Chapter 2

I feel pretty good this morning. This is unusual for me since I'm not such a morning person… But I shrug it off merely as an odd day. I'm just about to sit up and get ready for work when I remember something very important. Oh, right… I was kidnapped. Hmm I wonder if they'll let me go to work. Probably not but I might as well get ready for work just in case they do let me.

As I mosey on around this very large house I realize two things… 1.) I have no idea where anything is in this place and 2.)… I'm lost.

"Oooh! Well this is just great…" I mumble to myself. "Well might as well try that door." I head towards it and wonder if I should really open it. I don't know what's on the other side… and after all, this is the 'Secret Lair' of super villains… With a determined look, or at least I hope it's determined, I step towards the door and reach for the handle. When I open the door you could imagine my great surprise when I find…




…Red Menace's room. I seriously don't know what to think, I mean, this boy's room is more feminine than mine. As I stare at Red Menace curled up on his purple bed sheets surrounded by teddy bears and flower vases only one thing enters my mind… 'I was afraid of this goofball?' Upon further inspection on the room I notice that he has curtains to match his bed sheets and a very pretty shag rug. I realize just how funny this scene is and try to stifle a laugh.

'Well this is definitely not the bathroom.' I turn around and quietly shut the door.

'Now, where else to look…' Oh! Well another door to open. This time I am not so worried of what I will find on the other side of the door, I mean, these guys are really harmless! I am severely shocked when I touch the doorknob and feel an electrical shock, and a strong one! Well that's a bit redundant… shock, shock. But my goodness, that hurt!

'Well that's not right… I'm beginning to regret this…' I find another door that looks completely harmless, but looks can be deceiving. I reach my hand to the doorknob with anticipation and hold my breath for the results that touching this door will have. My finger lightly taps the cold metal and I sigh in relief. I turn the knob waiting for the worst to come, but it doesn't. Elation passes over me as I look into the bathroom. 'Yes!'

I step in and grab a towel from the closet. I am so going to enjoy this. Nothing like a nice, long, hot shower to wash away your troubles… Especially if your troubles include being kidnapped, humiliated by awkward photos and getting the 'shock' of your life from a door handle… Wow that was kind of corny… Anyways, yes a nice shower will do the trick!

About fourteen minutes into the shower, there is a bright flash of light. That was kind of scary… I hear eating sounds. 'Okay, now I'm really scared!'

"H-h-" Oh no my voice isn't working! "H-hel-lo? Is anyone there?" No response, but what was I expecting? Talk about a horrible scary movie! 'The chick in the shower calls out to the murderer asking him if he's there as if he's going to say "Yah, I'm right here!"'. I mean, come one, why would you do that? Oh right… I just did…

I decide to check if anything is really there. I hold my breath while I open the shower curtain, hoping that I just had a moment of craziness and that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I fully peak my head out, ready to cry out so that someone would hear my screams of agony and would hopefully be able to come before I'm chopped into tiny little pieces. I see nothing… I mean literally, nothing. My towel, the sink, the tissue, the closet, and my clothes are all gone. It looked like they were eaten. Trails of slobber were the only thing that was left in this now pitiful bathroom… That and the shower curtain… It only takes me a moment to realize that I have no clothes, towel, or anything that I can cover my body with.

"Oh wait, the shower curtain!" Well thank goodness! I wouldn't want to be naked calling out for help on my first day here. Now I can find my own help. It's still early so I won't have to worry about any of the guys being up… I hope. I grab the shower curtain from its rings on the shower pole and wrap it around my body and find that it's very uncomfortable. 'Well it beats being… er, nude…' I feel very embarrassed right now… But being embarrassed is not going to solve my problems! Right! ... Now, off to find some coverage. And just so my hair doesn't drip everywhere I throw it up into the usual hairstyle. I'm glad I hung up this hairband on the shower pole.

'Okay, so I have no clothes, the towel closet was eaten, and all of my stuff is at my house… What to do, what to do? Well maybe I can make a makeshift dress out of one of the curtains… Yah, because I'm an excellent seamstress... Okay, option two! Steal one of the guys' clothes and make a break for my house! That's killing two birds with one stone! Find clothes, and escape! Well! I hope I can pull this off…'

I'm honestly trying to think my way out of this but since I was knocked out before I was kidnapped, I actually have no idea where I am. Am I even still in Metro Town, or am I in the outskirts? No time to think about that… 'Okay, Red Menace's clothes would be too big, Voltar's would be too small, so my best bet is Doktor Frogg's… Now if I could just find his room…' Just as my luck would have it, as that thought crosses my mind, I walk by a door that says "Doktor Frogg's Room" but "Room" is crossed out and messily underneath it is written "Evil Science Lab."

'I hope he doesn't have any booby-traps set up…' Only two more handles to turn girl and your home free! Okay, here goes nothing! I am honestly very surprised. Doktor Frogg seems like the brains of the operation around here so I really thought that his room would be tricked out to have something very unpleasant happen to intruders upon entering his domain. Nothing… Not even a bucket of water above the doorframe.

'I'm pleasantly surprised…' I muse to myself. I look around the room and take note of the décor. There's a desk, an operation table, a telescope in the corner, a shelf filled with potions and jars with anonymous things inside, a window seat, a small closet, a dresser and a nice sized bed. There's also another door which leads to another room, but I don't know what kind of room… maybe a bathroom? All in all it's very nice, though it looks more like an experimental lab…

I shuffle quietly to the dresser which is situated next to the bed. As I get closer I see a small lump under his duvet cover. I am a very curious person, so I must know what's under there. I slowly lift the blanket up and barely stifle a gasp. It's Doktor Frogg.

'Wow he's really skinny. I didn't even know it was a person under there.' He is honestly the most adorable thing I have ever seen! He looks so peaceful when he's asleep! He's curled up in a fetal position and his claws are cupped near his face. Cute little snores that sound totally ersatz escapes him and a small smile appears on his lips. His hair is a little messier and he's wearing a cute blue pyjama top that's printed with little space ships and planets. It takes all of my strength not to glomp him right then and there. He looks totally snuggable, you can't blame me! I gently set the blanket back on top of him and head towards my original destination; the dresser.

'Haha, all of these clothes are exactly the same! Just like a cartoon!' I think to myself. 'Okay, these will do just fine.' I pick out a jumpsuit and quickly slip it on discarding the shower curtain in Doktor Frogg's Room. 'A little snug, but at least it's stretchable. Okay escape ti-'

"Pamela?" says a groggy Doktor Frogg. I am frozen in place. "What are you doing here?" Well it's a long shot, but he's still half asleep.

"You are dre-ea-ming," I drawl on, "Go back to sleep…"

"Dreaming?" He asks, "Oh, yes that makes sense…" He snuggles back into his bed, "Why else… would there be… a beautiful… girl… here…" He's asleep now.

'Beautiful?' I ponder to myself, 'He thinks I'm beautiful?' I've never been called beautiful by anyone before. Well my mom and my grandma called me beautiful, but that doesn't count… Huh, beautiful… Usually any guys I meet never really talk to me. They always seem nervous or intimidated… I can't understand why though… I try to be kind to everyone. It felt… nice to be called that… Oh, now's not the time for that Pamela! Stop being A.D.D.! I have problems with that… Okay, escaping! How I go on about that, I have no idea…

I slowly creep back to the door and quietly make my exit. I pad down the halls in hope that I'm going the right way to the front door. I run for a few minutes until I finally see a door with a small window at the top and two windows that run along the sides of the door. Yup, that's definitely a front door. I reach it after what seems to be hours and yank the door handle. Immediately an alarm starts blaring and a red police light pops out of nowhere and shines it's flashing red glow everywhere. Suddenly I'm in a cage and Voltar is standing outside of it glaring at me.

"Well, well, well… If it isn't Miss Pamela trying to escape."

"U-uh… Voltar, heh heh heh, what a surprise to see you here! I was just wandering around the Evil Lair when I saw this remarkable door! I just had to see what was on the other side of it!" I tell him with a convincing smile.

"Yah. Right." He says with a hand draped over his jutted out hip. "This is obviously a door to outside. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure that out."

"Is it? Or is it just an illusion to look like a door to outside. It may be in disguise! I thought since you guys were such evil masterminds you might have created a decoy door and put something ever so exciting on the other side of it." I say, trying to inflate his ego so I can get out of this jam. He gets a smile on his face.

"Oh really?"

I nod my head.

"Then what do you make of THIS?" A large screen pops up and an image of me running to the door is shown on it. Busted.

"Agh! Well I need to work, I need clothes, and my poor dear Fian is probably starving without me at home!"

"Fian? Is he someone you hold dear to yourself?"

"Yes, he is the most important one in my life at the moment. He's a very dear friend."

"And this friend lives with you?"

"Yes, obviously. Where else would he live?"

"Hmm, well this is a surprise…"

"So can you let me out of here? He's probably wondering where I am."

"Hmm, well I can't let my bait run off now, can I? But you do need some clothes. Doktor Frogg's jumpsuits won't do… They're far too… revealing."

I look down at myself and start blushing. In different light you can see virtually every dip and curve of my body… And it didn't help that I didn't have any underwear on… I try my best to cover myself with my hands, which proves to be a difficult feat. "So now you see my point." I try to say with a much dignity my current position allows me.

"Fine then. But you will need an escort. I'll send you off with Red Menace. You cannot see where our location is so you'll also have to wear a blindfold. Am I clear?"

"As clear a mud!" I say sarcastically. He looks confused. My goodness, this guy is dull. "Is sarcasm a foreign language to you, or what?"

"What do languages have to do with anything we're talking about?"

Is he serious? Angry face, indignant huff… yup, he's serious… I sigh. "Sarcasm: saying something with disdain, scorn, irony or mockery… Usually spoken in a sneering tone. Get it?" He still looks confused. Oh dear… "I. Was. Mocking. You." He suddenly gets it.

"Well, seeing as I am the villain, and you are a hostage, I suggest you keep your 'sarcasm' to yourself. Quiché?" I think I hear a snort of stifled laughter in the background… No matter, I'm probably just imagining it.

"Umm, I think you mean 'capisci', oh so wise villain." I tell him with a smirk. I don't know why, but this little guy brings out the worst in me. Usually I have much more patience with people, but he is seriously turning me into a monster!

"Now why are you bringing up pastries?" He yells at me. I don't know what to say, so I just settle for a palm-slap to the forehead. Oh dear… I don't know if he can even qualify for being a villain… Okay, settle down girl. You need to get on his good side. Remember, you want to be allowed to go home.

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just hungry." I lie with a strained smile.

"Oh, right! I forgot about that. Red Menace! The hostage is hungry, get her something to eat, will you?"

"Oh! Sure thing Voltar!" Hmm, Red Menace is actually very considerate for a villain. I guess Doktor Frogg was telling the truth when he said that he's a 'do-gooder'.

The cage is lifted from around me and I see Doktor Frogg from the corner of my eye. Huh, speak of the devil. He walks towards me. "That little spat between you and Voltar was funny." Ohh, so he was the giggler I heard while Voltar and I were arguing.

I smile at him, "I'm glad I could provide you with some early-in-the-morning humor!"

He smiles back at me. "Yah… Uh… were you in my… room this morning?"

My face heats up immediately. "Wh-what? M-e in your r-room? Don't be ridiculous!" I stutter while I giggle nervously. It's not like I did anything to be ashamed of. I mean I just thought he was cute when he was asleep, that's all!

He points to my clothes… or rather, his clothes that I stole from his dresser. "O-oh, right. Well I can explain!" He raises an eyebrow at my hysteria. "Uh, well I didn't have any clothes because mine were eaten, and Voltar is too small, and Red Menace is too big so I figured… that I could… borrow, erm, your clothes for the time being. I-I'll wash them before I give them back, I promise!"

"Oh… okay?" He says uncertainly. "Well, you don't have to wash them…Did you say eaten?"

I was glad for the change in subject. "Yah! Uhm, pretty much the whole bathroom was eaten, so that's why I didn't have anything to wear."

He starts to blush. I wonder why… "So you were… um running around… naked?" Oh that's why… Wait, what? Oh goodness no! How embarrassing!

"No, no, no, no, no! Whatever ate the bathroom did leave the shower curtain! If there wasn't anything at all to cover myself up with, I would still be in the bathroom!"

"Oh, right."


… So this is what being in an awkward-silence atmosphere feels like… I don't like it. I cough uncomfortably. "Um, I better go and eat…"

"Uh, yah… You should do that."

"Yes, after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…"

"Yah, that is a well-known fact…"

I slowly scoot away. "Uhm… bye-bye Doktor Frogg."

"See ya."

Well, I never want that to happen again. Talk about your demure moment… Yah. 'Um, breakfast. Okay where is the kitchen? Oh, there it is!'

"Oh, hullo Red Menace."

"Hi there Pamela! I hope you're hungry! I made you my favourite breakfast!" Red Menace says proudly as he sets a plate of who-knows-what in front of me.

'Oh my goodness, it moved!' I think, disgusted and now sick to my stomach.

"Ummm… what is it?" I ask him, trying to hide my revulsion.

"I call it, 'Goopy Schlomp'! Garbage flavoured! My favourite flavour of all!"

"O-oh! Yummy… Um, Red Menace, I think I'll skip out on breakfast this morning. You can have it!"

"But, Voltar said you were hungry…" He says with sad eyes.

'Oh, God, is he trying to poison me?' "Oh, well maybe one bite won't hurt…" 'Oh curse you soft heart of mine!' I stab the fork he gave me into the 'Goopy Schlomp' and take off a small blob from the heaping mass of stink on the plate. It slowly makes its way to my reluctant mouth. I hope and pray to God that there might be some interruption that might save me from this awful situation. A few moments pass and I have no such luck. I bite down on the fork and almost die then and there.

'Oh my gosh! It's awful! I can't swallow! But I must! Look at that happy face! Okay, you can do it… Swallow… swallow… swallow you wimp!' I eventually do. I almost stick my tongue out in disgust, but manage to plaster a smile on my face.

"O-oh that was… very unique. I'm all full now, so you can finish this…"

"You really liked it? Oh, I'm so glad!" He says while he takes the plate away from me.

"Yes, yes, thank you Red Menace."

"You can call me Red!"

'Oh, looks like I've made a friend!' "Okay Red, I'm just going to go to the bathroom before we go to my place…" 'So I can wash away this deadly taste in my mouth.' I mentally finish off.

"Okay Pamela, take your time!"

"I will!" 'As long as it takes to get my mouth back to normal…' I walk away with a weary smile.

'How am I going to survive with these boys? Ugh, I definitely need to escape…'

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