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Riven ran as fast as he could. Running through the streets like a crazy man. After minutes of running into people, he finally got to his house. Struggling with the keys, he was so frustrated. The house key wouldn't fit through the hole. After finally unlocking the door, he busted the door open just to find the guys shirtless and playing beer ping-pong. Other than Timmy and Helia. Their rule: No Beer.

"That's a nice view."Riven said sarcastically.
"Hey, you know. You shouldn't start with that. Maybe a hello might be better."Brandon said.
"For the guy who got ditched on his date by his girlfriend."Riven snapped, knowing darn well that Stella didn't go with him for their all day date.

Brandon instantly frowned. It was his turn for beer ping-pong, but with that thought. He let go of the pong, put his shirt back on, and went straight towards his room with no words. Everyone starred at Riven.

"Dude. Not cool."Sky said chasing after his best friend.
"Urrg. You guys are making this harder for me!"Riven yelled, frustrated.
"You shouldn't have done that."Helia said walking into the room with his shirt off.
"Yeah. Yeah. I know that. Wait, Helia you play beer ping-pong…?"Riven asked.
"No. I was relaxing outside, meditating."Helia said.
"That makes sense."Riven said.
"Okay. Timmy, you go bring Sky and Brandon down here, so I can tell you guys something."Riven instructed.
"If I do, you will say sorry to Brandon, right?"Timmy asked.
"Sure, Timster. Now go."Riven said.

Timmy nodded and went after Brandon and Sky. Riven turned to the rest of the guys and told them to sit down. After a couple of minutes, Timmy walked down with Sky and Brandon. They all sat down.

"Okay. Brandon, sorry."Riven said.
"Yeah. Yeah. Now tell us that news."Brandon said, still grumpy.
"Okay, so I was going to this place-"Riven said.
"What place?"Timmy interrupted.
"A place, Timster,"Riven said.
"Okay?"Timmy said.
"So I was at this place and I saw Musa. She was in this form."Riven said, pausing.
"What form?"Andy asked.
"Guess. Trust me, it will shock you guys."Riven said.
"Ummhh…? They were in a…"Andy said trying to find the words.
"A fairy form!"Riven said finishing his sentence.
"What…?"Everyone questioned except Riven.
"I know right! I think they all are! We can actually have a relationship with them!"Riven yelled.
"Dude. Are you sure?"Nabu asked.
"Yes, I'm sure!"Riven said.
"I have to see it myself to believe it. It's just it's really hard to believe that. What would fairies be doing on Earth?"Timmy asked.
"Wait. Remember what Headmaster Saladin said?"Brandon asked, remembering.
"No. All I remember was him telling us to go to Earth and all that information."Sky said.
"No. He told us that there will be at least 6 fairies coming from Magix and one will already be on Erath."Timmy said taking out his notes.
"What the? Dude, you take notes on that kind of stuff?"Riven asked.
"I take notes on mostly everything thing."Timmy said.

Riven eye-balled him. Timmy just nodded leaving Riven more confused.

"Exactly. That's what headmaster Saladin said."Brandon said, trying to move on with this awkward stage.
"So, can it be?"Andy asked.
"I saw Musa in her fairy form. She's a fairy. Her friends have to be one too!"Riven said.
"And how did she look like?"Helia asked.
"She had wings, she-she-she…-"Riven said, before thinking about how pretty Musa looked.

The guys laughed and Riven just blushed.

"Whatever. I have to go see Musa. I haven't made up with her yet.""Riven said.
"I'll go with you. I need to see Layla anyways."Nabu said.

Everyone looked at Andy. They knew he didn't make up with Roxy yet.

"What?"Andy asked, confused.
"What about Roxy?"Helia asked.
"Oh. I already made up with her."Andy said, smiling.
"Really? When?"Nabu asked.
"Just today. It was in the morning."Andy said blushing.
"Oh really? Care to tell us what happened?"Sky asked.
"Oh alright."Andy said.


Roxy was talking a walk through the park and so was Andy. Andy spotted Roxy sitting on a bench talking to her dad on the phone.

"Yes, Dad. I know. I'll come over there to help out with the customers."Roxy said.

Andy knew her dad owned The Fruitti Music Bar near the beach.

"Bye, Dad."Roxy said, hanging up on the phone.

Andy walked up to her and said,


Roxy looked up and just stared at him. Finally she said,

"What are you doing here?"
"I came to take a walk. Is that wrong?"Andy asked, sitting next to Roxy.
"No."Roxy said.
"Roxy-"Andy said, pausing.
"No. Don't say you're sorry to me."Roxy said.
"How did you know I was going to say that?"Andy asked.
"I just knew."Roxy said.

Roxy stood up and started walking. Andy stood up and chased after her.

"Why won't you let me say sorry?"Andy asked, blocking her way.
"It would just hurt me even more."Roxy whispered.
"Why?"Andy asked.

A little pain was inside of him to see the one he liked hurt.

"You have no right to say sorry. It was all me for overreacting."Roxy said silently.

Andy stood there speechless.

"No. I have to say sorry."Andy said.
"For what?"Roxy said.
"For not being with you."Andy said.
"You never had to be with me."Roxy said.
"No, but I had to make you believe that you were beautiful."Andy said sincerely.
"What?-"Roxy asked.

Before Roxy could finish her sentence, Andy rushed up to her and kissed her. It was so passionate. After they let go, they starred at each other's eyes. They kissed one last time and Roxy said blushing,

"I have to go. My dad wants me to help out at the bar."
"Wait. This does mean I'm forgiven right?"Andy asked.
"There was nothing you need to be sorry about."Roxy said leaning in for another kiss.
"Bye."Roxy said.
"Bye beautiful!"Andy said.

Roxy giggled and ran to her dad's bar. Andy turned around with a smile on his lips and started walking back to his house.

End of Flashback

"And that's what happened."Andy said.
"You're so cheesy, man."Brandon said.
Well at least she forgave me. Oh and by the way, Nabu and Riven, you are going to deal with this."Andy said.
"What?"The both questioned.
"The reason why Musa and Layla refuse for you to come up to them and say sorry is because you have no reason to be sorry. In fact, I think mostly all of you have to deal with this. Other than me."Andy said.
"So, that's why Stella ditched me?"Brandon asked.
"Yupp. I think that's why the girls haven't talk to guys yet."Andy said.
"Darn."Riven said and ran towards Roughness.

Everyone else followed Riven and hoped the girls would be there. Andy was the last. He stood up, walked towards the door and locked it. Opened the car, got in and drove following Riven. He eventually had to drive faster. He knew where Roughness. To be honest, he use to follow Riven because of his suspicion. He drove past Riven. Riven ran faster banging onto the door, so he can get in.

"Dude. What do you want?"Andy yelled.
"Open the door!"Riven yelled.
"I'm driving!"Andy said.
"Ugh. Just open the door!"Everyone yelled behind Riven.
"Say the magic word!"Andy teased.
"Please!"Everyone yelled.

Andy pulled over and let the guys in. Everyone starred at him furiously while he was laughing his butt off.

"Just drive!"Everyone yelled at Andy.
"Geez. Okay."Andy said driving trying to hold back his laughter.

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