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Chapter 1

"Oh no," I gasped as I rushed out of the door of my modest little home. "I'm late again!"

It had been one of those days. I woke up late with only enough time to take a one minute shower and had just seconds to spare as I hastily threw up my hair in its customary do and grabbed a slice of bread for my breakfast. As I was rushing out of my door I couldn't place my finger on a certain feeling in my gut that I had forgotten something. When I reached my car door, realization struck me like a ton of bricks. I had forgotten my keys. I dug into my purse with the hope that I had brought my spare but unfortunately for me I hadn't even grabbed my house keys, and I had locked myself out. Now I had to run to my office which was about a ten minute drive.

"Oh great…" I mumbled. I took a few breaths readying myself to sprint to work. With one last exhale I pushed off the warm pavement of my driveway.

'Well, at least I'm in shape.' I thought to myself trying to encourage myself to see the bright side of the unfortunate turn of events this morning. I was nearing the final stretch to my workplace and was turning the last corner when all of a sudden I crashed into something and was falling forward.

"Ah!" I squealed out. In just a fraction of a second I was lying on my stomach on top of something soft yet… boney?

"Ow, ow, ow…" The said soft, boney thing mumbled. "Just my luck… would you mind getting off?"

"Oh sorry!" I exclaimed embarrassed realizing that I was on top of a man. As I was climbing to my feet I noticed the man's strange appearance. He was wearing an all-blue sort of jumpsuit with a belt that had a… tooth crest on it? He was very skinny and was wearing some strange goggles that kept up his wacky hair that stood about half a foot tall. He also had a slight hunch, but it didn't stand out too much. The thing that stood out to me the most though was his hands… or lack thereof. In the place of his hands were some sort of mechanical claws. Three in fact, which sort of reminded me of those claw games in malls where you have to maneuver the claws in order to win a teddy bear, but his wasn't as pointy. As I was giving the stranger a once-over I notices that he still hasn't got up from the fall. I extended my arm to help him up while offering my apology. "I'm really sorry about that…" I said sheepishly. He accepted my hand with his own cold one. The feeling of cold metal on my warm hand shocked me and I jumped a bit almost dropping him.

"No, that's okay." He said while shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, but I have to get to work!" I said as I glanced at my watch. I hated to be rude but I was truly late. "Bye-bye!" and with those final parting words I was up and running. 'Strange man…'

"Oh wow… I'm hoo~ome." I say to no one in particular. When you live by yourself you sometimes get lonely… it's good to make your own company.

"Why, hello there!" I chirp to my beautiful little fish, Fian. "How are you this evening?" He just swum around in his little bowl show casing his long, flow-y, beta fins.

"Well, my day was just hectic. First, as you already know, I was late. Secondly, I locked myself out, that's why I'm so much later arriving home than usual. Luckily I left one of the windows open. And thirdly, I crashed into this strange man! He was on my mind all day! I think he might have been a dentist," I tell Fian while remembering the tooth crest on his belt. "Though I have to say I would not want him handling my mouth… He had mechanical claws for hands! Can you believe it? Strange fellow, don't you think? Yet he's so… intriguing… I hope I can meet him again someday." I glanced at Fian who just stared at me. "Do you think there's a chance of that happening?" Fian swam in a circle which I took as a yes. I just smiled to myself. "I hope you're right Fian."

The next morning I woke up much earlier than the previous day to a beautiful sunrise. Ah, nothing could make this day any better. I took my time showering and getting dressed. As I was carefully fixing my hair in its usual style, my mind wondered to the unnamed dentist from the day before. 'Agh! Why was I still thinking about him? It's not like I even really got to know him. For all I know, he could be some sort of serial killer, or worse, an evil scientist! Ooh that would be bad! Wait why would that be bad? I'm not making any immediate plans to be in a relationship with him. Ohh what is wrong with me? Okay stop thinking about this mystery person, no matter how much he intrigues you! … Huh, I must be crazy, I'm having an argument with myself inside my head… Ohh well, time to go to work!' I thought to myself, finishing up my hair.

The day progressed pretty uneventful… That is, until I got off work.

"Ow!" "Agh!" Two voices yelped as a resounding crunch could be heard echoing off the walls of the backstreet.

"P-p-please d-d-don't h-hurt me…" I said as a tall figure stood over me. Being a girl, alone in an almost pitch black alley way with what I assumed was a man made me stutter as I was imagining the worst case scenarios of my most certain doom. The figure above me tilted his head to the side. "U-u-um, I… I-I'm n-n-not s-s-someone you want t-to mess w-with!" I tried to threaten the person, failing miserably.

"What are you talking about?" The man asked.

"Uh-mm aren't y-you… u-uuh… Going to at-ttack m-me?"

"No. So stop stuttering! It's getting annoying." The man said as he bent down to help me up.

"O-oh! I-I'm sorry…" I said as I got a better view of the person. It was the dentist guy who I crashed into! "H-hey! I know you! I crashed into you yesterday!" I said excitedly. For some odd reason as soon as I saw who it was I wasn't afraid that he would attack me, which is pretty dumb because I didn't even KNOW the man… "Um… Hi!" I said lamely.

"Hi…" He said, awkwardly.

"So what's your name, anyway? I didn't really have time to ask you yesterday. I'm sorry if I appeared rude, bolting off after I sent you flying to the ground. You see, I was running late for work, and I didn't have my car." I explained to him.

"Frogg… my name is Doktor Frogg." He said simply.

"Doctor? So you are a dentist! Oh wow! How did you get into dentistry? I've always been fascinated by any type of doctor. It just amazes me how you guys know so much about the human body, well the human mouth, in your case."

"Dentist? Where'd you get that from?" He asked me as one of his eyes scrunched up and an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, by the tooth crest on your belt!" I explained to him, with a smile.

"Uhm, I'm not a dentist." He said.

"O-oh! Well I just assumed…" I trailed off, embarrassed. I could literally feel my cheeks turn pink. "Uhh… So then why do you have a tooth on your belt?"

"It's not a tooth, it's a skull." He explained.

"O-oh! Eheh heh… Well this is embarrassing… Uhm, so why do you have a skull on your belt?" I asked him. Oh I felt like a complete moron!

"Well I'm-"

"Frogg! Quick! To the doom-mobile! We've gotta get out of here, ASAP!" Yelled a tiny little man. He was smaller than a midget. I momentarily wondered if this was the size a Hobbit would be. I snapped out of it as soon as I felt myself being yanked up by something. I looked up to see a really large man with orange hair and a black mask that covered his eyes. I started to scream.

"Frogg! Shut her up! She'll ruin our entire plan!" Yelled the short little man in red. I decided to call him Little Red in my haste to name the not-quite-frightening-but-still-a-little-scary-man to calm my nerves a bit.

"Sorry about this…" Frogg said as he sprayed an unknown substance in my face. Soon everything went black.

Later I woke up groggily to two voices arguing. I only had one thought on my mind, 'Holy crabcakes I was kidnapped!' I was just about to bolt up when I decided to pretend to still be asleep so I could find out just what the heck was going on!

"Well why did you decide to kidnap her?" Said one voice.

"Hello-oo, it's called improvising!" said the other voice.

"Well she didn't need to be roped into this! Just think of all of the horrible outcomes your totally random and un-thought out plan could have!" Whispered the first voice hastily.

"Frogg! We need that ruby! And if this is the only way we can get it than this is how it's going down! And besides, it wasn't not thought out, I had a plan! I just didn't tell you two about it!" Yelled the second voice haughtily.

My eyes snapped open. Frogg was one of the bad guys? No! I suddenly remembered that he was the one who knocked me out with whatever it was in that spray can.

"How long is she going to be out for? Time's a wasting!"

"She should be waking up about now. The effects of the gas should have worn off by now…" said Frogg nervously.

I decided that I should pretend to wake up in about thirty seconds before things got suspicious. I opened my eyes again and started to raise myself off of the bed that I was placed on. "Ohh, what happened?" I asked groggily, adding to the 'I just woke up' effect.

Little Red jumped in front of me and started ranting, "Well! You are now part of our eeeevvvviiil scheme! We will use you as a pawn to trade with the irreplaceable red ruby of the Metrotown Museum. It's fool proof I tell you! Fool proof! Mua hahahahahahaha ahahahaaaaaaaa!"

I just stared at the wacko incredulously. After a few moments of awkward silence I spoke. "So… this ruby is irreplaceable… and you're going to try to trade it with me… an average woman you found on the streets who not really anyone knows about… Am I correct?"

This seemed to make him pause for a minute. Then out of nowhere he just burst out laughing. Frogg just looked at him with the same 'you've gone ballistic' expression I had on my face. "Ohh hohoho! Nobody really knows about you! Hah ha ha haahh! That's a good one!" He giggled out to himself. He just paused and looked at me with a serious expression on his face then asked me. "Wait your serious?"

I shook my head 'yes'. He then jumped at a filing cabinet and pulled out a folder that was labeled 'Evil Blackmailing Files'. Little Red then dug in the folder until he pulled out a specific wad of paper that was paper clipped together and just threw the not-important-anymore file over his shoulder. "This, my dear, is a special file on the most famous super hero "Invisiboy"! He can make himself invisible for incredible stealth missions, he has super human strength, he can run as fast as a cheetah, and…" he paused dramatically, "he can crochet a really nice scarf!"

I just raised my eyebrow at the last statement. "So what does this "Invisiboy" character have to do with me?" I asked.

Little Red got an evil smile on his face. "Well… it seems that our little masked hero has a little thing for you… uh… what's your name?"

"Pamela." I answered.

"Pamela! …Take a look at this!" He pulled out a series of pictures of me with the Invisiboy. I just stared, shocked at what I was seeing. There was a picture of me and him at the beach, at my office, on the street, and in my home! There were also pictures of just me in there. In some of them I was just doing normal things like eating a hot dog, or reading a newspaper, but in the others it was even creepier. I was sleeping in a few of them and then there was a picture where I was… bathing? I looked at the two villains. Little Red just looked at me with his evil smirk as if the picture of me naked didn't matter or like he seen it tons of times. Then I looked at Frogg, he had a wide-eyed expression with a dark blush staining his cheeks. Frogg glanced my way. "Oh my gosh! Don't look at that! Ah! Why the heck are there nude pictures of me in here?" I screamed embarrassed hiding the photos out of their view.

Voltar leaned on one hip and held his hand in a girly manner, "Oh calm down girly! It's not like you have anything to hide!" He said in a know-it-all tone.

This was just crazy! Doesn't he have any sort of grasp on the real world? "Uh, yes it is! That's my nude body right there, and I usually cover it up for privacy reasons! That is just sick! And if he's "Invisiboy" shouldn't he be invisible in these pictures?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Eh! It's one of the defects in his superpowers! He shows up in pictures." Little Red explained matter of factly.

I just started to massage my temples trying to ease my oncoming headache. Just when I thought the worst was over, a loud bang could be heard throughout the room. In stepped the giant man dressed in green with orange hair and the black mask covering his eyes. He was the guy who snatched me lastnight.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" I screamed as I jumped into Doktor Frogg's arms. I was just wimpering when I peekd my eye open and seen Little Red and the scary large man staring at me.

"Uhh, are you okay?" asked the giant of a man.

"Gah!" I snapped my eyes shut again and placed my face into the crook of Doktor Frogg's neck. He was scary!

"Uhhh, Pamela? You don't have to be scared, that's just the Red Menace" Doktor Frogg told me.

I looked up to his face with an are-you-crazy look. I then whispered to him, "Menace, menace? Do you even know what menace means? Threat, danger, hazard, peril, risk, jeopardy and nuisance are just a few of the synonyms for menace!"

"Yes, I do know what menace means but he doesn't live up to his name. He's a do-gooder." He whispered back to me. After the initial shock of seeing my kidnapper I suddenly realized how close my and Doktor Frogg's faces were. I then started to blush. This confused him and then he finally seemed to get why I was blushing. He carefully set me down and awkwardly cleared his throat.

"Erm, before we have to hear anymore screaming I suggest that we introduce Pamela to our entire team." Doktor Frogg told the others. He gestured to the giant, "This is Red Menace," He gave me a friendly smile and a little wave. "Voltar," he pointed to Little Red, "the Henchbots," he gestured to two robots falling apart in the corner playing cards, "and Doomageddon."

I looked for the said 'Doomageddon' but I couldn't see him. "Uhh, Doktor Frogg… who's Doomageddon, I don't see him…" As if on que a dog-like-creature appeared out of thin air in front of me. He was wearing a little sweater and his big eyes just melted my heart. I held my hands together in a girly manner beside my face and let out an adoring "Awwwe!" I reached down to pet him when I was knocked off my feet.

"Pamela you can't do that! He will most certainly eat you!" Doktor Frogg hastily shouted in my face from on top of me.

I quirked my eyebrow a d glanced at Doomageddon, then back to Doktor Frogg. "Are you serious?" I asked him. "Can't I at least try to touch him?" He looked at me then to Doomageddon.

"It's your funeral." He told me with a shrug.

Doktor Frogg got off of me and helped me up. I dusted myself off and then turned to Doomageddon. He stared at me and I stared back. I could see some intelligence in his eyes and wondered if Doktor Frogg was right. I slowly bent down then stretched my hand to his head with anticipation. There was silence all around except for Frogg who made a wimpering sound as my hand got closer. My hand made contact with Doomageddon's head and he relished into my touch. I then started to really pet him and his leg started to kick.

"You see Froggy, he isn't so bad!" I told Doktor Frogg with a pleased smile.

"Yeah, easy for you to say…" He grumbled to himself.

"Well now that that's over and done with, on with the evil scheming!" Little Re- …er… Voltar interrupted.

Red Menace spoke with a worried tone, "I'm surprised Voltar, this is the most evil scheme you've ever come up with… Are you sure no one's going to get hurt?"

"Oh Red, have you no knowledge in the ways of evil! Hurting others is the entire point of evil scheming! It's why we do what we do!"

Unfortunately for me, Voltar was right. Someone was bound to get hurt, and it was probably going to be me…

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