man?"

Harry was well aware that Higa couldn't respond to him, but he had rapidly lost patience with the situation. "First you drive my very good friend Uzume away. Then you come here and act like you have some god-given right to push us around. We'll just ignore the fact you just started looking at Kazehana like some piece of meat that could serve you."

The rest of the Sekirei in the yard had by now closed in on the group at the door. Shi had removed her daggers from her sheaths. Musubi was absent-mindedly popping her knuckles after having put on her fighting gloves. Tsukiumi hadn't said a word as she had emerged from the house with Miya, she just stared down Higa with a thin stream of water casually flowing in a figure eight-like pattern just off the surface of her right hand. Shiina and Yukari, now prowled the group in circles back and forth as they looked… they just looked evil doing so in Harry's opinion. Harry made a mental note after a double-take at Yukari's visage never to willfully cross her.

And all of them, collectively ignored Kochou. Harry, figured this might be an excellent opportunity, so he glanced at Miya and indicated she should take over. She nodded, and smiled a truly sadistic grin that wouldn't be out of place on serial killers. The black demonic presence bloomed into full power, and all of their allied Sekirei did their best not to flee and instead focused on Higa.

Harry on the other hand, had quietly made his way over to Kochou. He winked again as he approached, giving the silver-grey haired woman a small smile. She gave the distinct impression of being a book-worm, with her glasses and somewhat conservative outfit that still somehow managed to emphasize every curve she had.

When he reached her, he spoke softly without preamble, "Taki made contact with us yesterday. I assume you're aware?"

She nodded, but did not say anything. She kept her eyes on Higa as Miya whispered words in his ear that were inaudible from this distance. Whatever it was, it was working, because Harry now was given his second and third proofs that people can still lose control of their bowels while petrified. 'That's going to do nothing for the interior of that nice little convertible,' thought Harry.

Harry decided at the minimum he should quickly provide a bit of a safety net for Kochou. He reached into his pocket and took out a One yen coin. Quickly marking it by putting a slight slash through the tree on the coins reverse, he made it into a portkey that went to the safehouse.

"Here, I've just turned this coin into a portkey," he whispered as he handed it to her. "If you say the word 'activate' while touching it with bare skin, it'll teleport you to a safe-house we've created. Only use it if it's an absolute emergency, ok? Just hold out a few more days, and we'll get all your sisters out of there."

She nodded, still looking straight ahead. The only visible difference was that her breathing had quickened. "Oh, and if you get a chance, pass on a message for us. Tell Taki that Akitsu can't wait to see her again."

Again, she only acknowledged his words with a nod, though by now her blinking had increased and she had wiped her eyes and nose once. Harry made sure Higa and his minion still could not see him, and he leaned in to whisper into her ear as he gently squeezed her shoulder, "Stay safe, Number 22."

Harry walked back over to the unfortunate duo who had invaded today. Harry couldn't honestly believe how stupid these two were. They had done no intelligence work, no background checks, and obviously had not scoped out the place at all. They were both completely unaware there were other Sekirei here that were openly hostile towards them.

Today's actions drove home the point he would have to devote more time to how they were would ultimately deal with Higa. Harry realized Mikogami was done for. They could likely absorb and hide his Sekirei at any point without any difficulty with the little kid still in the hospital. Higa however, had not only his own Sekirei, but he had contracted out a number of other Ashikabi to 'serve' him, which essentially made him the gangster in charge of a loosely aligned coalition of thug Sekirei.

If they weren't careful, Harry could see this thug army being turned against him. They had no idea on its overall strength or numbers, and that was information they were going to need yesterday in order to properly plan. He looked back over at Kochou. He could ask her now to send the information through Taki, but he didn't want Higa to notice him walking over to his Sekirei again. He would have to ask Matsu to request Taki pass the question on to Kochou. A little convoluted, but it should still get them the information in the end.

Harry forcefully dragged his attention back to the present. It appeared that Miya had finished her round of intimidation. As he approached closer, he realized his nose had wrinkled with the inhalation of some disgusting smell. He looked down and promptly discovered why. Higa's expensive custom-made shoes were surrounded by a puddle of liquid that slowly expanded outwards. Harry knew it was wrong to laugh, but he just couldn't help it. He had to turn around, silence himself, and cover his mouth as he shook in silent mirth. After a few moments to shake the laughter out of his system, he composed himself and rejoined the group.

Despite his best efforts, he could only catch the tail end of whatever psychological warfare Miya utilized on their guests. It was rather hard to concentrate on what she said, with that damned Hannya demonic thing in the air. It assaulted his Occlumency shields rather thoroughly, and broke his concentration.

"… and that's why Eunech's are so important to some societies, don't you agree?" said Miya.

'Who da what?' thought Harry as those final words sank in. He looked around and noticed right away that even though Homura was in a fully female form right now, whatever comments Miya had made caused her to lower a hand down to cover herself and visibly squeeze her legs together.

"Ah, young man, you've returned. Could you please release our two guests. I believe they were just leaving," said Miya. Harry was inwardly thankful that they had made it through the entire incident so far with no one mentioning his name. Anything that prevented anyone else from getting a leg up on them was an advantage Harry wanted for as long as possible.

Another casual wave of his hand and the two petrifying curses were lifted from the two morons. He really wished he could obliviate them, but he highly doubted someone like Higa would have told no one his destination today. There were probably digital records and planners that wouldn't be affected by an obliviate as well, and all of that together would simply lead to more questions and interference from Higa than he really wanted to deal with.

"Now, I do believe the landlady stated it was time for you to leave. I would take your Sekirei with you, and don't return. Normally, we follow a no-violence policy to live here," Harry said.

Harry leaned in close to Higa, who openly trembled in fear now that the petrifying curse had lifted and how deep the hole he had dug himself had been realized. "…but I'm sure if I asked nicely Miya might make an exception, if I really asked nicely enough."

For his encore, Harry fell back onto his bread and butter intimidation method. He stared right into Higa's eyes and brought up every memory of agony he had endured because of Voldemort. The Cruicios during the aftermath of the third task, the utter agony of the possession in his fifth year, and the brief earth-shattering pain of the second killing curse he had felt before he succumbed to the darkness of death in the forest outside of Hogwarts during the final battle. All were fair game for emotional ammunition, and the figurative 'shot across the bow' he just used them for with Higa could be missed by no one.

"Now," Harry said quietly, as he barely registered every person present including Miya had slowly backed away as he had immersed himself so deeply in those painful memories he was in danger of losing himself in them. "I believe you were leaving. Have a nice life, gentleman. Pray you don't meet us again."

Higa and his still unnamed toady couldn't have run away faster if they had tried. It took all of Harry's self-restraint to not cast a shoe-lace twisting curse upon both of their shoes. All that would do is delay their departure The two passed Kochou without a second glance, and she looked fleetingly back at Harry. He gave her a rueful smile and a nod, which she returned, before she followed her Ashikabi into the car, which peeled out and sped down the street before her door had even shut.

The group sat in silence and watched the trespassers drive into the distance and speed through red lights as they hurried to get away from the inn.

Homura spoke first, though the statement was to the group more than to any one individual. "They are still going to be a problem, aren't they?"

"Them? No. The Ashikabi's that Higa controls and could point at us? Yes," responded Matsu as she exited the door behind them. The rest of the girls who had hidden inside the inn were right behind her.

"You all heard everything?" asked Harry.

"Yeah, Matsu's got everything bugged in the inn, which is surprisingly creepy now that I think about it," said Uzume who was now stared at Matsu with a scowl on her face.

"We're going to need information on all the Ashikabi that have sworn allegiance to Higa. Matsu, can you go through Taki, and have her ask Kochou for the information? I would've asked her when I slipped over and talked to her just now, but I was more concerned with getting her an emergency portkey at the time."

"Sure Harry," said Matsu, running off back into the inn to contact Taki.

"Toyo, any information you can provide about them would be useful too," Harry added.

"I'll go let Matsu know what I can," and Toyotama ran up the stairs after Matsu.

Silence rolled over them again. Harry did not want the group morale to plummet too far down into the dumps after the uninvited visit, so he went to his old standby.

"Miya? I didn't hear all of that oh-so pleasant conversation, but when I came back over, I only caught one word. Eunuchs?" Harry asked with a mischievous smile. He laughed softly Homura and Minato covering their non-existent and existent junk respectively the moment the word was uttered out loud again.

"Pray you never do anything to hear the entire story, Harry," said Miya with a sweet smile, who promptly walked back inside the inn. He saw Homura and Minato nod their heads exuberantly like bobble-heads. Harry figured this may, just this once, be an occasion to leave the sleeping dragon alone.


Kazehana's presence made an immediate impact upon the inn. She was obviously a drunk, but fortunately not really a stupid one. Her tolerance was so extreme that an Irish bartender would be envious and glad to have her as a customer. She could walk up to just about anyone and start a conversation about almost anything, which ultimately meant nothing in the end, but left you feeling better about the world when she walked away. She seemed to be closest with both Homura and Uzume, and that trio plus Chiho were off in the corner bringing the curvy dark-haired Sekirei up to speed on events that have transpired.

Harry, however, had other things on his mind. He pulled Musubi aside and figured now was as good a time as any to inquire about some of the things he had learned from Karasuba the previous night. He led her into the tent in his room, and they both sat down upon a couch within the large family room inside.

"Musubi, I have some very odd questions I need to ask you."

"What do you need Harry?" asked Musubi, her head slightly tilted in confusion.

"I need to know… what you know about Yume?"

"I don't know much about her. Karasuba said she looked like me. That Yume protected me from bad people who did bad things to me when I was little."

"Well, I think Yume did more than just protect you. I think she gave… everything to make sure you stayed alive after you were kidnapped."

"What did she do?" asked Musubi.

"Well, before I tell you, can I try something?" Getting a nod from Musubi, Harry looked pointedly at her, staring right into her eyes, "Yume? Can you talk for a few moments if you have the power to do so?"

The change was immediate. Musubi's whole aura and presence suddenly felt different. The way she held her head and shoulders shifted just enough to be perceptible, and her eyes took on a heavy, tired look instead of that bright innocence he had gotten so used to from Musubi.

"Figured it out, have you?" asked Yume with a small smirk upon her lips that had just a hint of sadness to it.

"Yeah, though I admit I wouldn't have gotten anywhere with it without my mom mentioning the 'Sekirei of Fate'."

Yume nodded, and said nothing further. She looked at Harry expectedly, as if almost knowing where this conversation would go.

"Do you know how you accomplished what you did for Musubi?"

"No, I really don't. It just happened actually. It took a while to even realize what occurred. By that time, I realized I was stuck here. I try and help Musubi out if she gets in over her head, but otherwise, I just sit in the background and observe."

Harry smirked inwards. He got the feeling it wasn't Musubi at all who jumped in the tub with Akitsu and him. And his quirked eyebrow told Yume as much because she instantly blushed, "Well. There was that one time too…"

Harry laughed. He couldn't help but laugh even harder after looking up at Yume when he saw the size of the scowl upon her face. "You have no idea what it's like. The girl is a saint. She's never even thought about stuff like that. It had been years, and I needed to…" she finished quietly, with an even deeper blush on her face.

And this only caused Harry to laugh harder. Yume gave crossed her arms and gave a "Humpf" that was worthy of Hermione. Eventually Harry calmed down, got up and sat next to Yume. He leaned in slowly and kissed her upon the lips, but the Norito that was unleased was exactly like Musubi's, which made sense to Harry after the fact. Yume could only be winged while within her own body.

"Well, I asked all this because I know how to put you back," said Harry.

Yume didn't react. She just stood there dumbfounded. Eventually she gave a small shake of her head and lunged at Harry, giving him a tight hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," was what she kept repeating into Harry's ear.

"Hopefully it'll be easy," Harry said into her ear. "Karasuba said that, up until at least a few years ago, they still had your body untouched in stasis down in the basement of MBI Tower. They moved it somewhere, but she has no idea where. We're going to ask Takami later on today if she knows. If she does, we'll get your body out of there, swap you around, and let you get back to kicking ass."

"You really mean it, you can do it?" asked Yume. From her tone, it was obvious she feared the idea of the whole concept being a joke still on some level.

"Yes, there are rituals to create you a new body. Some good, some bad. But the whole thing is practically a cake walk if we have your original body. What you did is one of the purest forms of magic possible. Based solely in love. I think magic decides to reward people who dare to make such a sacrifice for another by making the way back easy."

"So I could've been put back years ago?" said Yume slowly.

"Well that depends. Do you feel that Musubi is still injured? What you did anchored Musubi's soul to this plane of existence long enough for her to get the medical help she needed. You joined your soul to hers. Once that happened, in theory, you didn't need to be there for her anymore."

"Yes, she's fine now. She's so strong now. Body, mind, and spirit. My little bird grew up, fell in love, and grew her wings. I can't wait to follow in my sister's footsteps."

"Well, I'll be glad to have you, if you want me," said Harry, earning himself another hug and a few sniffles from Yume.

"Thank you for what you've done for Karasuba. I could never get through her pain. She wore it as a shield against the world. She killed just to see if it would deaden what she felt. The pain she felt from killing was different from the pain in her heart. I think she mixed them up and thought it was pleasure, rather than just a different kind of pain. But you showed her the truth. You did what I couldn't."

Harry decided to tell her a bit about what he knew now of Kara, "She misses you, you know. She used to go down to your body in stasis. Yell at you, and cry a lot too. It was probably the only place she let herself go. Then they even took that away from her when they moved your body away. I think she's going to be very happy to see you. I think they all will be."

Harry decided there was way too much serious stuff being thrown around. Yume was going to end up having to go dormant again soon inside Musubi, at least he could send her off smiling. "We'll have every single Sekirei from Numbers 1 through 10 except Mutsu under the same roof. Just think of the party we can have? Though I imagine Akitsu would love any private party with you present again."

That got the blush from Yume he was looking for. She took a deep breath and steadied herself, giving him an honest smile. "I'm looking forward to all of it Harry," and with that, she leaned forward and kissed him. He could tell it was Musubi connecting with him to form the Norito, but he could feel just the tiniest sliver of Yume in there as well now that he knew to look for it.

They sat there quietly, groping and petting lightly for a few minutes before breaking apart. Harry took one look at Musubi and knew that Yume had relinquished control back to her sister. It simultaneously made him sad and more determined. Sad that Yume was forced to live like this. Sad that Musubi had moments where she wouldn't be in control of her own body and had no clue as to why. And he felt the flame of the old determination to save anyone who needed it grow within him.

"Hey, let's go back and join everyone else," said Harry finally.

They both stood up, Musubi leaning in close and wrapping her arm around Harry's back. "Did you find out everything you needed to know, Harry?"

"Yeah, I think everything's going to work out fine."

And for one of the first times in his life, Harry was able to say that and mean it.


The rest of the afternoon was slightly tense. Everyone knew a confrontation was possible whenever Takami finally arrived. Takami supposedly had a temper to rival the extremely violent outbursts that Yukari had shown the previous day. It was needed apparently to survive Minaka's idiotic plans whenever the moron came up with something new.

Minato had walked up to Harry and directly asked him to stay for the meeting, and he also implied he wouldn't mind if any of the other Sekirei in the inn wanted to stay as well. The guy had slowly started to grow on Harry. He still was rather meek most of the time, but he had a strong heart, and if you pushed him just far enough, he fought back with a vengeance. Harry would have to just see if he could get him to fight back a bit sooner so no one would think of him as a push-over like Harry's initial impression of him.

Takami arrived mid-day. Homura left and escorted her once again into the main lounge. She initially balked at the sight of so many people and demanded somewhere private to speak to her children.

Harry simply smiled serenely as Minato worked himself up into a self-righteous furor at her indignation at having to tell the truth in front of witnesses.

"These people have never lied to me. These people helped not only save the Sekirei of your daughter, the man who she is already falling in love with, but they also helped save a Sekirei they didn't have to help. One who was being forced to attack Shiina and while simultaneously being beaten by her Ashikabi when she didn't fight well enough. One that is upstairs right now safe upstairs in Harry's room and recovering thanks to their efforts."

"I trust these people to do the right thing. Something I can't say the same regarding you," he finished his speech and stared down Takami with a glare that was quite impressive despite his lank form. Minato had stood and paced the room while he gave his short speech. He did have a presence in him, Harry realized; it was strong, and it was almost like he had an aura…


Stealthily, Harry palmed one of his wands, and sent a silent diagnostic spell at Minato. Then he looked at him with his Mage-Sight just to be sure.

"Holy shit," Harry muttered low enough that only Miya inadvertently heard him at his side.

Wizard. Minato was a full-blown wizard. Completely untrained of course, but all the potential was there.

He looked around the room, and instantly saw Yukari was the same. Takami had the dull presence of an extremely weak squib, but it was there as well.

'Well, isn't this interesting,' thought Harry. He was having trouble wrapping his head around this new-found information. Was it of any use at all, other than eventually getting them wands and teaching them?

Feeling a nudge at his side, he saw Miya looking at him questioningly. He leaned over and whispered, "Minato and Yukari are Wizards. I just noticed it right now. No idea what good this information does us or them though. I'll tell them later today, they have enough to be worried about at the moment."

Miya looked contemplative, then nodded her agreement and turned back to the spectacle in front of them.

"Fine, you want the truth? I didn't want you two anywhere near the company. You've seen how far MBI exists outside normal laws. It would have taken only one slip up from either of you about what we were working on, and they would've killed either of you without question. You were children for god's sake."

"And then there was the possibility that if it were publicly known who you were and how you were related to me, someone would use it against you. There were foreign countries constantly trying to steal information or kidnap people. They succeeded in taking Musubi and another Sekirei at one point, and we lost one Sekirei rescuing them."

"I didn't want you involved in any of this," Takami said finally. Her bravado had finally deflated and her proud shoulders slumped. "I wanted both you and your sister out of the city as much as possible, so there was no chance you could be involved. I wanted you safe. Ignorant yes, but safe so there was no threat to you. Then, in a matter of days, you both were in the middle of everything."

"I'm sorry for lying to you both. But I'm not sorry for trying to protect you from this. There's no way I could quit myself. Everyone working there knows the risk of being there. If you try and run, Minaka's private army tracks you down and kills you. The only thing I could do was keep you two away, but I failed at that too."

Harry watched Minato and Yukari, and felt quite proud. They had not budged an inch. A seventeen year old Harry Potter would have heard this sob-story and immediately forgiven the sins that had been done to them. However, that Harry Potter was dead and buried in the fires of betrayal. This Harry Potter, apparently like the Sahashi children, went over every detail that they heard, and corroborated it with their own knowledge, looking for flaws and holes. They almost seemed to expect the half-truths and outright lies that Harry had learned to assume would be given to him by those who think they hold responsibility.

He caught Yukaki and Minato looking at each other, coming to some sort of agreement. He saw the subtle nod pass between them both, and they turned back to their mother. "We forgive you, for now. From here on out, you'll tell us everything about what is going on at that company. No matter how trivial, we want to know," said Minato mechanically, without any emotion or inflection to his voice at all.

Takami stared dumbly between her children. Looking back and forth, hoping to find an opening of compassion, but she found none. Finally she nodded her head and slumped her shoulders and began to weep. Homura was at her side at an instant with an embrace, and Takami held onto Harry's Sekirei like she was a lifeline.

Harry watched the whole situation passively. He had his own questions for Takami, and Minato had just given him the perfect lead-in. He would wait a minute or two more, and dive right in. He needed to know where the eliminated Sekirei were stored, and if Yume was amongst them. He also needed to know if Karasuba had access to this area, or if they would have to blast their way through security to reach it.

Finally, Takami regained control of herself. The entire room was still watching the scene uncomfortably, when Minato finally extended an olive branch. "As long as you don't lie to us, mom, everything will be fine." A quick three-way embrace passed, and Harry caught Minato's eye over his mother's shoulder. A quick glance and a gesture with a bit of slightly unethical Legilimency let Minato know Harry's intentions, and Minato nodded.

The group separated, and Minato cleared his voice, "I think Harry has something he wants to ask you mother."

Harry saw the Takami wince. Apparently the woman thought the big questions were over with for the day. He dove right in, "My question is pretty easy, though it has rather far-reaching implications."

Takami nodded her reluctant acknowledgement that she was ready to hear the question.

"Where are the eliminated Sekirei kept after being taken back by MBI, and is Yume's body amongst them?" asked Harry.

Whatever kind of question Takami was expecting about MBI, that was certainly not it. The rest of the room seemed shocked and confused by the question as well.

"Why do you need to know where Yume's body is being kept?" asked Takami, confusion clearly shown in her face.

Harry smirked. The kind of smirk that told everyone that he knew something they didn't. "It's quite simple really. I'm going to wake her up."


Quite a few of the girls present were older, single-digit Sekirei. They all knew who Yume was, and more importantly, they were all aware of the fact that no one had yet to figure out how to bring a Sekirei out of the coma that was induced by an elimination. The fact that Yume didn't actually incur a Crest-based elimination was unknown to almost all of them.

"You're going to do what, Harry?" Miya asked at his side.

"I said I'm going to wake Yume up. She's a different case I believe than all the other eliminated Sekirei, though I think I may like to take a look at waking up a few of them as well. Maybe not the two idiots that were guarding Toyo and running Shi into the ground, but most of the others."

"You're sure you can do this?" asked Takami.

"Yume? Absolutely. So long as her body has been kept healthy," replied a very smug Harry. After all, the procedure was incredibly simple after all. No need to mention alternative methods at this point.

Takami stared at Harry a few moments, battling herself internally. Harry could see the silent debate actually being fought through her unoccluded mind. Finally she said, "Yume isn't very far from where she was before. She's now one floor down, on a top security sub-level that cannot be accessed via the normal elevators. The rest of the eliminated Sekirei are there as well."

Harry nodded, trying to figure out how to plan what he had nebulously thought of the previous night. "I'll need Matsu to get me the schematics if possible. I'll get Karasuba and Haihane here later to help plan it, because this will be their MBI encore."

"What?" asked Takami. Her eyes were bulging at the mention of Karasuba.

"Oh, I guess no one's told you yet," Harry said, giving her a lopsided grin that was sure to infuriate the woman. "Funny how those pesky secrets tend to crop up and bite you in the ass."

Takami visibly and audibly growled at Harry, and Harry could feel Miya's silent giggles suppressed next to him.

"If you must know, I have a theory, that I plan on putting into practice right after we bust out Yume and however many of her sisters out as we can. I think I can re-wing Sekirei."

A gasp was heard throughout the room, as not all people had heard of Harry's theory yet. "It's a theory, but it's based on a lot of precedents that exist in the magical world. Haihane and Karasuba have both reacted to me, when they were already bonded to an Ashikabi. It was a weak bond, and more importantly, an involuntary bond. We've avoided re-winging thus far, but if we steal Yume's body, then that's just asking for trouble for them, so we'll pull them out at that time and do it then."

The newcomers like Shi, Kazehana, Tsukiumi, Shiina, and Takami were all stunned by this proclamation. None of them looked to be saying anything for the time being, so Harry continued. "This needs to stay secret for now. No one can know about this until we get the Sekirei bonded to Mikogami and Higa along with the assassination list all under protection."

Takami apparently had heard enough and apparently wasn't going to be very difficult sell to turn against MBI, "Well I can get everyone the information on the sub-levels easy enough. I even have some of them on a datapad that's not on the direct MBI VPN. So there won't be any log of me accessing the information for them to backtrack. Regarding the Sekirei though, they're all in stasis tanks, built from designs we found originally on the space ship. You'll either need to figure out how to move the tanks, or build your own for temporary use."

"I can transport them whole instantly anywhere in the world, as long as I know what kind of power they need and we have the computer controls for them already in place," said Harry dismissively. "That part doesn't worry me. It's the security we'll run into on the way there. I still haven't heard hide or hair from Matsu or anyone else on what wizards Minaka is employing at MBI, and that's very troublesome."

Silence gripped the group for a few moments. Everyone was looking to Harry for ideas and plans, which he thought was fine, but he definitely wanted to make sure there was a group effort behind this. For too long he had been forced to do everything on his own. Right now, he was surrounded by intelligent and capable women who were definitely quite up to the task of running the entire show if need be.

Harry decided to at least give them all a nudge, and see where they ran with it. "So, how about this? Matsu, Takami, could you work together to get the floor plans and stasis tank specifications together? Matsu, any tech you need, call Rio. He's my financial elf. If it can be bought anywhere on this planet, he'll find a way to get it and likely have it to you faster than you can believe. After that, Miya, can you look over the blueprints and figure out insertion points, etc? Right now I think it's safe to assume we can go right in the front door, or we can apparate and start directly from within Karasuba's apartment. I'll take whatever plans to Kara later on for a second opinion then bring the whole thing back for you to look at for your final approval."

"Homura, normally I would ask you to lead stuff, but I think it's rather appropriate for Kara to lead whatever plan we ultimately come up with inside that building."

Homura nodded, "That's fine, running the rescue missions for Sekirei is more than enough stress for me right now."

"We'll decide later tonight who goes. We probably won't need everyone. Think about if there's anything else in that building noteworthy as well. Like slipping Matsu in somehow and stealing the entire contents of the mainframe or something," said Harry

The group as a whole turned to Matsu, who had a look of manic glee upon her face. The demonic glasses had shifted once again, letting no one see her eyes through the glare on the reflective lenses.

"Well, a couple of you have stuff to do. Come get me if you need me. I'm going to go help Akitsu with her Occlumency"


Akitsu's progress impressed Harry greatly. He always wondered what would have happened if someone had simply given him a book about Occlumency all those years ago and simply said 'read it and try it on your own first.'

Then again, he probably never had half the motivation as a fifteen year old that he saw in Akitsu right now. The woman was absolutely driven with a desire to learn and master the mental discipline. Harry had long ago learned that Snape had no intention of actually teaching him Occlumency. Long-sessions of quiet meditation were the beginning steps of learning the art, something he was never told. Then, once someone could instantly clear their mind, very light probes would be sent at someone via Legilimency. This would allow the student to recognize what the probe felt like in order figure out the best way to react to the foreign intruder and not panic. This of course never happened with Harry. The very first lesson, Snape had performed Legilimens probes with the strength of sledgehammers.

Akitsu was already at the point of clearing her mind, and she was quite happy with how it helped her control her emotions already. They proceeded to the next step and attempted very light probes, where Harry simply allowed himself to flit across her senses of sight and smell. He wanted to avoid memories for now, since he was well aware her memories were likely quite traumatic.

The few times he had accidentally gone too far into her mind and seen something she would have rather not relived, they would sit and talk about what had transpired. The removal of emotional attachment and pain from memories was one of the best defenses a trained Occlumens could have at their disposal. So long as a memory could inflict pain, fear, or sorrow in some manner, it was a weapon that could be used against the Occlumens. Time after time, Harry and Akitsu discussed her fears and her pain. The emotional weight of the memories wouldn't go away with merely one session, but over time, Harry could help Akitsu move past her memories.

Memories could be shared deliberately through Legilimency, and Harry figured it could help him become closer to Akitsu if he did so, especially after he saw so many of her own private memories. Through Legilimency, a memory could be shared almost instantly. Hours inside shared memories would pass in seconds in the real-world. Harry easily allowed Akitsu access to his own through an open and inert Legilimens probe he placed in the center of Akitsu's mind. A few instructions later allowed her calm presence to be led directly into the heart of Harry's own mind. He controlled the probe, thus he could control what she saw.

Memories from Harry's life began to play to the both of them. He showed her the day he found out he was a wizard. They rode with an eleven year old Harry in the boats on the Black Lake at night, and she saw the unblemished and illuminated ancient castle for the first time. She stood beside him in silence and watched his classmates sorted and held his hand as they relived the fears of rejection he had that the hat might not think him good enough to be at Hogwarts. He showed her his first quidditch match, including the first attempt on his life that occurred at Hogwarts.

On and on the memories went, year after year at Hogwarts. The memories slowly getting darker, more painful.

Akitsu's sympathy and love flooded the mental connection they shared the farther along they went. It was the equivalent of the tightest Hermione hug or the simplest and lightest comforting touch of a hand upon his all wrapped into one. They emerged several seconds later from the probe, but hours had passed for Akitsu, who wiped the tears that were beginning to fall from Harry's face as he wiped those that fell from hers.

After what just occurred, Harry definitely couldn't describe the dynamic between all of his Sekirei as even. At the moment, Akitsu easily knew more about his life and understood him probably the best, especially after the memories he had just shared. Karasuba would be a close second after all the time they had spent together simply talking with each other. Musubi, he would need help with. The knowledge that Musubi was really two people, and that he had been intimate with a second soul that was trapped inside her, was rather… odd. It didn't frighten him, and it surely didn't bother him in a way that made him feel misled. But he felt that Yume was going to need to come clean with Musubi once she had her body back.

That left Homura and Haihane. Homura was likely always going to go to Takami first for all of her emotional and physical needs. Harry actually wondered if he would ever actually even be intimate with Homura, since it was clear that at some base level, she still thought of herself as a man. All he could do is support her as a brother if that was the case. If she didn't want the love of a husband from him, he could provide her the love of family.

Then there was Haihane. On the three occasions he had been around her so far, she had been very easy to joke with. But he wanted to know more about her, because at this point, she was still largely a mystery to him. He guessed that would come during the next few days, and he hoped to grow as close to her as the others.

Five women, with two more likely coming with Yume and, if he was reading the signs correctly, Matsu. Akitsu desperately wanted to convince him to pursue Taki. Harry was overwhelmed by the love he felt from Akitsu towards the only other person who had ever truly helped her. Sekirei within MBI tower were competitive, so no one would overtly help her within the walls as she was verbally and sometimes physically brutalized there. Taki was the first and only one who had ever done so. Seeing Taki through Akitsu's memories, it wasn't hard to begin to feel those emotions towards her as well.

Besides, it didn't hurt the girl was damned hot too. 'Quite Veela-like' thought Harry, before he almost snorted out loud at the stupid comparison. Why was it that whenever a wizard saw a beautiful female with white hair and a massive pair of knockers that their first thoughts always were 'She's certainly quite Veela-like?'

His internal laughter was interrupted by the popping in of Winky.

"Master Harry Sir. Miss Miya, Mistress Homura, and Miss Matsu request your presence," said Winky with a bow.

"Thank you, Winky. Tell them I'll be right there." Harry looked at Akitsu, and gave her a kiss.

"You did great with the Occlumency today. Unbelievably good actually. Try this again in a few days?" asked Harry.

"Sure, I think I can be a lot further by then," Akitsu said with confidence.

"Great, see you later. Time to plan for an assault."

He joined the aforementioned women in the lounge, where they gathered in a plan review. Miya had outlined three vectors of assault, each listing pros and cons. There was a frontal approach, right in the front doors. It certainly had a Hollywood movie sort of feel to it. It would definitely cause the most casualties to their enemies, and also place themselves at the most risk of incurring losses. It also was the longest route, since they would have to go up five floors, and backtrack once through a security checkpoint to another internal elevator that would go to the main sublevel group of floors. The second route was to start at the roof of the building. Line of site apparition would be easy, as would portkeys. Problem was, the upper floors were where the senior staff was, so even though they would be disillusioned, they would be going through more checkpoints.

The third was to apparate into either Karasuba's or Haihane's apartments, and proceed to the lower levels while disillusioned. It was a superior insertion point than the roof, and bypassed much of the higher security checkpoints they would have otherwise had to go through.

Matsu had already ordered the parts they would need to hook up the stasis tanks for the Sekirei. After discussions with Miya, Takami had almost begged that they get all Sekirei out of the basement labs, even the violent ones. Takami did not trust MBI in the slightest with them, and would rather they be in stasis at Harry's safe-house than with MBI where they could do further experimentation upon the comatose girls.

As of now, the tentative plan was to gain access to the secure levels with Karasuba using a hacked security clearance card. They would use portkeys to move all tanks to the large room in the basement of the safe-house. Takami stated that as of right now there were thirty-seven Sekirei in stasis that had been eliminated. Mutsu stood as the only termination thus far, and Harry privately doubted he would have saved the prick even if he still had been alive.

Matsu had also provided a few devices to tap into the MBI mainframe. Wherever possible, they were to attach the devices to LAN and Network cables in order to provide them back-doors into the MBI network. Harry's eyes slightly glazed over at the explanation of how they were going to accomplish this feet, but Homura, Kazehana, and Toyotama all assured him they were well aware how to connect the data sniffers.

They had their tentative plans outlined, and the equipment, power sources, backup generators, and computer controls would all be arriving overnight courtesy of Harry's house elves. All that was left now was to brief Karasuba and Haihane on the mission, incorporate any of their suggestions and alternative plans into the mix, and get the combined plans back to the Inn.


After Harry's arrival via apparition into Karasuba's apartment that night, he was surprised to see her deep in meditation. Surrounded by candles, she wore simple white cotton panties and a very tight white camisole. Her long grey hair wasn't loose like it normally was. Instead it was pulled up into a tight bun in the back, but still left the front as messy as it always was. The temperature in the room was quite warm, so she was likely quite comfortable despite her near lack of attire. He would have thought her at perfect peace, and that was his first impression upon his observation of her still form.

Until he saw her eyes.

They shifted back and forth rapidly beneath her closed eyelids, and Harry could not help but wonder if he had caught her as she performed battle meditation.

He decided to wait for her mediation to run its course. Quietly, he stepped over to the window and gazed out at the city from this view at night one last time. If all went well, they would never step foot in this room again beyond tomorrow. He still had fleeting moments of worries for Karasuba and Haihane. His idea of re-winging was still a theory at this point, despite the possession of knowledge deep down in his heart that it would work flawlessly. The idea of bonding to these two specific women pushed him with almost a singled-minded purpose forwards. He wanted to be with them, hell he wanted to claim them like some prehistoric cave man and drag them around by their hair while grunting 'Oooman, Oooman.'

Most of all, he wanted to provide both of them a home and a family, since neither of them had ever known one previously. His own family was growing, and he couldn't wait for Kara and Haihane to take their rightful place within it. 'Maybe that's what is so appealing about all of this,' thought Harry to himself.

'I'm finally getting a family.'

A throat cleared softly behind Harry and brought his attention back to the present. Karasuba walked over to him and stopped just behind him before she wrapped her arms around his chest. She rested her head upon his shoulder and just watched the city with him, both pairs of their hands clasped upon his chest.

Finally, she asked, "Will it happen tomorrow?"

"Yeah, it'll happen tomorrow."

There was silence, as they just stood there. Harry could feel her breath upon his neck as she breathed in his scene. "Do you think it will all work out?"

Harry looked at her out of the corner of his eye, "I know it will work out. And you'll be right next to me when it does."


Haihane joined the two of them ten minutes later, dressed in sweatpants, flip flops, and a t-shirt with some logo he had never seen before on it. She jokingly cursed him for the interruption of her video games and asked him to reschedule tomorrow's raid for the day after, because there was a TV show she was dying to catch.

Her smile was in the jokes, but the humor never reached her eyes. She was well aware of how important tomorrow would be and had transitioned into a deadly serious fighter seconds after she took a seat.

The threesome reviewed the plans, options, and notes the others had produced through the day's efforts Here and there Karasuba and Haihane would offer improvements. A 'go left' instead of 'go right' here. 'Take out this camera here before proceeding' here, or 'wait for this patrol that sweeps every five minutes here.'

No plans were drastically changed, but they offered insiders information that they would not have been able to acquire on their own without weeks of covert observation. The well-formed plans went from well-formed good ideas to a tactically sound primary route with multiple alternative plans under their guidance and suggestions.

Haihane was very excited about the idea of stealing all of their sisters back and the possibility of their eventual revival. Karasuba was more apprehensive, simply because, as she surprisingly admitted aloud, she was scared to face Yume again.

"You already have faced Yume again. I'm sure you could talk to her tomorrow before the raid really kicks off if you wanted," said Harry


"She's there, if you want to talk to her. She's inside Musubi. Hopefully soon she'll be back where she belongs, but she's always been there watching. She knows all about us, and she's happy for what you found."

Karasuba only nodded, too lost in her own thoughts to respond. Harry turned to Haihane, "So you ready to blow this soda-pop stand?"

"Is that your goofy way of asking if I'm ready to give MBI the bird tomorrow?" she said with a gleeful smirk on her face..

"Among others. Well?" Harry responded, while his own smile threatened to stretch ear to ear.

Haihane's half-smile faded and left a contemplative look on her face Harry had not witnessed before. "It'll be nice to leave. No more fighting people who just want to live their lives. Life I think will be a lot simpler maybe, but maybe not. I don't know…"

Harry enjoyed the sight of the normally quiet yet sarcastic girl get a bit tongue-tied in the attempt to express herself, so he stayed quiet. When she looked at him, he just gave her a look that said, 'Well, go on,' which earned him a half-hearted glare.

"I think, the stuff that depresses me won't be there anymore. I won't have Benitsubasa around being a bitch. A lot of the… morally questionable things we do won't happen once we're with you either. I'm sure we'll still fight, like tomorrow. But I won't be asked to assassinate someone because Minaka got up on the wrong side of the bed on a given day."

"No, you can sit on the couch and watch TV with me in the house I've bought here. I think you'll like the place, Musubi absolutely went nuts when she saw a few of the rooms," said Harry.

"It'll be nice to sit and relax more, and not chase down leads about where Akitsu was seen eating a bowl of noodles at over lunch," said Haihane with a roll of her eyes.

"Is it that bad?" asked Harry.

"Yes, it has been rather ridiculous, but I think its tapering off now," said Karasuba as she finally shook herself free of her contemplations about Yume.

"That's good then at least," Harry started to feel a bit at a loss for what to talk about. Kara was obviously still somewhat deeply in thought about Yume. But he didn't want to blow-off Haihane either.

"Kara?" Harry asked. He heard Miya call her 'Suba, but he bet no one else would dare call her that, and he quietly thought he was probably the only one who dared call her Kara. Especially with how her eyes would soften each time he would say it. "You should go get some sleep. Tomorrow's going to be very draining emotionally for all of us, and I have a feeling the three of us will be up quite late tomorrow together anyways."

"Up late, huh?" asked Haihane with a lecherous grin on her face.

"Yeah, and Kara needs her beauty sleep." Harry leaned back so both of them could see his face and threw out the full-blown Albus Dumbledore eye-twinkle into full effect. "After all, she had me quite concerned a few nights ago about her stamina. I wouldn't want you getting too tired tomorrow after all."

Karasuba's eyebrows steadily rose the entire time he spoke, and Haihane attempted and failed miserably to stifle her giggles. Karasuba's face broke into a half-glare, half-smile and was about to fire back with a retort when Harry held up a finger over her lips to silence her.

"Ah-. All I wanted to do was make you smile, and you did." He leaned over and hugged her tightly. "One more day Kara, then forever."

He felt her nod of acknowledgement and breathed in her hair that she had let down after their plans for the next day had concluded. Her hair smelled of apples, and it was the first time in his life he enjoyed that smell in years after he had associated the smell for so long with the Weasley's orchards. She shuddered at the way he inhaled the air around her neck before she composed herself, stood up, and then straightened her tight fitting top. Harry conjured a robe and helped her into it.

Afterwards, he turned to Haihane and asked, "How about you show me your room, since I haven't actually seen it yet and it's your last night here? Unless you bunk with 'Nubs or something like that? Then I think I would have to decline."

Haihane laughed, "No, if I had to room with her I would've gone crazy a long time ago. Sure, let's go."

Karasuba walked them to the door, and Harry told her at the threshold, "Think about what you would like your 'home' to look like. What kind of art, what kind of silly knick-knacks. What would make some place feel like yours. After tomorrow you'll have a real home to go to."

The tall Sekirei looked contemplative before a lazy grin spread across her face. Harry didn't even need to guess what she was thinking of and said, "…and I highly doubt you need an entire wall full of Samurai swords in your bedroom, no?"

Karasuba actually pouted and stomped her foot, which would have been quite comical if it hadn't come from someone who could normally kill with the barest thought or motion.

"I'll think of something else then," she said with a half-glare.

"I'm sure whatever you think of will be great, especially when you let me buy it for you," said Harry with a half smile as Haihane and him walked out the door.


Harry and Haihane entered her room. He was surprised at how it was the exact opposite of Karasuba's simplicity. Posters of various bands, movies, and movie stars from around the world were plastered across the walls of the spacious room. Dirty laundry was everywhere, and Harry had visions of the time he saw Ghostbusters II where Bill Murray had a grading system for just how 'dirty' the clothes really were. There was a huge TV hung on the wall with an entertainment center that overflowed with random video game consoles and other devices. The massive couch placed in front of the TV had a coffee table with three stacked empty pizza boxes on it, and there were scrunched empty cans of soda everywhere.

He felt like he had entered a frat house.

Harry turned to Haihane, mouth half-open in shock to see her look at him and wince. "Well, I'm sure you know where everything's at," he finally managed to say.

She grinned sheepishly, "No one ever comes in here. I clean every week or so. The MBI maids won't clean my place any more often than that because of the mess."

"Well, at least I know what to get you whenever you get gifts," Harry said, trying to keep the mischievousness out of his smile.

"Oh, really? What will you get me," Haihane said, very excited about the prospect of presents from the man she liked more and more with every meeting they had.

Harry leaned in close and deliberately built up the anticipation. He mock-whispered into her ear, "Books."

Her horrified face and loud exclamation sent Harry into a fit of laughter.

"You're such as prat, Harry. Don't you dare buy me books, ever! My room is and forever will be a learning free-zone," said Haihane as she poked Harry with each uttered syllable.

Eventually Harry gained enough presence of mind to control his laughter and called out, "Dobby?"

"Yes Harry Potter Si-…" the elf trailed off from his usual greeting. Eyes wide and looking around, his smile was almost looking gleeful at the mess present in Haihane's room.

"Dobby, I need you to clean this mess up, do Haihane's laundry, and toss out all the trash. Also, I want you to get some trunks arranged for tomorrow so Kara and Haihane can pack and empty their places out quicker."

"Yes sir Harry Potter sir," and the elf vanished, but there was no pop. As they both sat down on the couch, they saw clothes and trash disappearing from the floor. The room was spotless in under five minutes. The last sound they heard was a trunk being set down in the corner before a small pop announced Dobby's final departure.

They weren't sitting next to each other on the couch, which for some reason Harry found awkward. Getting up, he moved and sat down next to her, placing an arm around her shoulder and allowing her to lean into him.

"So, we haven't had a chance to be alone yet?" said Harry finally into the silence.

"No, we haven't," said Haihane, and Harry couldn't tell if there was a touch of sadness there.

"It'll all change tomorrow, ok?" he said softly. "And besides, you have me tonight."

"I thought you just wanted to see my room?" said Haihane in a quiet voice that betrayed how she didn't quite believe what she had heard.

'So she was feeling neglected,' thought Harry with a bit of guilt.

"And I have seen your room. Now I'd like to stay here for as long as you want me here tonight?"

She pulled away and looked into his eyes, a small smile playing on her lips, "I'd really like that, Harry."

They talked for hours. Haihane had at this point heard much about his life, so instead, Harry now got to hear about Haihane's life. Despite her number being 104, she was brought out of hibernation when the MBI adjustors decided she had the necessary traits to be involved in the Discipline Squad.

She talked about her training, how initially Yume and Karasuba both trained her and Benitsubasa, and then after Yume's death they received an impromptu initiation into the squad and Kara continued their training on her own.

She talked about years of work she had put into her training. It wasn't just weapons and physical conditioning. She had gone to numerous classes on battle tactics and strategy. Her only saving grace during this time was music and television. She was never a big fan of meditation to pass the time like Karasuba did, or shopping on MBI's dime like Benitsubasa enjoyed. If one were to give Haihane a couple of good movies and a few bowls of popcorn, that would have provided all she needed to enjoy life.

They slowly delved into the deeper things that affected her. It seemed all Sekirei he had come across had been wronged in some manner. Haihane's was to be unknowingly winged to the CEO of MBI's secretary. The Squad was taken out to dinner one night, after a successful retrieval mission. A spy from a foreign government agency had stolen some MBI test data. The squad easily recovered the information, while they simultaneously impressed upon the annihilated foreign agents the depth of MBI's displeasure at the necessity to send people across the world to retrieve its property.

Upon her return to her apartment, she popped in a movie and began to eat some of the leftovers from their team dinner the previous night that had been sent to her room. She used the chopsticks that had been included in the take-away bag, and with her first bite found herself winged. Rushing to Karasuba's room, she found her mentor gearing up to go and find and kill whoever had winged her as well. Benitsubasa wanted no part of it, she was just happy to have been winged.

Their plans of retribution ultimately fell to the wayside when Minaka told them they would simply be put down from afar if they caused trouble now. It took her months to even find out who her Ashikabi was, and when she did, she put Natsuo in MBI's hospital for two months. Upon his exit from a hospital bed, Karasuba topped her damage inflicted and left Natsuo in a state that took him six more months to recover from.

Now Natsuo avoided them, the constant limp and back pain a bitter reminder of how the girl's treated betrayal.

"What if I see him tomorrow?" asked Haihane later as she lay naked in bed while Harry slowly worked the anti-scar cream into her pale skin.

"That's up to you. No one can tell you or Kara how to react tomorrow to someone who's betrayed you. I was groomed growing up to 'forgive' all who committed transgressions against me. All that ended up doing is leaving more good people dead while the guilty sat there smiling and unpunished. Life has consequences, and people shouldn't be shielded from the results of their own actions."

Harry kept up his meticulous application of the salve over muscles of the leg he currently worked upon. He dutifully tried to ignore the fact Haihane insisted her well-shaped ass stayed uncovered while he did this.

"In the end, the only advice I'll give you is to not do anything without Kara there. Don't take away her chance for justice by acting alone. Decide together."

Harry kept up the inspection of the condition of the scar tissue he had focused upon. The skin was definitely more flexible than it had been earlier in the week when he had performed the first healing session upon a few of the worse scars. Many of the faint minor ones were now almost impossible to see, leaving only the remnants of the numerous medium-sized scars on her body.

"Do you want me to do your front as well?" Harry asked quietly, trying to not sound like a pervert who simply wanted to feel up a hot girl.

She raised herself up on her elbows, and gave her hair a shake while simultaneous squeezing her breasts outwards by pressing her elbows into them. She gave Harry a very sultry look and said, "I'd very much like if you did my front Harry."

Harry couldn't help but blush at the incredibly sexy pose she had just displayed to him. Her smile only widened when she took in his red cheeks. She turned over slowly, and once she was on her back, she slowly lifted the leg furthest away from him, giving him an intimate look at her in all her shaved glory.

He started applying the cream to her lower legs first, taking easily three to four times the amount of time needed to work it into her skin. As he slowly progressed upwards, he could hear her breathing become shallower, and her lower lip had parted while her eyes closed.

Moving up to her thighs, he could feel the rough edges of some of the scars he hadn't directly healed earlier. As his hands passed over them, he could feel her body tense up. She was definitely still self-conscious of them.

"You're beautiful, you know that, right? Scars don't mean anything to me," he told her after he leaned in and cupped one of her cheeks with his palm.

"I… just don't like them," she whispered.

Since Haihane was already nude, he felt it wouldn't hurt to remove his clothes to prove his point. His clothes were off instantly, leaving him naked as the day he was born, and every one of his numerous scars prominently shown to her.

"Do you care about my scars?" he asked as he towered over her.

She had to drag her gaze away from his manhood as she finally looked over his body. Her eyes travelled over the scars on his arms, shoulder, and the massive scar on his chest from surviving the second killing curse.

"Do my scars matter to you?" he asked again.

"No, they don't," she easily said.

"Then why do you think I care about yours?" he asked with a smile, while he lightly ran a finger over a scar on one of her breasts.

She didn't have the massive breasts of Musubi or Akitsu. They were larger than Homura's though, which still meant they were quite ample. Like her lips, her nipples were extremely pink and quite small

She closed her eyes, and as he tweaked her nipple, she gave a small gasp.

"Let's finish up the cream. May I stay here tonight with you? Nothing will happen other us probably spooning all night long."

"I'd like that," she said with a smile.

Twenty minutes later, found Harry pressed against Haihane's back, one arm under her head and another wrapped around her as he slowly traced circles into her stomach.

-o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o-

Current Residents of Izumo Inn:

Harry Potter (Ashikabi)

Chiho Hidaka (Ashikabi)

Sahashi Minato (Ashikabi)

Sahashi Yukari (Ashikabi)

Number 1 Miya Asama

Number 2 Matsu / No Ashikabi

Number 3 Kazehana (Former Discipline Squad Member) / No Ashikabi

Number 6 Homura / Harry Potter

Number 7 Akitsu / Harry Potter

Number 8 Yume (Presumed Eliminated Ex-Discipline Squad Member) / No Ashikabi

Number 9 Tsukiumi / Minato

Number 10 Uzume / Chiho

Number 17 Toyotama / Higa (Unwilling)

Number 40 Shi / No Ashikabi

Number 84 Yashima / Junichi Tanigawa (Unwilling)

Number 88 Musubi / Harry Potter

Number 107 Shiina / Sahashi Yukari

Number 108 Kusano / Minato


MBI Headquarter Residents:

Minaka / MBI CEO

Sahashi Takami / MBI Sekirei Adjustor / Friend of Homura

Number 4 Karasuba (Discipline Squad Member) – Natsuo (Unwilling)

Number 104 Haihane (Discipline Squad Member) – Natsuo (Unwilling)

Number 105 Benitsubasa (Discipline Squad Member) – Natsuo


Previously Encountered / Mentioned Sekirei:

Number 5 Mutsu (Terminated Former Discipline Squad Member) / Mikogami (attacked Takami)

Number 11 Hikari / Seo (Lightning Twin / "Doofus" Twin 1)

Number 12 Hibiki / Seo (Lightning Twin / "Doofus" Twin 2)

Number 15 Himeko / Mikogami (Unwilling)

Number 18 Ichiya (Eliminated) / Higa

Number 22 Kochou / Higa (Unwilling)

Number 31 Sai (Eliminated) / Higa

Number 38 Mitsuha / Mikogami (Unwilling)

Number 39 Mitsuki / Mikogami (Unwilling)

Number 43 Yomi (Eliminated) / Mikogami

Number 65 Taki / Mikogami (Unwilling)

Number 86 Katsuragi / Higa (Unwilling)

Number 87 Kaho / Oosumi Orihiko (Kidnapped along with Musubi as a child)

Number 101 Oriha / Higa (Unwilling)

Number ? Oshino / Higa (Unwilling)

Number ? Kujou / Higa (Unwilling)