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Chapter 13: An unusual pillow talk

„Where do you suppose Hermione went off to?" Ron asked Harry as they snuck down from their room. They had stayed up quite a while waiting for her in the Common room but eventually they got fed up and went to bed. They figured that they had to get at least some sleep if they were to go waltzing about the castle at night.

"I haven't the faintest idea mate. But she's been borrowing my Invisibility Cloak every now and then so something's up… I reckon we ought to ask your sister." Harry whispered as they quietly made their way out through the portrait hole.

"Ginny? What in the world for?" Ron asked, confused.

"Are you really that thick?" Harry countered good-naturedly. "They were in detention together a little while back. I'm sure that's no coincidence. They're up to something."

"Well bloody hell… speaking of, what are we up to?" Ron whispered back quietly as they turned corridor after corridor.

"Room of Requirement for now…then I'll tell you all about it."

Minerva felt like she would start purring any minute. The little siren in her arms showered her neck and shoulder with small kisses that sent pleasant little shivers down her spine. Her breath hitched as an after-shock of her pleasure rocked her body.

"Mmmm" She hummed, obviously pleased with herself. Suddenly an idea came to her mind and she flipped them over in one smooth motion that defied her perceived age, which, much to her amusement, made Hermione squeak in surprise.

"My turn."

The younger witch bit her lip in anticipation, her heart rate increasing from the mere thought of this wonderful woman's touch. She felt butterflies starting to flutter in her stomach as lips descended on the sensitive skin of her neck. Minerva's weight resting on her body felt so natural, she was inclined to think that they were born to do just this.

The older witch had to restrain her inner animagus before she made her mark even darker on the soft supple flesh beneath her questing lips. She felt downright intoxicated by Hermione's skin: the salty taste on her tongue spurred her excitement to go lower and taste the young woman's essence, while the flowery scent of whatever fragrance she used mingled perfectly with the more natural musky smell of sweat. 'Merlin, this girl is going to be the death of me…'

Minerva moved further south, peppering the perfect skin under her lips with wet kisses until she reached a soft mound of flesh. She gently took a nipple into her mouth and started suckling enthusiastically, occasionally rolling and flicking it with her tongue. All the while she kept her eyes trained on her younger lover, hungry to see her reactions.

Soft, almost silent sighs erupted from the younger witch's lips in reaction to the extended attention paid to her body. Despite the rolling waves of pleasure she struggled to keep her eyes open under the welcome assault as she found the sight of Minerva firmly attached to her breast extremely erotic. She let out a whimper of disapproval when the older witch released the thoroughly erect nipple with a loud pop but was delighted when she continued her more than apt ministrations on her other breast. Hermione allowed her eyes to shut, basking in the feeling but it wasn't long before she snuck a peek again. Seeing the animagus sucking her nipple with pursed lips and kneading the surrounding flesh while emerald eyes bore into her sent a hot jolt of pleasure running straight to her core. Restless to do something with her body she tangled her left hand in Minerva's hair, enjoying the luxury of combing through the silky ebony locks. She started caressing the animagus' calf with her right leg in an attempt to get more body contact.

Minerva took the subtle hint and after a few more moments of blissful torture she descended lower. Her hands eagerly roamed the younger witch's body, kneading the taut muscles and silky smooth skin of her stomach and sides as they fell under her fingers. As she neared her eventual destination her sensitive nose was assaulted by new smells she could relish. If all the twitching she was doing wasn't enough indication the sweet musky aroma of Hermione's arousal reassured Minerva that she was indeed doing a fine job with the girl.

She realized that she was almost giddy with anticipation as she dipped lower, past her navel, eager to taste her juices. 'Merlin, it has been so long since I've done this…' She almost allowed a guilty thought to form in her head about the fact that she might only be bedding her student because her not bothering to keep a regular lover has messed with her heat cycle but she pushed it away.

When she finally arrived between Hermione's thighs she raised herself on her elbows, intent on seeing the girl's nether region. She was somewhat surprised at the neatly – and apparently freshly – trimmed tuft of hair that greeted her. 'Hmpf…someone was expecting to get lucky.' But what really caught her attention was the fact that the young witch seemed to be one of those fortunate ones blessed with quite a large clit. She allowed an impish grin to light her features as a devilish idea formed in her head.

The older witch surprised the girl when she experimentally licked at her center, starting from her entrance with a flat tongue and ending it by flicking the tip of it against the sensitive nub of nerves at the other end. She was quite sure that her eyes lit up when the taste hit her tongue, the sweet sticky fluid instantly growing on her. 'Merlin, this woman is just perfect…'

Hermione's hips bucked in anticipation and she almost yelped when the animagus started lapping at her. First it was gentle, almost as if she was testing the water but she soon grew more enthusiastic with each stroke. It wasn't too long before her core started aching for more attention, desperate to be filled while the woman drove her nearer to the edge. "Please…" She begged, thrusting upwards, hoping that Minerva would get the hint.

'Uhuh…that's what you think… there's plenty of time for that…' Minerva thought, deliberately ignoring the girl's pleas. Tonight she had other plans. When she sensed that the girl might be close enough she, instead of submitting to Hermione's desire, started crawling up the girl's body which was rewarded with a disappointed growl. However, Minerva was relentless - she most definitely had different ideas for their first night. What her inner voice mercifully did not actually point out was the implication that a first night meant that it would most likely be followed by further nights. That was not something Minerva was prepared to deal with just yet.

'GOD, this woman is going to kill me!' Hermione growled impatiently as she watched the sexy crawl until Minerva was face to face with her. Her lips parted as she took a breath to comment on the torture Minerva was submitting her to but the older witch took her cue and plundered the offered mouth thoroughly. It was a welcome surprise when the other woman lowered her body over hers in such a way that she felt a thigh was pressed snugly between hers.

She stopped her internal complaining when Minerva started rocking against her which sent a jolt of pleasure down her spine. Realizing what the woman was up to her heart swelled and she snaked two arms around the older woman's back to pull her in closer and brought up one of her own thighs to bring it into similar contact with Minerva's still dripping core.

When the need for air finally defeated them they broke the kiss, panting heavily to the joint rhythm of their thrusts. Emerald eyes again bore into deep chocolate ones and they found themselves happily lost, conveying the earliest buds of emotion that were only now forming between them.

Minerva clung to nothing more than her iron-cast self-control to be able to hold on and not come yet again before Hermione did. She knew that while she needed much attention for a first orgasm once she was aroused enough these soft rocking motions could send her into an endless series of mini orgasms if she wasn't careful. Her jaw tightened in concentration as she had to focus more and more to keep her hips in rhythm.

Hermione felt waves of pleasure washing over her, each taking her just a bit closer to the edge before pulling back. Each burst of pleasure was accompanied by pulsing heat coursing through her body, leaving her shivering with goosebumps in between. Breaking their eye contact for a moment she looked down between them long enough to see soft breasts swaying to their shared rhythm. To Hermione they seemed almost hypnotic.

When the younger witch's movements became more frenzied Minerva shifted her position slightly to scoop the girl into her arms, intent on making their first time as emotionally charged as possible. She kept telling herself that she was doing it because she wanted the young woman to have that experience but in that moment, when their eyes reconnected, she realized that she needed it more than anything. As she watched Hermione's eyes roll up into her head and the first sighs erupted from her lips she pressed her mouth to hers, intent on drinking every last breath. In that moment she let her self control slip and she tumbled into her second release of the night, the two women holding onto each other for dear life as they moaned their pleasure into one another's mouth.

"What on Earth do you expect to find here?" Ron moaned as they took in the complete chaos the Room of Requirement presented them with.

"I haven't the faintest idea, but I saw Malfoy sneaking in here a few times... We need to figure out what he's coming in here for." Harry replied, stepping up to the nearest pile to examine if there was anything of value among the rubbish. 'I wish Hermione was here...'

Next morning...

Minerva stirred in her sleep as a single ray of light found its way through the sloppily pulled heavy curtains and managed to hit her squire in the eyes. She groaned at the offending light and moved to turn the other way only to realize that a warm, rather soft body was snuggling her. Reality crashed on her as she suddenly remembered exactly what – or rather whom – she had been doing the other night. Her eyes sprang open and as she turned her head she was greeted by the sight of an apparently still slumbering Hermione.

Instinctively Minerva glanced at the grandfather clock standing by the opposite wall and was quite relieved to note that it was barely after the crack of dawn. 'Well... at least we did not sleep in...' Not being present for breakfast would have been something Minerva simply was not willing to allow. Propriety be damned she fancied the little minx presently cuddling with her, but fancying in secret and scandalizing the whole of Wizarding society by being found out after missing breakfast were two entirely different things.

"Galleon for your thoughts?" mumbled a groggy, still half-asleep voice.

Emerald eyes once again connected with chocolate brown, the former a tad apprehensive of what the future would bring, the latter warm and reassuring, albeit tinged with a speck of uncertainty. A delicate hand wrapped around Minerva's mid section and pulled their bodies just that much closer, presumably attempting to soothe her.

"I was worried that we might be later for breakfast..." Minerva admitted, gently smiling at the younger woman beside her. Although she had contemplated distancing herself from the young witch she found herself unable to resist her and caught herself raising a hand to caress said witch's cheek. Hermione, ever the observant one, noticed the slight falter in Minerva's movement and proceeded to catch the hand in hers in an act of reassurance.

"Don't pull away from me now.. darling." She almost said love, but caught herself just in the nick of time. 'If Minerva was freaking out it was certainly not the right time to bring THAT up...'

"You mean now that we've crossed the line that we were not supposed to?" Minerva countered, still somewhat exasperated that it had come down to this. She liked to think of herself as having more self-control than this.

"Sort of, I guess." Hermione replied softly.

As memories flooded Minerva's mind she could not keep the strange assortment of emotions off her face and her attempt to look away was thwarted by a gentle hand as Hermione sat up in bed. She felt aroused, guilty, happy and worried all at the same time, threatening to burst her heart right open. She was about to confess what last night had meant for her when suddenly a memory tore through her consciousness, eliminating all other thoughts. Her eyes grew to the size of saucers in response, and a shade of near-panic crept into her expression.

"Hermione, about last night's..." was all she could get out, as Hermione, not waiting to find out, instantly cut in.

"Don't tell me it was a mistake. It was the most wonderful night of my life. I will not..." Hermione would have went on ranting about what she supposed Minerva wanted to say if her panicked expression was any indication, but likewise, she was cut-off mid sentence.

"Shush. We'll get to that later. But we need to talk about your negative test results." Minerva hurried with her explanation. THAT was something that desperately needed addressing.

Understanding dawned in Hermione's eyes when she realized in which direction was Minerva steering their conversation. She peered at her professor-now-lover with curious eyes, attention instantly perking.

Pleased that she immediately had the young witch's undivided attention, Minerva carried on with her line of thought. "Hermione. Last night...was a very relieving revelation from one perspective. But...the fact that you're simply showing a tremendous magical potential is... distressing from an entirely different point of view." She knew that her cryptic explanation would only serve to confuse the girl but she preferred to ease the young witch into the unsettling knowledge rather the muggles like to say just 'rip the band aid off.'

"Minerva... that was Dumbledore-level cryptic. Could you please be any less concrete?" Hermione dead panned, somewhat annoyed that she was kept on the edge like that.

Suddenly feeling quite exasperated at her young...lover – 'Sweet Merlin, what am I getting myself into' – Minerva huffed. "Excuse me for being considerate of the fact that this might be a bit of a shock to you..." she took a deep breath in order to calm her rising temper and let it out slowly. 'Bickering already like an old married couple...'

"Hermione...You-know-who is most attracted to power and more importantly solidifying his own power base. Whoever displays any sort of above average magical potential is and was, either roped into doing his bidding either pseudo-willingly or by way of coercion, or was killed off if they could not flee." Minerva said, explaining how in the previous war they had to hide excessively talented children and those less inclined or able to fight. A good solid fifteen minutes later, during which Minerva did most of the speaking with only the occasional – and highly perceptive – question coming from Hermione, she finally finished and silence fell upon the room.

"So... you're telling me that you think my magical potential is...impressive enough that would want to seek out that potential." Hermione summarized. "But... I'm already over 17... the Trace is already could he track adult wizards?" The young witch asked, her brows knitted together, deep in thought.

"Not via the Trace, my dear." Minerva agreed, "it's yet another bit of dark magic of which I don't know nearly enough. I believe it has something to do with England's own terrestrial magic and that bastard's tapping into it." Minerva sneered as she gave what little explanation she could. "I suspect Albus would be able to tell you more. And Alastor of course, although he is a bit more difficult to come by".

Hermione seemed to accept the explanation and was mulling over the new information when suddenly her eyes grew wide with realization. "But... being muggle-born... he'd be likely to kill me on sight. I'm an offence to his..." The younger witch trailed off, for once at a loss for words.

"You'd be an affront to his whole system of bigoted views. Yes, unfortunately I agree. While I don't mean to frighten you, Hermione, I quite think that if he were ever to find out about your potential you would be a close second on his hit list." Minerva replied, worry heavily lacing her words. The moment she said those words out loud a granite hard resolution formed inside her soul, vowing to do just about anything to keep the girl from being harmed. "I'll be damned if I let that happen..." She muttered under breath so quietly that Hermione almost didn't hear her.

To Hermione's utter surprise, before she could reply, Minerva, naked as the day she was born, jumped out of bed, hurried over to what seemed like a cabinet of some sorts and retrieved a small jewellery box from one of the drawers. Hermione almost forgot to breathe as her eyes were glued to the graceful almost cat-like movement of her lover. 'How the hell does she get away with walking THAT gracefully while naked?' Hermione just could not help but stare.

When Minerva came back to the bed with the jewellery box in hand she found a still dumb-stuck Hermione gaping at her naked form. Looking down and noticing what had Hermione side tracked Minerva smirked, rather please with the effect she had on the girl, despite the seriousness of their conversation.

She snapped her fingers in front of Hermione's eyes. "Eyes up her, you hormonal teenager." The older woman teased good-naturedly. A moment later she found herself internally giggling and mentally slapping herself at the same time as her own mind registered the comment, reminding her not only of Hermione's obvious attraction but also their age difference.

Hermione, on her part, had the good grace to blush as she firmly planted her eyes on a lovely smirking face. No, she certainly would not be caught so shamelessly staring again. When she was confident that she could look anywhere else without being side tracked again, she lowered her gaze to the box still in Minerva's hand. 'What the hell...?' It was a tiny box covered in black velvet material, small enough to not be able house more than...'Noooo. No, she SO isn't proposing, is she?' Yet again, Hermione found herself staring dumbly. The word proposal kept repeating in her head and she was not sure how to feel about it.

Minerva settled back on the bed in a kneeling position, not actually bothering to dress up. 'Why's not like she hadn't seen everything...' As soon as the thought formed in her head Minerva felt a pang of guilt washing over her. 'Well...she certainly HASN'T seen everything...' As she waited patiently for Hermione to say something she pondered exactly when that other topic might be most appropriately broached upon.

As neither of them spoke for some minutes Hermione grew rather restless. 'Surely it's not what I'm thinking...but how does one...ask without asking...' "What's that?" She finally settled for the simplest way.

Minerva smiled in surprise, expecting that the bright young girl would already have known what she was offering. She opened the tiny velvet box to reveal a delicate ring. When the girl looked at her in silent awe, her jaw slack and her chocolate brown eyes mirrored a mixture of giddiness, terror and shock she frowned and looked back down at the small item in her hand...and then it hit her. The animagus all but face palmed herself as she realized how this might have looked like and she suddenly burst out laughing.

Even in her state of shock Hermione could not help but notice that the wonderful cackling sound of Minerva's laugh made her heart warm instantly. She could not resist a smile playing on her lips, her shock all but forgotten as she watched Minerva visibly shake in her laughing fit. Sure she was still confused and unsure but surely she was only misunderstanding.

" dear girl...the l-look..." Minerva tried to speak while still struggling to take control over her giggling, her sides already sore from laughing too hard. She wiped at her tears with the back of her hand as she finally regained control of her voice. "My dear, the look in your face was...priceless. I do believe I am going to bottle that memory so whenever I am feeling under the weather I can look at it in a pensieve." The older witch said with a mischievous smirk.

Hermione just huffed in response, trying to hide the smile that was threatening to brighten her own face, determined to wait until Minerva finally revealed what the ring was for. She most certainly was not going to make an even bigger ass out of herself by speaking her mind.

Realizing that the younger witch would not budge Minerva finally relented. "Dearest Hermione... despite the miracle of you... managing to entice me into this...affair of ours, I am not at the stage where I would deem it appropriate to propose to you." The older witch admitted, accompanied by a gentle smile, hoping that the words would not sting too much.

To her surprise Hermione lunged at her and smothered her lips in a passionate kiss. 'Well that went well...' Although it was a rather brief kiss Hermione seemed to have put all of her passion into it. "That must have been the best reaction to a non-proposal in history." Minerva commented, humour colouring her voice.

"Well, what is it then?" Hermione cut to the chase. She felt reassured by the fact that Minerva called their night an affair rather than a one-time thing and now she wanted to know what the ring did.

"It's a Ring of Continentia" Minerva answered. "It was often used by Ancient Roman witches and wizards to hide their magical powers from either muggles or even other magical folk if the need arose. Continentia was a Roman witch who lived in the 1st century." The older woman slipped into lecture mode very easily as she had been accustomed to it in the last four decades. "It basically reduces the amount of magic one can use while wearing it. How much you reduce your abilities all depends on the incantation you use. As a result one could turn into a muggle if they so desired, although at great risk because once your magical core was sealed to that extent only another person could release you from it." Minerva explained, smiling as she saw Hermione opening her mouth to ask a question, which she suspected she could answer without it being voiced. "Indeed, it was a rather effective form of punishment as well. The Romans liked to use it anyway. However, the use of a Ring of Continentia as punishment was long ago ruled illegal in Britain."

Hermione did not know what to say. It sounded like an extremely precious artifact, seeing how she had never even heard of it. It really must meant that there were extremely few to be found and quite frankly she was unsure if it was wise to accept it. 'I'm sure there are others in greater need of it...'

Minerva saw doubt clouding Hermione's beautiful chocolate eyes and her brow was yet again knitted in such a cute way the older witch felt the urge to kiss the frown off the younger woman's face. 'Shite...I ought to not let myself fall quite so fast...' Minerva thought with a measure of sadness, realizing that while everything seemed all fine and dandy between them it might not be so for long. Assuming that the girl was doubting the safety of such an object she endeavored to assure her. "It's perfectly safe so long as you don't tone your core down so much too much."

"But it sounds like there's not a great many of these left... shouldn't you give it someone more..." She was fishing for an appropriate word to use when Minerva supplied what she expected the her to be thinking.

"Someone more in need? More important? More powerful?" Minerva asked, making herself a wee bit more upset with each suggestion. "Hermione... I cannot imagine anyone else I would rather give this to. You are, whether you understand that just yet or not, quite precious to me certainly, but to a great many other people too. You are easily the brightest witch of your age and that coupled with the your magical potential... that is a level of power that needs to be protected."

Hermione would never admit it, but she completely lost track of what Minerva had been saying to her after she admitted that she was precious to her. However, a goofy grin was plastered all over her face that gave her away to the perceptive older witch kneeling in front of her.

"Silly witch. I haven't the faintest idea what it is that you see in me..." Minerva said half jokingly. "Would you be so kind as to pay attention while I explain the use of this ring?" She asked, giving her best attempt at sounding stern.

The enthusiastic bobbing of bushy brown hair indicated the younger witch's consent which was followed by a lengthy discussion, albeit once adjourned until they were both fully clothed as both witches found the other's naked body to be much too distracting.

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