So, this is my first DP fic...I haven't seen too many of these and Clockwork will show up eventually. If you noticed, the story is called Like Clockwork...XD Enjoy!

Walking to school for is normally a leisurely activity, but for someone me it's never easy. At the current moment, I'm flying through the air avoiding ecto-blasts that Skulker is shooting at me. At the current moment no one can help me. I'm too high up for my friends and family to actually help me fight him. I quickly turn towards him and shoot a blast back of my own. It hits him square in the chest and he goes flying back through the air. I follow through by getting him into the Fenton Thermos.

"Danny, school is going to start soon," I hear Tucker shout over the communicator in my ear. I sigh, another day of staying after for extra help. Ever since the school found out I was Phantom they decided to start giving me lessons after school and in between my ghost fighting. It's working so far, but it's still hard to keep up with the work when I can't even finish the stuff to begin with.

"I'll be at the school in like two minutes, Tucker," I reply to him. I look down at the city and see the high school come into view. I land on the front steps and walk into the school and get to Mr. Lancer's room before the bell rang. I don't sit next to anyone in class since the teachers felt that students would find it unfair if they didn't get to sit next to the celebrity.

"Dude, you actually made it to school on time! I think this might be like the second time this year that it's happened!" Tucker says laughing at his own lame joke. I give him a small smile and wait for the bell to actually ring. I hear the bell finally ring and see Mr. Lancer walk in talking absentmindedly with a new student. She's probably about Sam's height, which is about five foot five, she's wearing a white T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black and white converses. She also happens to be extremely pale skin, has raven black braided hair that reaches her waist, and when she turns to the class she I see the most surprising attribute to her, she has two different colored eyes, one is a like violet and the other is a sky blue.

"Class, this is Theresa Klare Morris. Please go and sit next to Mr. Fenton. Now, class open to page 365 so we can work on the short story The Three Strangers, " Mr. Lancer tells her and the rest of the class. I hear all the other people in the room groan in protest. Theresa moves swiftly to the seat next to me and opens up an English textbook from under her desk. I open my book and start reading the boring short story. I hold my head in my hand while reading and see Theresa writing notes on what we were reading which is more I can say about half the class. Most of them aren't even reading the story.

I can some up this story in about three sentences. These two guys crash a party and then a third guy shows up, who happens to be the first stranger's brother. I gunshot goes off and it means a prisoner escapes and all the party goers chase after the third guy. It turns out the first one did it and he got away, the end. I look back over to the new girl to see her finishing up a page and a half or writing…she reminds me of Jazz, great, she better not get me caught in the Fenton thermos.

Before Mr. Lancer can go over the story the bell rings. I'm getting ready to walk out of the room when he calls Theresa and me over to his desk. "Is there something you need?" Theresa asks looking at her watch. I just noticed that she's wearing a watch. It has an eerily familiar symbol in the middle of it, but I let it slide.

"Ms. Morris, I would like you to take over tutoring Mr. Fenton and in turn I want Mr. Fenton to show you around the school. It seems like an even trade to me. Don't you think so?" Mr. Lancer explains his logic to us and Theresa shrugs her shoulders and I nod my head in reply.

"So, I guess I'm showing you around today. I'm Danny Fenton," I tell her holding my hand out for her to shake.

"I'm Theresa Morris, but you can call me T.K.," she says back taking my hand and shaking it quickly before Sam and Tucker join us in the hallway.

"What did Lancer want?" Same questions suspiciously eyeing the new girl. I feel Sam grab my hand possessively and she moves closer to me.

"He wants me to tutor Danny after school and during lunch. He talked to me before class started. Apparently my grades are high for this school and he wants me to help him. I'll see you at lunch," T.K. answers for me and walks in the general direction of her next class.

"Dude, she's hot," Tucker comments as she makes her way through the crowds of people. I notice that guys are staring at her as she walks. This is just going to be another girl that rejects Tucker. I mean she's rejecting me and I'm the savior of the world.

Lunch comes much faster than I want it to. I'm actually kind of regretting agreeing to the tutoring thing. "Danny, why are we actually waiting for her?" Sam asks tapping her foot impatiently on the tiled floor in the cafeteria. Right when I'm about to reply I see T.K. being showed around by none other than Dash Baxter. I see him try to put his arms around her shoulders, but she moves out of his way making him almost trip and fall.

"Excuse me, but I have someone to meet," T.K. tells him coming over to us. Dash has been nicer to me since he found out that I was Phantom, but other than that nothing else has changed. He's still a general jerk towards me.

"Thanks for waiting. He wouldn't leave me alone. Can we study outside? I don't think I'll be able to concentrate in here," T.K. asks and I nod leading her outside near a tree. I can tell that Sam is fuming.

"You're Sam and Tucker right? Well, you're welcome to sit and listen too. Unless you want today to be an ice breaker type of thing," T.K. questions me and I'm pretty sure I'm going with the latter.

"How about the ice breaker," Sam replies glaring at the new girl again. T.K. sighs as everyone sits down around her.

"So, ask away," T.K. says and I notice that she looks a little nervous. I guess Sam is freaking her out.

Hi! So, if you're still reading then yea! I'm totally pumped for this story! I've been wanting to write it for a long time! This is after PP incase you couldn't tell. And Sam and Danny are dating in this one.






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