A Broken Melody

Hermione's POV

I stepped out of the taxi, paying and thanking the driver before starting towards my house, curious and worried about why my parents hadn't picked me up from the train station, usually they would get there early, eager to see me again after so long, the fact that they hadn't shown up at all gave me a bad feeling. And when I get bad feelings they usually came true. With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I opened the door, coming to an abrupt stop when I saw Dumbledore standing in the doorway of my living room, facing away from me. I tilted my head in confusion, what was he doing here? Before I could announce my presence, he apparated out of my house, followed by the sound of several other people apparating after him. Breath shuddering as fear took hold of me like no other, I cautiously walked into the living room, looking around the room, I felt my breath leave me when my eyes landed on a puddle of blood.

"Mom?! Dad?!" I called out, anxiously, my eyes watering when no one answered, no, no, no, this can't be happening. "Mom?! Dad?! Someone answer me, damn it!" Hysterically, I tore through the house looking for my parents, I knew what I would find, if they were alive I would've been able to sense them but I couldn't… there was nothing… just a resounding scent of death. I ran into the kitchen, the room we should have been having dinner in, the room that we should be catching up in, that we should be laughing and having fun in, but that's not what happened, this is what happened. I froze, staring horrified at the horrendous sight before me. Dozens of bodies were littering the floor, puddles of blood staining the white tile underneath them, but there was only one person in that room that had my attention.

My father. Who was lying there on the floor. Slashes all over his body. Staring unseeingly up at the ceiling. A playing card grasped in his hand. The Queen of Hearts. She always was his favorite.

A grief stricken scream wrenched itself out of my throat as I ran towards him, tears running down my face. Dropping to my knees, I cupped his face gently, shaking his shoulder in a vain attempt to wake him.

"Please wake up. Please just be sleeping. Please, Daddy, please! Daddy, please wake up! Please, I'm begging you! No, no, no. NO!" I screamed in anguish as I curled into myself, feeling a tortuous burning sensation in my hands, I clutched them into fists, gritting my teeth to stop myself from crying out at the pain; I looked down, eyes widening when I saw the familiar scarlet wisps wrapping around my fisted hands. Having seen my mother perform this action many times, I stood up, stretching my arms out and uncurling my fingers, gathering up the restless energy I could feel building inside of me, I expelled it out of my glowing palms, watching as the scarlet energy destroyed the walls around me. Panting from the lingering pain, I let my arms drop limply to my sides as I fell to my knees, wrapping my arms around myself as I started swaying back and forth, quiet sobs making my shoulders shake. Somewhere in the corner of my mind, I despondently realized I was projecting, making everyone in a hundred mile radius a blubbering mess. But I found I didn't particularly care, why should I? When this is over, when I finally come back to my senses and stop projecting, they'll go on with their lives like nothing happened, I didn't have that luxury. I can't go back to my life after this, I'm going to mourn and then I'm going to find my mother. And we're going to make those son of a bitches pay for what they did.

They have no idea who they messed with.

But they're about to find out.

And they'll regret it.

I'll make sure of that.

As I walked down the street in a despondent trance, I absently wondered where I could go, how I could find my mother, it wasn't something I could do on my own, not in this state. Maybe I could somehow contact my grandfather or uncle? But it had been so long since I had seen them. Banging into someone, I staggered back, grunting as I apologized profusely, cutting off in shock as I saw who it was I had bumped into. I hadn't expected to see him in the muggle world.

"Granger?" Malfoy questioned, looking at me, shocked. Why? I have no idea. I mean, I am a muggleborn after all. Idiot.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" I asked tiredly, I am so not in the mood to put up with the amazing bouncing ferret after… what happened. Just looking at him, remembering what the wizarding world had put me through… just because of my blood… my parentage. Ridiculing them, degrading them, who the hell did those snobby, stuck-up assholes think they were? It just made me so angry. If they only knew what I could do to them. And it would be so easy too. To get into their heads, break their minds, make them think they're going insane, make them see terrible things. It would be so easy. To make them see their worst fears, to watch them drive their selves insane, to hear them scream and beg for mercy.

I had to take a deep breath to keep control.

"Like I would ever tell you, Mudblood." He sneered, making my razor thin control snap and I did something I had sworn never to do. Instead of creeping into his mind unnoticed and painlessly, like I usually would have done, I roughly pushed my way in, making him cringe in unnecessary pain. Something that I would never normally do, something that I would apologize for later. Maybe.

Draco's POV


"You are going to be fifteen, Draco; it is about time that you join the Dark Lord!" Bellatrix shrieked in her pitchy voice, glaring at me with a psychotic gleam in her beady eyes.

"I don't want to! Okay, I am not going to bow down to some filthy half-blood parading as a pure-blood! Unlike you, I have some dignity left!" I shouted back at her, stepping into her personal space, too furious to be scared like I usually would have been, which shocked Bellatrix, causing her to gape at me and rear back, shocked. Glowering down at her, I winced and brought a hand up to my forehead as a sharp pain ripped through my eyes, making me squeeze them shut.

"But-" My crazy aunt started to protest, making me growl as I opened my eyes to glare at her before blinking in confusion, tilting my head as I stared at my grey looking aunt. What the hell is going on?

"BUT NOTHING! Read my lips! I will not nor will I ever BOW TO THAT FILTHY HALF-BLOOD! So go kiss your 'Dark Lords' arse and f*ck off, you deranged BITCH!" I yelled, anger erupting as I narrowed my now glowing grey eyes, making Bellatrix stagger back in fear, gasping in pain as her body seized up, slowly turning into stone.


Gasping, I snapped out of my memory, looking over at a red-haired Granger who was staring at me wide-eyed for some reason. Did she do that to me? I had insulted her and then the next thing I knew my head felt like it was splitting open and I was reliving that horrible memory. Had she done that? Was she like me? No, not possible, it's bad enough that I'm a freaky mutant but if Granger is also one, I think I might just kill myself. Why did she just laugh? What's so funny?

"You're a mutant." Granger breathed, her caramel eyes analyzing me, making me feel like she was reading my mind

"I am not! How dare you accuse me, you filthy little Mudblood!" I hissed at her, venomously, eyes darting around to make sure no one heard her. How did she know? How is that even possible? I haven't done anything to give her any ideas, I don't like to admit it but she's freakishly intelligent. Why is she smirking? Can she read my mind? It would explain why she looks so damn smug.

"You're a mutant, ferret. Face it." Granger snapped at me, her eyes gaining a scarlet glint to it briefly before it disappeared, leaving me to wonder if I had imagined it. She knew. She knew I was a mutant. I don't know how she knew but she did. Would she tell everybody? Oh, of course she would! She hates my bloody guts!

"SHUT UP, I AM NOT!" I shouted, glaring down at her, furiously, my eyes starting to glow again as fear and panic gripped me. I couldn't let her tell anyone, I just couldn't, I would die, they would hunt me down and kill me. I didn't want to die, I did not want to die, I don't want to die! Just as my power started to reach out and grab her, I heard her voice in my head, nice and soothing, like a caressing breeze.

"I saw what happened, Draco, and I am terribly sorry but you need to calm your mind. I hate to break it to you, luv, but you're a mutant and so am I. If you'll let me I'd like to help you."

"Why should I trust you?" I asked, cautiously, eyeing her warily as she gazed at me, smiling softly. She was in my head, comforting me, helping me control my power, granted it was for a selfish reason, considering I would have killed her if she hadn't but still, nice of her to do so. Didn't mean I trusted her, why should I, she hadn't given me a reason yet.

"Right now? You shouldn't. We're enemies; we have been since we were eleven, I don't expect you to just let it go but I really do want to help you and I'm hoping that eventually you'll come to trust me." Granger told me, her voice honest and genuine, I think, but then again what did I know about that?

"I can't trust you, I can't trust anyone, I'm alone." I said, looking down at the ground so I didn't have to see her pitying eyes. A comforting hand on my wrist made my head snap up so I could stare at Gr-… Hermione in shock. Why was she being nice to me? I've been such an asshole to her. I stared at her in confusion, wondering what her angle could be, until she looked me at me, grey and whiskey clashing, as her eyes became unfocused. Opening my mouth to question her, I gasped when images started flashing before my eyes, making me blink rapidly.

"Please, Daddy, please! Daddy, please wake up! Please, I'm begging you!"

"You can trust me, Draco, I promise. I'm not going to give you up to those awful people, okay, if there is one thing you can believe, it's that." Hermione assured me, looking at me with watery eyes as she kept projecting the scene in my head.

"Please don't leave me alone! Please don't leave me! I need you! Please come back!"

"You're not alone, Draco. You're not alone." Hermione told me, reassuringly, giving me a sad smile which I returned; for once it seemed we actually understood each other. What has the world come to when a Granger and a Malfoy get along?

She tells me I can trust her. She tells me I'm not alone. And the thing is, is that I believe her.

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Now before you all start harping on it, Hermione calling her father Daddy is not childish, she was very close to him and now he's gone, she's sad and wants her Daddy to make it better. Personally, I don't think it's possible to be too old to call your father Daddy, my sister is 31 and I'm 15 and we both call our father Daddy.

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