Hey I'm Shining Sunray. Recently people have been asking me if I would be writing some stories. I am going to give it a try. Hope you like it! Special thanks to encouraged me very much!

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Summary: The Winx Club is going to Earth to study how life is .Faragonda has asked them to try to not to be so noticed. Their secret meant a lot and they couldn't afford being caught. Meanwhile when they are there and attend school, they start having crushes on certain boys on their first day while having enemies that wish they never came.

High School Love

Here it goes.

It was a sunny, beautiful day out in were chirping happily and everyone were outside enjoying the fresh breeze usually they had classes, but gave them the day off for relaxation before the midterms are graded and ready to go. Until a loud disturbing voice was heard.

"AHHHHH!" a young red head heard.

She soon rushed in to see the problem.

Instead she felt clothes on top of her and said,

"Stella? What is going on?"

The young blonde fairy exclaimed,

"I can't believe we are going to be like geeks and we can't even be noticed! What about the boys!They will think I'm a geek! Which I will be. Bloom help! What do I bring?I have no ugly clothes!"

Bloom sighed and sat right next to the blonde fairy. Her friends and she were going to Earth for 2 months to study how it is there. Bloom lived there for like forever. Stella and Bloom found each other at the park. She also knew she was crazy about boys. Although her relationships hasn't ended very well, but she was willing to go back out there and that's what she loved about her.

"Oh Stella, calm down. We are going to be fine. We are going there for studies. It's part of Alfea's requirement in order to pass 1st year. You'll do fine. We will be there for you, all of us."

Bloom said while nodding knowing that was the right thing to say. Stella calmed down and hopes that the trip won't be a disaster!

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