Chapter 39

"Well, well, well…" Voltar says with a menacing air about him. "If it isn't the little traitor…"

I stiffen at his words and feel a hot shiver course through my whole body. I slowly put down my cup of tea but dare not turn around. "Wh-what do you mean?"

"Don't. Play. Dumb." He spits every word out. "I know everything that goes on in this little city, especially if it has to do with someone I'm training in evil."

"Wh-what are you getting at, Voltar?"

"I know all about you sneaking over to the Hall of Glory." He says firmly.

I spin around quickly, hoping to find a trace of a bluff, but to no avail. He seriously knows.

"And I know you've been observing Glory Guy." His antennae pique up

"Voltar…" I start, but I really don't know how I'm going to talk my way out of this one…

"You know, I had had high hopes for you, and at first assumed you were looking for a weakness. For a moment I was proud. I thought to myself, 'the newbie I'm training is already so ambitious, going after the big fish'." He turns away from me dramatically and clenches his fists. "Imagine my surprise when I had discovered you were visiting him to draw him."

I can't see his expression but I'm sure it wasn't a pleasant one.

"Well, it's for my-"

"I don't want to hear it!" He yells, glaring right through me. "The League of Super Evil will not tolerate such betrayal."

"Betrayal?" I exclaim.

"You're sick! What are the drawings for, a shrine? Hm? A little room dedicated to your new love?" Voltar, with great strength, I must add, bounces up and lands with his feet on my stomach with one hand clenching the strap of my dress for support. He smooshes his helmet against my face and points a finger to me. His eye is nearly poking into my own. "You may have everyone in this lair fooled, but not me."

"But, Voltar, it's not-" He halts me with a finger to my lips.

"Don't give me any petty excuses." He eases his helmet away from my face, giving some of my personal space back.

"I'm not betraying you!" I say, desperately.

"Then pray tell, what are you doing?" He asks in a challenging matter, bringing his helmet even closer to my face. He's so close that I have to cross my eyes to see him clearly. It's quite awkward.

"It's for work." I tell him.

I can barely see it with the proximity of ourselves, but he glares.

"Mm hmm." He says, unconvinced.

"If you would get off of me, I could explain it to you." I say, not at all comfortable with his nose piece smooshed up against my nose.

He gives me a disgusted "Pheh," and hops down.

I breathe a little easier and brush my dress from the dirt he left from his little feet and fix my strap. "What on earth makes you think that… think that I would 'betray' you?"

"Hn?" He asks over his shoulder. He reminds me of a little boy, pouting.

"Why do you think I would betray the League of Super evil?" I repeat.

"Well who wouldn't for a hero?" He says, sounding very bitter. "I mean isn't that something assumed by everyone; heroes are better than villains?"

"Voltar, I never once thought that." I bite my lip. "I mean, I did at one point… But that's in the past."

"Right. Next you're going to tell me that wanting to try out the side of evil wasn't all an act."

"Voltar," I take a deep breath. Were his feelings hurt? "I really did want your help in being…evil." I use the term loosely because I don't really consider him evil… In fact, their gang should be called 'The League of Somewhat Evil'…

"You're lying… If you were serious you wouldn't be mingling with the enemy." He huffs and turns to glare at me. "Why would you need Glory Guy's image for work, anyways?"

My eyes widen. If he finds out I'm putting Glory Guy in my comic for a little while, I'll be toast! "O-oh, uhm… I just needed his help with certain poses… It's hard to find someone normal with his buff proportions… Heh, heh, heh…"

His disinterest in my work saves me. "Whatever…"

"I'm glad you understand-"

"Don't think you're getting off that easily," He says, warningly. "I'm still suspicious of you…"

I sigh in exasperation. "But you at least believe me when I say I'm not betraying the league…right?"

He looks me up and down and sticks his nose up at me. "I guess it was foolish to think that someone like you could ever be of any use to someone like Glory Guy."

An indignant bubble rises in me, but I fight it back. He was, in a roundabout way, telling me yes…

"Good." I say, picking up my cup that I had set down. I tip it back and finish its contents. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow then?"

Voltar, not quite as enthusiastic as I'd hoped he'd be, nods. "Yeah, yeah."

The lessons in evil have taken quite a leap, but he still hasn't allowed me to test out any of my newly acquired skills… Some excuse about me 'still being too good for my own good to abandon my habits of good.'

"Voltar?" I say quietly.

"Mmgh, what do you want?" He whines out, annoyed for some reason.

"When can I slime Victoria?" I ask, hopeful for a positive response.

"For the last time, I'll let you know." He says, squinting at me.

I sigh and put the cup into the sink. As of late, Victoria has been visiting the lair far more than I'd have liked her to. And it seems that Doktor Frogg never gets over her beauty… always babbling when she so much as smiles at him…

I look down to my own plain body and sigh. Maybe Voltar was right… Maybe I'm not the type of person men find attractive… I shake my head and make my way to the door, without bothering to say goodbye to Voltar. He never really cared about pleasantries between us anyhow.

"So I was thinking about things between you and Frogg…"

Victoria's sudden words nearly have me spit out the water that I was drinking. I keep my composure as best as I can.

"Oh? What about us?" I ask smoothly.

She has a funny look on her face. "Oh, you know… How close you are but also how close you're not…"

My brows scrunch up together. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, you two are just too polite around each other. If I had a man I certainly wouldn't keep teasing him the way you do." She suddenly blushes. She's so beautiful it makes me even angrier. "I certainly would let him know how much I wanted him…"

Was she teasing me? Taunting me? Did she like Frogg like I thought she did or was it something else? Was she trying to be a friend? Certainly no sane person would tell the girlfriend of their crush to be more forward with the said crush…

"I was just over at the lair the other day and I saw how much he longed for the touch of a woman." She said, blushing again. "He looked so jealous."

Jealous? Jealous?

"Jealous of what?" I ask, feigning passiveness.

"Oh, just… My passion, I guess." She says, shrugging.

Passion? What the hell is she talking about?

"Passion for what?" I ask, afraid to hear the answer.

"Men, I suppose." She giggles. "Which is why I think you need to step up your game. If you don't start treating him like a man rather than a boy, he may rise up to the occasion and be someone else's man. Know what I mean?"

Someone else's man? You mean your man? No chance in hell, lady!

I paste a smile on my face and have to stop myself from speaking through my teeth. "Thanks for the advice, Victoria, but I really don't think Frogg would betray me like that. What we have is special."

She bats her eyes innocently and smirks at me. "Whatever you say, Pamela."

"Indeed." I say with finality. She wants me to step up my game? I'll step up my game… I'll have her running away from the lair in no time…

"Voltar!" I call into the league's lair. Today was definitely the day he would let me slime her, prank her, do- do whatever to her. I didn't care what he let me do, as long as it was something!

Voltar groaned from the living room. "What do you want?"

"Pamela?" I hear another voice call to me. Frogg… He quickly came to greet me at the door, smiling despite my lack of smile. "Euh, hi!"

"Hi, Frogg." I say, smiling. It wasn't genuine though. Every time he looks at me, I'm reminded of how he looks at Victoria… I don't think he's ever looked at me the way he looks at Victoria… "What's Voltar up to?"

"Oh…" His face seems to drop. "Uh, he's just watching some TV. Evil Stevens is selling another one of his cheap but ridiculously priced products."

"Could you tell him I need to see him and it's important?" I plea. I can't stand another moment of this lack of passion from Doktor Frogg's eyes. I mean, with Victoria gone he probably won't look at me any differently than he does now, but at least he won't be looking at someone else more intensely than he does me…

"Sure…" He seems to walk away from me less enthusiastically than when he greeted me.

Was I missing something? I mean, for the past month I've been hanging out with Voltar more than him so it was certainly possible that something significant could have happened without me knowing… Well, no matter. I could catch up as soon as this Victoria thing was dealt with.

Within seconds Voltar was grumbling and stomping his way over to me. "What do you want, Pamela?"

I bent down to reach his level and spoke quietly, wanting nothing more than this whole thing to be kept a secret. "Voltar, I think I'm ready. For anything you think I can do right now. I'll go along with anything. Anything." The desperation in my voice is very apparent.

Voltar suddenly smirks. Seems I've piqued his interest… "Anything?"

I smile back, raising a brow. The prospect of me finally being able to exact my revenge on Victoria was exciting. "Anything."

"Even…" He waves me back down so he could whisper his plan. Every word he speaks to me makes my eyes widen more and more. It truly is diabolical I can't help but giggle.

"Yes!" I say in a hushed but not so hushed tone, clasping my hands together. This is what I've been waiting for!

Voltar takes a step back and seems to mull on the plan. "Well, with my lessons being so… toned down for a newbie like you, I'm a little hesitant, but this…" he struggles for the right word for a moment. "excitement I'm seeing in you is very encouraging."

"Yes, please, Voltar! I really think I'm ready! I mean, we've had enough trial runs! We've practiced for hours each session and I really think I couldn't be more prepared!" I try to keep my hushed tone but it was hard with this much emotion to be quiet. "Please!"

"Okay, okay." He says, waving his hand at me. "Just come, with the outfit I got for you, here at eight tonight and don't be late. You know I don't like waiting."

I groan, remember all the times I've been maybe five or ten minutes late, always being punished with either a gun of some sort or gross surprise. "Yes, I know Voltar…" I recall Frogg and Red's bedtime being far past eight and pause. "Won't Frogg and Red be suspicious? I really don't want them to find out… Especially Frogg…"

"We're not going to do it here," He says with the most patronising tone I've heard him use all week. "That wouldn't make sense. We just need to meet here first to make sure we have all the equipment we need before we head out. Nothing worse than not being prepared."

"Oh, yes, I suppose." I right myself and smooth out my dress. "Is there anything else I should be aware of before tonight's… mission?"

"Hm…" Voltar thinks aloud. He looks up at me and smirks once more. "Be prepared for one of the best experiences of your life."

I raise my brow and try not to laugh. Was he really that determined to make me turn to the evil side? I clear my throat and smile. "Okay, Voltar."

AN: Hahaha, what will be in store for Victoria? We'll see. Muahahahaha!