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Kensi sunk down the wall, the phone pressed to her ear, her partners voice over the phone, yelling her name repeatedly, asking if she was okay. The tears fell fast and heavy, and though she wanted to speak to Deeks, tried to say something, her words failed her. She didn't know what to say to him. In all honesty, she didn't know why she dialled his number. It had been an impulse. She was falling apart and she'd needed to speak to someone - the only person she trusted was Deeks so she called him. But the minute he picked up... her words failed her.

Hanging up, Kensi let the tears continue to fall as she dropped the phone to the bathroom floor, the pain in her side growing stronger by the minute but that was the leats of her concerns right now. She closed her eyes, a million thoughts flowing through her mind, raging like the ocean in the middle of a nasty storm.

Making a desicion, she dialled a number, the person on the other end of the phone picking up immediatly, and listening to him, thoughts of her partner, of Deeks, immediatly left her mind. He was now the last thing on her mind.

Kensi relaised that she had to go and see her mother, but she just didn't know what to say to the woman. She was hesitating, trying to find any reason to stay at work, and Deeks seemed to realise that, placing a gentle hand on her arm, a small smile gracing his features. It was a simple touch, but it meant so much. The unspoken words between them, the gentle touch, meant more then words. Sometimes, the unspoken words were the most powerful.

"I can come with you, you know... to see your mother. She knows me and I can introduce you."

It worked, she laughed gently, smiling in resposne as she spoke, "no that's okay. It's something I have to do for myself." Pulling away from him, she took a deep breath, heading to the door, only stopping to turn around, when he called her name across the empty bullpen.

"You're phone call before, when you didn't say anything. I could... I could hear you crying."

"Deeks I -"

"No. It's okay, it proves that you're human Kens. Everyone is allowed to break down every once in a while. Even superwoman," he joked. Even now, he couldn't remain serious for a moment but that didn't matter to her. "It was a silent plea for help... Kensi. Know that I am hear for you, no matter what okay."

She paused, thinking his words over, needing to hear them more then anything. He always kne what to say, no matter what. "I do know that Deeks. Thank you. Oh and, by the way... that's the most profound thing you've ever said. Even more so then the speech you wrote and read out to me at my place earlier."

Trading a smile with her partner, who laughed at her comment, she bade him goodnight, walking out the door, towards her car, ready now to deal with her mother, to face the woman she had not seen in fifteen years. With Deeks by her side, Kensi knew she could deal with anything. Sometimes, silence was the most powerful tool.