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All the guys hopped into Andy's van. They were all impatient. While, Andy has been calm this whole ride.

"Dude, what's with you?"Riven asked.
"What do you mean?"Andy asked.
"You are all calm. Don't you care about Roxy?"Riven asked, surprisingly.

Andy stopped the car immediately after parking. Andy turned to face Riven and yelled,

"Of course I care about her! Don't think I don't!"
"Dude, calm down. It was just a question."Nabu said.
"No it's not."Timmy said.
"What do you mean?"Nabu asked.
"If you were to simply ask me that, and then I would be furious. You guys obviously know that Andy cares about Roxy. If I were to ask you guys that, you guys would be mad as well."Timmy pointed out.
"True."Brandon said.
"It's only logical."Timmy said.
"Okay! C'mon and drive! I need to see my Cupcake!"Brandon yelled, anxiously.
"Geez. Okay."Andy said.

Andy started driving once again. A little over the speed limit, but they didn't get caught. After all, it was for their girls. After 2-3 minutes of driving, they finally reached their destination. They all rushed out to find their girls hoping they were still there. Although, Andy just walked. He really wanted to see Roxy, but he wasn't in a rush.

"I hope they're there."Sky said while running.
"Yeah. If they're not, I'm going to track them down because I'm really in a need to hold Layla right now."Nabu said.
"Hey, Helia. Are you okay. You seem quiet."Timmy asked.
"Oh. Ummh, I was just wondering."Helia said out of daze.
"Really what's up?"Brandon asked, stopping.
"Wait guys. Aren't we going to see the girls? Come on! Faster!"Riven yelled.
"Dude, just wait. It's our friend here."Nabu said.

Riven agreed and stopped running.

"What's wrong?"Sky asked.
"I just wonder how my rose might feel right now. She must feel awfully guilty and that makes me sad. "Helia said.
"Yeah. I was thinking the same thing right now."Brandon said.
"Guys. Are we really going to stand here? I haven't made up with my girl yet! I need to see her. While you guys think about that, do you really think that's going to fix anything? I know I'm not that type of guy to open up, but I'm definitely not going to lose her."Riven said.

The guys knew Riven was right. They all ran towards the boxing arena and hid behind some equipment after hearing some voices.

"Hey. I heard something. Like again."Musa said.
"Must be nice having sonic hearing."Stella praised.
"Yeah. I control fire and stuff, but it would be cool to have sonic hearing."Bloom said.
"Yep. I agree."Layla said.

Musa laughed. So unlikely of her friends.

"Wait."Tecna said.
"Huh?"The girls questioned.

They were all silent.

"Static Sphere!"Tecna yelled.

Tecna pointed her hands near the entrance and the guys were trapped into Tecna's digital sphere.

"What the?"Musa said.
"Tecna, why did you do that?"Roxy asked.
"I can sense some people watching us."Tecna said sternly.
"I can hear them."Musa said.
"Why don't we see them?"Stella said mischievously.

The girls walked closer just to find the guys.

"What the-"Layla said.
"Heck."Musa finished.
"Ha. Ha. Ha. Ummh, hey beautiful!"Nabu said.
"What the-"Layla said.
"Heck. Yeah. Your welcome."Musa said.
"Ha. Ha. That's my girl."Riven laughed.

Musa blushed. Riven noticed and said,

"Babe. Let's get back together."Riven said.
"What? Just like that?"Musa asked.
"Yeah. You don't want me to apologize for no reason, right?"Riven asked.

Musa nodded and smiled.

"I usually don't forgive so easily, but you're an-"Musa said trailing off.
"An what?"Riven asked.
"Special."Musa said silently that no one could hear except Riven.

Riven smiled.

"Yeah. Layla, let's get back together. As simple as that. Just jump into my arms and make up."Nabu said.
"Yes! As simple as that!"Layla yelled in joy.

Everyone smiled.

"Ummh. Do you guys mind taking us out of here?"Timmy asked.
"Uh-oh. Our secret."Bloom said in horror.
"Ha. Ha. Don't worry. We know you all are fairies. We are Specialists from Red Fountain."Sky said.
"What?"Roxy asked.
"Ha. Ha. We are from Magix. We are Specialists. We know you are fairies."Brandon said slowing down.
"Snookums! We're not dumb! Ha. You're so funny!"Stella yelled smiling.

They both smiled.

"Wait. I'm confused."Musa said.
"They're from Red Fountain. It does make some sense. After all, Mrs. Faragonda did say some Specialists were coming."Tecna said.
"Ummh. Hello? Please get us out of here!"Timmy yelled.
"Please?"Helia pleaded.

The girls laughed and Tecna released them.

"So..."Flora said blushing.
"What are you girls doing? Come over here so we can have some hugs!"Andy said.
"Too late."Sky said, pointing to Stella and Brandon making out.

Everyone one laughed at the couple.

"I'm so happy that you all go to Magix!"Flora said.
"Me too!"Helia said, agreeing.
"So girls, we are un-sorry."The guys said.

Even Brandon. He stopped kissing Stella. Surprisingly.

"Ha. So you know?"Bloom asked, flushed.
"Yeah. Don't feel guilty. We know you guys can't help it, but try. We un-sorry didn't we?"Sky said.
"Ha. Yeah. Thanks."Bloom said, blushing.
"So we can finally have a REAL relationship. We knew it wouldn't work out since we thought you were from Earth. But now, we can have a stable relationship!"Brandon said, happily.
"Awwh! Snookums! Eeek!"Stella yelled running into his arms.

Everyone laughed and walked towards their boyfriends.

~~The End~~
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