This is a series of Omakes for the Story Fidelius by Rumer Hasit but can be read alone. They are no Beta'ed

Lord Voldemort swept into his mansion, his minions scattering away at the sight of his frown. When he had first decided to rule the world, he had no idea that it would take more effort to run the country than to conquer it. At least when he was just a terrorist he didn't have to bother with that horror called Paperwork.

He slammed the door to his private quarters behind him, intent on taking a long, relaxing bath before turning in. However, he paused as he passed his study door.


What was that infuriating noise? Voldemort through open the door.

Sitting at the desk –his desk- was a young blonde, completely focused on the computer screen.


Computer screen? How on earth did this chit get a computer to work in such a magical environment as his home? For that matter, how did she get into his home? Who was she?

He only realized that he had asked that last question aloud when she glanced up at him.

"I'm your new secretary." She informed him coolly. "Luna Lovegood."

He choked. "I don't have a secretary!" He exclaimed.

"You do now."

With that closing statement, the girl turned back to her work, ignoring the spluttering Dark Lord behind her.