Alvin and I put up the group of stragglers that we had come upon, in the basement. They all slept down there and were'nt allowed to come up until one of us came and got them. We did our nightly routines. Checking doors, barricades, guns, and lastly tucking our son Garret Vaugn Wheeler into bed. The little fella was absolutley adorable. At the ripe old age of seven, he had blonde hair like mine and hazel eyes like me and Alvin, and his daddy's addorable smile. His ears stuck out of his head.
He had the Garret ears all right. We tucked him into bed, letting him read for a little bit first. He sleeps in the walk in closet of mine and Alvins room. We decided we didnt want him in another part of the house at night but we also needed our privacy so we set his room up in the closet.
He was tucked in and asleep so me and Alvin decided to take a shower and clean up. We have a generator down stairs. We have a bike hooked up to it so that pedalling produces energy to the house. Unfortunately three miles on the bike is enough to take a thirty minute shower. So we decide to freshen up.
Alvin is getting a lattern so that we dont burn up our candles. I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. My blonde hair used to be short. Easier to mannage and looked cuter. But with the appocolypse and all I hadnt gotten a hair cut, and my hair grew out. I put it up in a pony tail most of the time. I took off my shirt and threw it in the dirty clothes, as well as my camie. I looked at my skin, relishing in the fact that it was tan from all the piling off walkers. My stomache was flat and the sign of abs was starting to come in. I looked at my bra, the dirty old thing was the only one I wore to save on laundry. I took it off and threw it with the rest of the clothing on the floor. My jeans came off next and i folded them and hung them on a rack, they take the most to wash so I dont like to wrinkle them on the floor.
My legs were starting to get tone too, and tan like the rest of my body. I felt up my calf muscle, over the knee and up my thigh. Yep, prickly. I make sure that I shave regularly. I hate having hairy legs.
I slip off my under wear and open up the shower door. Turning on the water to a tempature most would consider scalding. I step in, relishing the warm water running down my skin. I feel the grime of the past few weeks start to wash off and I grab the bar off soap and begin to help the water along. As I'm doing so I hear the door open and the candles blow out. There was no light for a second but the dim light of our lamp soon replaced them.
"Aww, you started without me." I heard Alvin say.
"Sorry babe. Trying to make this as quick as possible. I dont like having those people downstairs unsupervised and our son alone with them." I said rinsing off the soap. I heard somthing light hit the floor, probably his shirt. Then a heavier set of clothing, his jeans. The door rattle for a second before opening, and cool air rushed into the shower. My body shivered and I gasped. Alvin just laughed, stepped in and shut the door.
He grabbed the soap and began to wash his own body while i grabbed the razor and shaved. Before the end of the world, Alvin and I had invested in a very large shower. Long enough he could lay down in it, and had two shower heads installed.
This proved usefull and very sexy for some activities.
I finished shaving and put the razor up, I grabbed she shower door handle intent on exiting the shower, but Alvin grabbed me by the waist. He gently tugged me back into the shower.

Alvins POV

As I grabbed by the waist pulling her back into the shower with her back facing me I wrapped her in my arms and gently kissed her kneck while playing with her hair.
I noticed she was still dirty even though she was in a hurry to get out of the shower, so I decided to take care of that problem for her. I got the bar off soap and began to lather it between my hands. I took Emily by the shoulders and turned her around. As I slowly began to massage the soap into the skin along her back I could feel her staring deeply into my eyes. Without noticing she leaned in and kissed me. She pulled my arms down and enveloped her hands in mine. With a giddy smile I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We began to laugh, and then fell silent. We both stared deeply into eachothers eyes. As I held her in my arms, I set my head upon her chest. I could feel the vibration of the water hitting on her back. She took her fingers and rubbed them through my hair.
I looked up and she began to passionately kiss me. From then on I started to slide down the shower wall with her still in my arms. Eventually I was laying on the floor with her on top of me. I whispered in her ear "You thing we'll have enought time for this?" She smiled and replied back "Im pretty sure we do."
I could feel the levels of our hormones raising. She took her hands and placed them on my shoulders as she sat in an upright position. She sat upright so we could position ourselves where we could be the most comfortable. As she began to sit down I let her have it. I loved the look on her face. She grabbed my shoulders tighter the faster we went. With the rush of adrenaline I stood up while holding and we were still going. We both began to grimace at the knowing that the best moment was coming. She wrapped her arms around me while starting to gasp for air. She started breathing deeply and very fast, which only made me wanna go faster. Before the big moment I pulled out because I knew I wasnt wearing any protection. We both slid back down to the floor, her laying on top of me breathing heavily. We looked into each others eyes and laughed. "How was that?" I asked "Great!" Emily said with a smile on her face.