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"Let's take this conversation to a safer place," 'Jason' says and with a snap of his fingers we're in the ghost zone inside his and the Observers' lair. I see 'Jason' put three thermoses side by side. I'm going to guess that he's going to put them in isolation later, hopefully.

I let out an irritated growl. I hate all this beating around the bush, "Let me repeat myself, are you really Clockwork?"

"Yes, I am. Is that really so hard to believe?" 'Jason' answers me with a question. He's always speaking in riddles…

"Jason, just give him the whole story. We have time on our side," T.K. says with a wink. I see Trent rolling his eyes at her really bad pun.

"Alright, it started right before the American Revolution in 1774. I was fifteen and was an apprentice to a clockmaker. It seems even when I was completely human I had an obsession with time. It was an early Saturday morning when my life was changed forever. On my way to work a portal opened on me, literally. It had the same effect on me that your parent's portal had on you, except I was transported into the ghost world and I couldn't get back to my world. I landed on some wandering rocks unconscious. The Observers took me to their hideout and examined me. They deemed me a threat to the world and wouldn't let me leave. Once I got control of my powers I started working for them. My job was to make sure that the world remains safe.

"Over two hundred years passed before another half ghost came into existence. As you know, Vlad Masters was the next half ghost to come along. The Observers didn't think he was a threat, so we ignored him. Then you came along and you were a threat. You had the potential to become Dan Phantom, the destruction of the human and ghost world. You damaged everything you touched. It was my job to take care of you.

"As you can tell you didn't become Dan and have been fighting him ever since," 'Jason' explains. I guess he just ran into some bad luck, but that doesn't explain why he never said anything before.

"That doesn't explain why T.K. works for you or the fact your dating someone over two hundred years younger than you!" I shout and he looks away ashamed, as he should be.

"Okay, that's enough. I am sick of people judging him because of that. He has no experience as a teenager. He was fifteen when he was caught in the portal and hadn't transformed back into a human until he met me. He didn't have any people skills, despite his age," T.K. snaps back angrily.

"How did you meet then? Haven't you known him since you were little?" I asked her and she shakes her head no.

"I tried to stay away from the Fenton family. It reminded me of my human life and the Observers had me on a tight leash. I wasn't actually allowed to let anyone know that I'm half ghost," 'Jason' replies quietly, still not looking me in the eyes. He honestly looks like a kid that got his hand stuck in the cookie jar. I kind of feel bad that I've been yelling at him since he lived his life with the Observers…for over two hundred years. I can't even tolerate them for twenty minutes.

"So, how did you meet each other?" I question, trying to keep him talking. I'm honestly interested in his history because I would never have guessed he was half ghost.

"I captured Undergrowth and my dad told me to take him back to the Observers. I entered their lair and Jason came up from behind me. I attacked him at full force and knocked him into a wall. When I made it over to him I found him his human form. I waited for him to wake up to ask him how he got into the ghost zone. As it turned out, he was Clockwork," T.K. answers while shrugging her shoulders.

T.K. looks at 'Jason' and they have a mental conversation before 'Jason' sighs and continues the story, "I was confused when I woke up in my human form. I had nearly forgotten that I could transform into a human. She asked me for my name and I couldn't remember it. So, T.K. gave me a name. That name was Jason. She pulled me out of the ghost zone and took me to you. You were angry at first, but then realized that I couldn't tell anything to you under the circumstances. You eventually went to the Observers and talked to them, well more like threatened them. They told you that when I'm in my human form I'm your problem. So, I ended up going to school with T.K. and we got to know each other. Eventually we started fighting ghost that interfered with the time stream."

A quiet ringing noise sounds throughout the room. I look around to see where it came from, but there's nothing. I turn my gaze back to the group from the future to see them fading away. Well, everyone except Jason, he's just standing there like nothing is happening.

"See you in twenty five years," T.K. says with a grin as she waves to me. I wave back.

I notice that Jason is quietly laughing at her. "I'll see you in a few minutes. I just have to finish something up here," Jason tells T.K. right before he kisses her cheek. The group from the future then completely disappears from sight.

"Danny, I'm sorry, but I'm erasing your memories. The bells you just heard were the start of it. Everything that's happened in the past two days is being erased. Goodbye, Danny," Jason says before everything fades to black.

I wake up from a really weird dream…it's hazy, but it was like I met my future self. I open my eyes and notice that I'm in my room on top of my school books. There's something next to my head, it's a small red and black flowered notebook. I flip through a few of the pages and find notes on the lecture from class today. I don't recognize the handwriting, but there is a name on the top of the page, Theresa Morris. I like the name. I might want to remember that from later on in life.

"Danny, breakfast is ready!" I hear my mom yell from the kitchen. I sigh and hope everything is edible. I close the notebook and put it next to my backpack. Whoever this girl is she takes great notes, but that's enough on thoughts of school. I have breakfast to attend to. Maybe I'll call Sam later tonight to see how she's doing, I really haven't been paying attention to her lately.

"Danny, your breakfast!" I'll take this day one step at a time. I hate running around like clockwork.

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