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Character bios

Note I well just like darkhero what must be done I well use the G1 humans but modernize them plus a few of his own plus some of mine own and a few others from Anime/Cartoons like Motoko,

1,Megan Green

bio: A 15 year old farm girl who has a slight motherly persona about her; growing up on a farm has given her decent physical strength and some small experience with fire arms. Due to her parent's death she now acts as a parental figure to her two younger siblings Danny and Molly. For her character design please either search deviant art for it or watch the original MLP films or cartoon show.

2,Danny Green

bio: A 9 year old boy who is surprisingly mature for his age, he tends to have a bit of an adventurous personality but keeps a cool head when it is necessary. He tends to tease his little sister Molly in the typical brotherly fashion but has been show to be protective of her when it calls for it. For his character design please watch the original television series.

3,Molly Green

bio: A 5 year old girl who seems to be in her early maturing stages. She tends to cling to her eldest sibling seeing her as a second mother. She tends to scare easy but shows some signs of bravery when in extreme danger. For her character design please watch the original television series.

4,Jason Windblood

bio: A 16 year old super genius who hid his genius at a young age for his own protection. Both he and his grand father were natural born geniuses who had invented technological marvels that were at least 100 years more advance then anything built by any government or scientific group during there generations. Under the advice of his grand father Jason hid his intelligence to protect his life from any individual or government group that would seek his inventions and his scientific mind. He has brown well kept hair, wears a pair of sun glasses, and is always wherein a lab coat. He and Megan are childhood friends who occasionally stay at each others homes during holidays and when Jason's parents couldn't find anyone to take care of him while they were on business trips.

5,Motoko Herrmann formally Aoyama

bio: A 27 year old sword mistress who was disowned by her family when she not only refused to take over her family's sword Dojo but left the country to marry a man she had been seeing in secret for the 2 years. When she was 23 she meat a semi-retired German Tank commander by the name of Paul Herrmann who she quickly fell in love with and dated in secret for 2 years before he was called back to Germany do to a family emergency; due to Motoko's attachment to Paul she decided to fallow him back to Germany and married him 1 year later. For those who don't know this is the same Motoko from the anime and manga Love Hina there will be brief mentions of other love Hina characters but aside from that I only plan to use her character from the series.

6,Paul Herrmann

Bio: A 29 year old semi-retired German Tank commandeer and husband of Motoko. At the age of 10 both his parents died in a factory fire and he was left to be raised by his grandmother. At the age of 19 he joined the German army as a interpreter due to him being fluent in 8 languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German(no duh), and Hungarian. Later at the age of 21 he changed his occupation to Tank commander after showing excellent skills in most tank based skills. At the age of 24 he was retired after having his left foot crushed by a tank tread during training exorcise. 1 year after he was retired he got a prosthetic foot and joined a privateer military group. Six months after he joined the privateer group he decided to take an extended vacation in Japan where he would later meat his future wife Motoko Aoyama. At the age of 27 he had to leave Japan after receiving word that his grandmother had developed Respiratory tumors. Sometime after his return his grandmother died from her lung being ripped opened by the tumors. 8 months after his grandmother's death Paul decided he would continue to move forward with his life deciding his grandmother wouldn't want him to dwell on the past, so he decided to ask Motoko to marry him. 2 months later the two married and they have been together for almost a year now.

7,Blaze Fox

Bio: A 28 year old he is a former U.S Army Ranger Captain he is now a Semi driver and boyfriend to Elisa. He is a weapons and Demo expert because of his training. It is thorough his truck driving he meet his now girlfriend Elisa. He was driving thought New York City with a flatbed full of steel when he was pulled over. He was pulled over because Elisa she told him that his load was not strapped tight. He said she was wrong and to get her underwear out of her butt well one court date later and after he lost he took her on a date to say sorry for the underwear comment. They hit it off and started dating that was 2 years ago. He is very kind to everyone but if his friends or children are threaten he well becomes a warrior and will not stop until he or who ever hurt them is dead. He is also a Ki user having been trained by the great Master Roshi in its use.

8,Elisa Maza,

Bio: A 28 year old former New York Detective she is a good at detective work seeing as she was one. She now drives Semi with her boyfriend. She has a mother/big sister personality. She is a crack shot and pretty good at hand to hand combat.

9,Jackie Chan

Bio: A 35 year old archaeologist with great martial art skills

10,Uncle Chan

Bio: A 76 year old antique store owner and a Chi Wizard Master. He like his nephew is also a master in martial arts. As a Chi Wizard he is a master in spells, potions, and ancient knowledge. He is very smart but like all old people he can be hard to please.

11,Jade Chan,

Bio: A 10 year old kid who likes adventures and is pretty good in martial arts. She gets into trouble a lot, but she has good street smarts that she uses to get out of trouble.


Bio: A 39 year old assistant to Uncle Chan and an apprentices Chi Wizard to Uncle too. He also is at times Jades bodyguard. He is very clam but can get angry when need be he is also very strong.

13Viper Chan

Bio: A 33 year old former master thief now Jackie's wife an his partner in his work. She has a personality very much like Jade. She married Jackie after she was almost killed on a robbery.

14,Kim Stoppable formerly Possible

Bio: A 23 year old Dr and semi retired hero and wife to Ron. Who she has known since Kindergarten,

15,Ron Stoppable

Bio: A 23 year old chef and monkey fu master. He also holds the lotus blade the strongest most magical weapon in the world, he is the husband of Kim


Bio: A 28 year old former master thief/super villain/super hero. She now is a writer who is friends to Kim and Ron.

17,Takeru Takaishi or TK for short,

Bio: new age 6 he is a hero who saved another world with his partner Patamon.

18,Tommy Oliver

Bio: A 32 year old teacher and a former hero. He is a great fighter.

19,Kimberly Hart Oliver,

Bio: A 32 a former hero now a gym teacher at the same school as Tommy she also sings.

20,Trent Frenandez

Bio: A 18 year old and recently retried super hero who is now an artiest.

21,Kira Ford

Bio: A 18 year old retried super hero that has become a singer. She is Dr Oliver's student.

Surprise (a rehash of an early generation pony)

Bio: In this story she is pinkie pie's cousin who has a slightly toned down version of pinkie pie's personality. Just like her original model she is a white and green Pegasus. She loves sneaking up on people and tends to have an adventitious personality. In this story like in the original series she will befriend Danny.

Wind Whistler (like Surprise is a rehash of a G1 pony)

Bio: in this story she is Fluttershy's big sister she like in G1 is very smart and looks at thing in a logical way. She loves to read and do math she is also a great flyer as she has come in seconded, third and tied in the Best Young Flyer competition. She is like her old G1 model in color. In this story she well be Megan's friend and confident

Firefly (is also a G1 redo)

Firefly is a head strong pony she loves challenges and has no fear of anything. She is Rainbow Dash's big sister. She also won the Best Young Flyer competition three years running. She has her G1 color.

Medley (another G1 pony)

She is a very clam pony she also worries a lot as her best friend Firefly is always getting into trouble. She is a great flyer and has come second and third and tied for seconded in the Best Young Flyer competition in the last three years.

Prologue the day the old world died,

In the year 2012, a genetic virus that was being develop at the New York Institute of Technological was released into the air after a former student of the institute had set off a series of bombs in the schools many facilities. The virus's primary function was to correct genetic errors found in the human helix thus cure any and all Genetic disorders such as Cancer and Diabetes. The virus would do this by making a copy of the human helix of the human body it occupies, then break the helix down, and then finally reconstruct the helix while correcting any and all genetic abnormalities that it had found. Now this wouldn't have been a problem if the virus was in it's completed state, but the virus was only develop up to the point of copy and deconstructing the human helixes found in the human body, thus making the virus fatal to anyone who caught it. Anybody who caught the virus would first notice hardening of there limbs, then slowing of there heart beat, finally after 1 hour of being infected with the virus the virus career would be dead, and after 3 more hours after that the carrier dies there remaining body would be reduced to nothing more than a puddle organic waste with absolutely no way to identify who the puddle once was. The good news about the virus was it was only harmful to humans, the bad news was the virus was airborne and spreading at an alarming rate; with in 7 hours of its release the entire state of New York was infected and was expected to infect the entire planet with in 3 to 4 weeks.

We cut to the heroes of our story 6 days after the viruses release as they speed threw the Nevada desert in a pick up truck that is being fallowed by a Semi and a red GT Mustang and a Full size van and a black jeep.

"So where exactly are you taking us." asked Paul, who was currently sitting in the bed of the truck with Danny and his wife Motoko as Molly and Megan road up front with Jason who was currently driving the car.

"Not to far from hear is an old bomb shelter that my grandfather built during the cold war, it's probably one of the only shelters ever built that can survive a direct impact for a nuclear missal." said Jason as he suddenly made a sharp turn down a side road off the main highway with the four other vehicles fallowing it down the road.

"It should be able to keep us safe from the virus." Jason finished as he pushed down on the gas.

He then turned to Megan and said.

"Megan could you please uses your cell phone and call Blaze, Jackie, Kim and Kimberly and tell them we are close to are desenation."

"Alright Jason." Said Megan as she called them.

"OK, While she dose that kid you can tell me why I should believe you." said Paul thinking the 16 year old youth who had picked him and his wife off the side of the road after there car broke down was out of his mind crazy.

And he also wonders were this crazy kid got the others behind them to come too as he was not there when the kid got them to fallow him.

"Well you don't have to, but do keep in mind that the virus is only 45 minutes away from this location and either way there's a chance you're going to die." Said Jason as he began to slow down his truck to make a turn.

But before Jason could say anything else Megan started to talk to him.

"Jason I just got of the phone with the others they understand but they each asked to know why they fallowed us out here but each said the ask you why later?"

"That is understandable but I am glad so they well hold off for now, Now then Mr. Paul I guess the real question here for you is are you going to trust me like the rest and have at least a small chance of survival or are you going to ignore me and just wait to die?" asked Jason as he hit the brakes in front of an old rusted out shed that was 18 feet by 16 feet that seemed to have been there for at least 40 years.

Paul let out a sigh as he jumped out of the car to fallowed Jason and the rest of his group as they headed towards the rusted building knowing he had no comeback to the young mans argument.

As they did that they were joined by the 15 others that came in the other vehicles two who were fallowed by a large black and tan dog and a kid by a flying pig of some sort.

"Hey could some of you guys get over here and help me open the shed door." said Jason while pulling on the rusted main door of the building.

Paul, Blaze, and Tohru complied and the three yanked the rusted door open on the old building revealing what appeared to be a key pad with a thumb print scanner on the back wall.

"Computer give me a bio scan on my companions and tell me the current status of the virus" said Jason as he pulled out what appeared to be a cell phone.

"All subjects are disease free and show no signs of poor health; the virus is currently 10 minutes away from your current location." said a digitized female voice.

"Crap it's moving a lot faster than I thought it would." said Jason as he stuffed the cell phone back into his pocket.

"What was that?" asked Motoko in slight shock.

"Yeah?" said Jade who was curios.

"Not now, he'll explain everything later right now we have to get inside." said Megan as she pushed Motoko, Kim, and Kira along with Kimberly into the door already knowing what was going on.

"Yeah that virus is getting closer." Said Danny as he pushed Tommy, Blaze, Ron, and Jackie into the room too.

With the rest fallowing them inside the shed before closing the door that then sealed behind them.

Jason quickly went to the other side of room and typed a code into the keypad and pressed his thumb onto the scanner. A ding was heard and a door was reveled on the ground of the shed leading into a darkened room below them.

"OK, everybody down in the hole right now and its women and children first." said Jason as Megan, Danny, and Molly jumped into the opening with out a seconded thought.

"Come on you all as well." said Jason as he pushed Motoko and Paul towards the opening before doing the same for the others.

The 17 decided to wait and ask there questions later, and fallowed the children into the room soon to be fallowed by Jason.

Jason quickly ran over to a panel on a near by wall and turned on a light switch then inside the room turning on the lights.

"Computer takes us to the command room and engage lock down close off the outside air intakes switch to recycled air system, I don't want anything getting in or out of this place until one of us says otherwise and hurry that virus is almost here." said Jason as he then looked down at his watch on his right wrist and found that the virus was now only 3 minutes away from their location.

"Affirmative, engaging lock down." said the digitized female voice of the computer as the room they were in turned out to be an elevator began to move down below the ground below the virus that was almost on top of them.

As it did everyone could hear metal doors and covers closing and air decks being closed to keep them in and the deadly virus out of the under ground bunker. It took 12 minutes to reach the command floor. And by that time the virus was already over head but they all were safe from it.

When the doors of the elevator opened the group found themselves in a large control room. They each got off and entered the room. Once inside the room Jason looked at them all.

"We are now a mile below the ground now I bet you all must have questions for us?" Asked Jason looking over at everyone but Megan, Molly, and Danny.

"Yes we do have questions, like who are you, what is this place, and what's going on here, all we know about you four is your names and theirs, and that's just because you told us when you picked us up in the desert." said Paul in mild irritation.

Paul had begun to reach his limit for the day and that was saying something see was a trained solider, all he wanted was to take his wife on a nice vacation in California. Do some swimming; see a few shows, maybe even do some gambling, but next thing he knows he's rushing threw the desert trying to get away from a humanity ending virus and getting picked up by a bunch of children in a rusted old pick-up truck who were fallowed by others

"Yes Uncle too would like to know to what is going on?" said Uncle Chan as he looked at one of the large computer screens that were on the wall in front of the elevator that showed the place were they left and the vehicles. "One more thing Tohru needs a place to put Uncles books he is carrying?"

Uncle finished as he pointed at Tohru who was next to him wearing a large backpack that was filled with books and in both his hands are to large suitcases that too had books.

"Sure…." Started Jason as Uncle interrupted him.

"One more thing uncle is hungry as he has not eaten for almost 5 hours so when can he get something to eat?"

"Well after I…." tried Jason but Uncle interrupted him again.

"One more thing hurry up."

"Yes sir." Said stunned Jason as the others laugh at him as it was funny to watch as Uncle did that to him.

But soon the laughs stopped as Blaze who looked at the screens just like Uncle did. As he looked at them he said this out load.

"Hard to believe that right now a mile above us is a deadly virus that well kills in 4 hours. Yet you can't even tell that its there it looks like a normal day outside."

"Yeah but it is up there right now Blaze but now then Danny would you like to do the honors." said Jason looking over at the young 9 year old.

"I guess I can do it; but I'm only telling them who we are, your on your own for everything else." said Danny with a huff.

"That's fine, I wasn't planning on making you explaining everything anyways." said Jason with a smile.

"Anyways to sum it all up me, my big sister Megan, and my little sister Molly are all farm children from Tennessee. Jason is a friend of ours who sometimes stayed at our family farm when his parents went on there business trips. We found out a year ago that Jason here is a super genius who hides his genius for his, his friends, and his family safety." Said Danny who looked up at Jason, who merely nodded.

"To answer your other questions, this place is a bomb shelter that was created by my super genius grandfather during the cold war. When my grandfather discovered I inherited his genius, he told me for my own safety and for the safety of others that I should hide my genius, he later on showed me the location of this bunker, which we heavily modified to act as a human survival facility to insure not only the survival of the human race but to act as an information gathering center that links up to the world wide web gathering information on human history, books, videos of all kinds, medical information, and anything else that that you could find on the web that was created by humans. After it collects the information it would then categorize, sorted and than stored away on a main frame that currently resides on the floor right under us in this facility." said Jason looking over at the others waiting to see if they had any question.

"You wouldn't happen to know a girl named Su would you?" asked Motoko in a slightly shocked state.

"Or a man named Billy?" said Tommy who was shocked by how smart the kid was.

"How did you know that, the three of us are web buddies who sometime exchange schematics. Now Su is a good person but I don't think she'll live throw this epidemic. She's smarter than me but she never had a good enough attention span to invent anything I could call useful." Said Jason think about his female web buddy.

Motoko laughed nervously at Jason statement of Su knowing how right he was.

"And as for Billy he is very bright but he sometimes overloads himself with work making it hard for him to do anything. I think he will just like Su not make it throw this." Said Jason about his older male wed friend.

Both Tommy and Kimberly gave a small nervous laugh at what he said knowing it was true.

"I find this all very hard to believe but I also have a question." said Paul looking over at Jason.

"I to find this hard to buy as well." Said Viper as she looked at Jason.

"Same here." Said Trent as he looked at the slightly younger teen boy

"Well you find many things in this life hard to believe, heck even Einstein only showed 5% of his true intelligence." said Jason earning him a sigh and a face palm from the three older people.

"Anyways, you said this place is designed to insure the survival of the human race; how exactly does it do that and what powers this place." asked Paul asked truly curious of the technological wonder in which he currently resided.

"Well this place has thousand of micro-machines that repair and maintain this bunker they are all controlled by Cortana who based on different circumstance well act to save us. For instance if there were humans inside this faculty and the computer detected that the earth was going to be destroyed or was no longer inhabitable by any life forms the computer would order the micro-machines to turn this faculty into a space craft and leave this plant to search for a new one capable of sustaining human life." said Jason as he took in a small breath.

He then looked at the group around him to make sure they were paying attention to him.

"This facility is powered by the earths core but also is designed to use solar power if it can no longer draw heat from the core because it has to abandon the planet, this place also has an emergency power supply just encase something happens to the power generators and the micro-machines needs time to restore them to working order." said Jason.

"Alright that answers most except who is Cortana?" said Ron as he looked at Jason.

"Cortana is an AI I built to run the bunker." Said Jason as he looked at Ron. "Cortana why don't you say hello to everyone?"

"Alright Jason." Said a female voice.

Soon right in front of everyone a blue female hologram appared.

"Hi I am Cortana." Said Cortana as she looked at the new members of Jason's group. "Now then I know Megan, Molly, and Danny and they know me but who are you guys?"

After she said that everyone she did not know gave their names to her. Once that was done Motoko asked a question.

"This is all nice and to be honest hard to believe but where do we fit into this big puzzle and what do you have planed for us?" asked Motoko.

"To put it plain and simple I am taking us to a cryostation that I built in which we will sleep until Cortana has confirmed the complete eradication of the virus on earth. But do to the nature of this virus it could take hundreds if not thousands of years for it to die off completely so when we wake up from cryostasis we will more than likely be the last humans on earth. This isn't such a big deal for me because my parents were almost never around; but as for everyone else here I am sorry but you will more than likely never see any of your friends or family again." said Jason with a morbid look in his face.

"I have no problem with this my family is already dead from the virus as they lived in New York City. So all I have left is my girlfriend Elisa TK my nephew and my dog Shadow." Said Blaze has he patted his half black wolf half German Shepherd dog on his head.

"Same here for me everyone I know is dead from the virus in New York." Said Elisa as she walked up to Blaze and hugged him. "Now all I have left is my boyfriend Blaze his nephew and the dog my parents got us and you all."

"It is hard I love my friends and family that well die today. But as long as I have Tommy and his students and you all I can do this." Said Kimberly as she hugged her husband.

"And I will be fine as long as I have Kimberly and my Students." Said Tommy.

"I am fine with this too my family never really liked me and other then two of my friends who are not here. Everyone I care for his here." Said Kira.

"Same for me." Said Trent.

"My parents never had much time for me and other then my adopted sister and Kim's family who I care for deeply I am okay with this." Said Ron.

"I will be fine as long as I have Ron and you all with me." Said Kim as she hugged Ron.

"I fine with this." Said Shego not saying anything else.

"I am sad about this as my dad and big brother are still out there and mommy is dead but uncle Blaze is with me along and Miss Elisa and Patamon so I will be fine." Said TK as he hugged his uncle.

"All my family is with me. That also means you Tohru." Said Jackie as he hugged Viper and Jade.

"Uncle is fine as Jackie said all of the family is here." Said Uncle.

"I'm okay." Said Jade in a small voice as this was hard on her.

"The only family I had out side of the Chans now was my mother but she died a few mouths ago." Said Tohru.

"No problem for me, the only family I have is my wife, everyone else died years ago." said Paul.

"I haven't spoken to any of my old friends in years and my family has disowned me when I rain away to Germany and married Paul, so I have little problems in that department as well." said Motoko.

"Everyone else seems to be okay with this, but what about you three?" Asked Jason looking over at the three Green siblings.

"I don't how I feel about this, it's all to much to handle right now; one moment I'm visiting my best friend and the next moment I'm learning that the world is coming to an end and I'm never going to see my parents again." said Megan in a crackly voice as tears began to leek from her eyes as the panic of the situation began to die down and the realty of the situation she now faced began to settle in.

Seeing the tears form in the eyes of there sister Danny and Molly moved into comfort their big sister.

"Don't cry big sis you still got us and you also still got Jason." Said Danny fighting hard to keep his own tears in and failing at that.

"Yeah we'll always be here for you." said Molly who was beginning to cry as well.

"You have us too now I suppose." Said Motoko in calming motherly voice that she had developed overtime from looking out for Su.

"Yeah kid you have us." Said Blaze in his father type voice he had since TK came to stay with him.

"Blaze is right you have us with you." Said Tommy.

"Do you all mean that." said Megan who was currently wiping her tears away.

"Hey. If we really are going too wined up being the last humans on earth we need to look out for one another now more than ever." Said Paul.

"Thank you all of you." Said Megan as she sniffled.

"Now before I begin my plan dose anyone have anything to put into storage I know Uncle dose?" said Jason.

Both Ron and Motoko had Jason there katana's. Uncle had Tohru give Jason his books once Jason had them he left on the elevator saying he would be back.

He came back in 12 minutes he came back and told the rest to come with him on the elevator. The elevator started to move after some time the elevator stopped at the 27th floor going down.

As they got off Jason grabbed Megan's shoulder and said to her.

"Hey, are you going to be all right." asked Jason truly concerned about his friends well being.

"Yeah, I may be sad but I gotta be strong from my brother and sister." Said Megan looking back at Jason with a sad smile.

The two proceeded into the room that seemed to be filled with sleeping chambers as Jason walked over to a terminal and Megan went to meet up with the rest of the group.

"Now remember Cortana is going to wake us up the moment she thinks the virus can no longer be detected on earth." said Jason as he hammered away at the terminal's keyboard.

"Is there anything we need to do before we got to sleep in these things?" asked Paul as be put a hand on one of the pods.

"Yeah go use the bathroom, the excess liquid could be damaging to your bladders during the thawing process." said Jason as he continued to type away.

After the group had emptied there bladders the group lined up in front of there individual pods getting ready for there long sleep.

"So is there any other shocking peaces of information you would like to tell us before we got to sleep." said Paul in Joking tone trying to lighten the tension of the situation as the pods opened up.

"Yeah, magic is real and it disappeared from the earth over 1000 years ago." Said Jason as laded down in his pod and the hatch began to slowly fall down over him.

"Good one kid." Said Blaze as he laded down in his pod.

Paul laughed lightly at what Jason said taking it as a joke as the hatch on everyone's pod finished closing and locked into place with them inside it. The group all took deep breathes to clan themselves as mist began to fill there pods.

"Instant freezing process will begin in 20 seconds please close your eyes and hold your breath" said Cortana's voice in all the groups pods.


Blaze closed his eyes and held his breath as he put himself into a sleep Ki working meditation that would make his Ki stronger over the years he was asleep he also hoped for good dreams as he slept and wondered what it would fell like to sleep for so long.


Elisa closed her eyes and held her breath as she wondered what the new world would look like and how to protect everyone.


Tommy closed his eyes and held his breath as he got ready to battle the future they were going to awake to.


Kimberly closed her eyes and held her breath as she thought of the ones she left behind before thinking of the ones she was with.


Kira closed her eyes and held her breath as she began to sing a child's song in her mind it was a song her mom sung to her when she was scared it was hush little baby and as she sung it clamed her mind.


Trent closed his and held his breath as he thought of what would await him and the others when they woke up.


Jackie closed his eyes and held his breath as he clamed his mind for the long sleep ahead of him.


Viper closed her eyes and held her breath as she did she thought of the fate of everyone with her. She thought of her husband and her niece the kids with them and how to look after them.


Jade closed her eyes and held her breath as she did she got very excited at the thought of the fun to be had when she awoke next time.


Uncle closed his eyes and held his breath he then went into a deep meditative state to help him train his Chi energy as he slept to make it stronger and bigger.


Tohru closed his eyes and held his breath he then like Uncle went into meditative state to do the same.


Both TK and Molly closed their eyes and held their breaths as the fear of the unknown that began to settle with in them to clam themselves they held each other.


Danny closed his eyes and held his breath he to felt fear but also a bit of excitement at what he would awaken to.


Megan closed her eyes and held her breath only thinking of her dreams to come to calm her heavily burdened mind.


Jason closed his eyes and held his breath having the utmost confidence in his inventions and his abilities as a scientist.


Motoko closed her eyes and held her breath as she entered a state of meditation to mentally prepare herself for the road that lied ahead.


Paul closed his eyes and held his breath trusting that his experience as a soldier would keep him alive in the future to come and even if it didn't he lived a full life anyways and would have no regrets.


Shego closed her eyes and held her breath and using the years as both a super hero and villain to keep her clam. She also trusted that her powers would serve her well in the future.


Kim closed her eyes and held her breath she was scared but she trusted in her skills and her friends to help her.


Ron and Rufus closed their eyes and held their breaths. As they waited Ron thought about what would be awaiting him when he woke up. As for Rufus he was fine as long as he had Ron with him.


There was then a sudden flash of light as Cortana said zero in the pods and with that the 20 were delivered into the land of dreams not knowing that by the time they awakened over 11000 years would have pasted. And that all traces of human civilization they once held dear to them other then what was inside the facility would rot away into the sands of time and humanity its self would become a myth a legend of the past something you read about in fairy tales they even got two new names to replace the name humans the first one was the Lost Race the next was the name Ancient Ones. But into this new world a new civilization rose in its place one that was not to different than the one that humanity had made, but unlike its predecessor it would not fallow the same dark road that humans had walked on so long ago.