The dead are chasing me. I ran up the yard. Sprinting for my dear life. My house sat at the top of a small hill. Where my husband, my son and I lived for the past six years. I went to go scout and I saw a few of the buggers walking through the yard. My husband, Alvin Wheeler. Is inside sleeping. He had spent all night fortifying the house. So I decided I'd go scout so he could rest, even though he tells me that I can't, he doesnt want me to. I grabbed my shot gun, and a baseball bat and headed out. Now i'm sprinting up the hill, I dont want to use my shot gun. If I do it will only attract more of them by sound. My baseball bat broke over one of their heads and the two others are chasing me. They are right behind me, I can hear the gnawing and gnashing as they reach as hard as they can for one bite of me.
I'm five feet away from the porch and suddenly the front door bursts open. My husband has a compound bow strung and pulling back an arrow. He lets it fly and I hear one of the buggers drop. He fletches the second arrow and lets it fly into the second bugger's head. I stopped running and turned around. The two buggers laid dead, arrows sticking out of their heads. I walked over to them and yanked the arrows out.
"Emily Ann!" He yell whispered. I turned to look at him and nodded toward the buggers. He got the picture and with a huff walked towards me.
We grabbed the walkers by their shoulders and feet and drag them over to our house. Once to the outer perimeter we throw the bodies with the others that we have stacked all around our house. Every time we killed a walker we've thrown the bodies around the house. The stench of rotting flesh covers up our smell.
Its a terrible smell but you cant smell it in the basement. Once we were finished we were about to go inside when we heard somthing. Guns going off. All up the mountain. The shots were getting closer and the next thing we know people are pouring out of the woods, sprinting with buggers behind them. Alvin and I ran up to the front porch and shut the door, If the buggers got us, They would not get our son. Alvin handed me a second base ball bat, This one metal.
and he picked up his bow.
We took off running towards the people. They were screaming for us to run too, they didnt understand. The buggers would simply not just go away. We had to kill them before they attract others. So all the people are about on us, and we count about nine buggers, all spread out. Alvin nothces a bow and shoots one, two,
three, then four. Before he can shoot another one of them is up on us, so I walk towards it with my bat ready and whack it in the head. I take out another right behind it, whacking the two again for certainty. Thats six, Alvin shoots down the seventh eighth and nineth. Killing them all.
We looked at eachother. Love in our eyes, grateful that we have survived. We go to the buggers and pick all the arrows out of their heads. Alvin has miraculous aim.
We turn and look to the people that ran out of the woods. They are all just standing around, looking astounded.
"Well don't just stand there." Alvin said "Help us pick em' up."