Could this be love?

Inspired by the Romy songfic: Romy could this be love by Spleen09. Review and tell me if you think it's worth continuing.

Disclaimer: Really? As if I could own something this awesome...

She didn't know why they had come to see her but there they were. Sitting in the Professor's office. Irene and Mystique were on one couch while Kurt and Rogue sat on another, the Professor was parked at the end of the two couches, looking between the four of them waiting patiently for one of them to say something. Logan was leaning against the wall next to the fireplace glaring at their guests. Storm was in the armchair opposite of the Professor. Kurt had asked Amanda to attend the little get together for moral support, not that it was doing much good as she had taken to sitting behind the Professor's desk, in the event that powers started flying she could duck under the desk for cover. Scott and Jean were standing off to the side observing for "educational purposes" as they put it.

"Okay! I'll start! God forbid anyone else breaks this uncomfortable silence!" Mystique said throwing her hands up dramatically.

*scoff*"Stop bein' so melodramatic, Mystique! You make your pathetic excuses, we shoot you down, then you can crawl back to that sweat box Mississippi. Ah do have things tah do after this, ya know." Rogue said crossing her arms and legs with a sneer on her face. Mystique just stared at her, annoyed.

"I was ten seconds away from giving you an honest, heartfelt apology, but you just had to open that sarcastic mouth of yours didn't you? Ugh! Let's go Irene, I don't have time for this." Mystique said standing up, and offering a hand to Irene.

"Finally! Let's go, Amanda." Kurt said as he ported over to Amanda and then ported them somewhere else.

"So rude!" Mystique said after the smoke from Kurt's departure cleared.

"Calm yourself, Raven. Well, I had hoped this would go smoother, Rogue, but I suppose I'll see you when you get there." Irene said and kissed Rogue lightly on the cheek quickly.

"You'll give Kurt my best, won't you?" Mystique asked.

"Probably not." Rogue said crossing her arms with her usual 'your annoying and I hate you, so go away' look on her face.

"Whatever, I don't care, you're both brat's, anyway. Let's go, Irene." Mystique said and left in a huff.

"Remember this, Rogue, your future shall be revealed on your endless journey to find your destiny. Be strong, my love." Irene said and patted Rogue's arm before she left after Mystique.

"Ooookaaaay," Rogue started when she heard the front door close behind the two women. "Aside from that cryptic, and really creepy, riddled message, Ah think that went pretty well. How 'bout ya'll?" Rogue asked looking around the room, everyone just looked at her like she was crazy. Rogue, however, just shrugged and went to her room.