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Lesson 1:

Friends: Would lend you their umbrella.

Best Friends: Take yours and say 'RUN BITCH RUN!'


"Hey, Amu?" a petite girl with long, blonde, wavy hair had spoken softly.

"Huh?" Amu, the pink haired one out of the two, cocked her head towards the small girl.

"Haven't you noticed?" Rima asked as she saw the pink-hair rave through the Invader Zim clothing area in Hot Topic. Then Amu stopped searching through the clothes and finally turned to look at her short friend.

"Noticed what, Rima?" Amu said a bit worried.

"Look! It's raining!" Rima yelled as she pointed to the nearest window, only to prove her point with evidence; clearly, it was raining. Amu chuckled quietly; she got herself worked up, thinking it was something worry worthy.

Rima then spotted an umbrella and asked Amu to buy it, being an Invader Zim fan: Amu gladly bought the Invader Zim umbrella.

As they both walked out Hot Topic and Amu opened the umbrella; revealing: Gir, holding a pig in his hand. Amu smiled at the picture in front of her, while Rima in the other hand was ready to commence plan!

Amu held the umbrella above their heads and stepped on the wet concrete, Rima followed, then grinned. Rima took the umbrella and started to run. Amu stood there shocked.

The chibi was still running, and suddenly the rain felt a lot stronger; so hard that you can hear it pound on the streets.

"RUN BITCH RUN!" Rima yelled as she quickly started to disappear from Amu's sight.

Amu only smiled, usually friends would lend you an umbrella. But this is Rima she was talking about: she's one of her best friends.


Lesson 2:

Friends: Never ask for anything to eat or drink.

Best Friends: Helps themselves and are the reason why you have no food.


It has been hours and hours and hours of pure torture for the students in Nikaidou-sensei's class. Apparently since students have to study for exams soon, their homeroom classes are helping them study. The only regular scheduled event was lunch.

Amu was STARVING! Her stomach would growl once and a while, making her hug her stomach, trying to prevent it from making a sound; well… that worked out horribly.

After learning algebra, about balancing equations, American shit, and practicing kanji…what could be better? It is finally time!

A long haired pig-tailed blonde was suddenly sitting on Amu's desk; she was smiling suspiciously and her legs crossed and her arms crossed as well, then it hit Amu when she heard Utau's stomach growl.

'Fuck! No!' Amu screamed in her head.

Utau smile turned weaker and she laughed nervously.

When Amu opened her bento, her favorite noodles were revealed…ramen…. Which happened to be Utau's favorite as well.

Utau's eyes shined and looked at Amu.

Amu and Utau both eagerly reached for it; but-Utau got it all!

"Oh! Hell no!" Amu said chasing after Utau.

"Oh! Hell yes!" Utau said as her mouth was full, "It's no use, I amyour best friend after all!" she pointed out with a happy dance at the end.

Amu stood there…defeated! Amu quickly collapsed on her knees.

'Damn, she's right!' Amu thought as invisible streams of tears ran down her face.