Chapter 8

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Queue up dramatic music.

Last Time:

"There are things we need to discuss, as a family."

"Due to Logan's memory loss twenty years ago, he won't remember meeting a young woman by the name of Priscilla DanCanto."

"Who could she be?"

"My biological mother."

"What are you saying, Destiny?"

"Rogue, Logan is your biological father."

"It's a lie!"

"It's the truth!"

"It's a scandal!"

"No! Screw all of you!"

A/N: Yea, I know that isn't what really happened, but it's supposed to be like a Soap, or from Kitty's POV. Just go with it. It won't be a long one but I'm ready for this one to be done with, there isn't nearly enough Romy in it.


Everyone's attention was brought to the front door when it opened to let Remy and Rogue back into the house. Kurt and Kitty were at her side in an instant.

"Rogue has some things to say before you guys smother her to death with your love." Remy said in a decidedly Yankee accent. Rogue looked at him like he was crazy for a minute before she turned to address the room. Kitty and Kurt backed up and sat on the floor so everyone could see her.

"I just wanted to apologize for my erratic behavior, it was uncalled for." Rogue began in as Yankee an accent as Remy, in an attempt to mock him, to which he caught onto and grinned inwardly. "I should not have reacted in such a way, and I just wanted… to…"Rogue trailed off as she looked at Mystique's expectant and slightly smug look on her face. Just like on the night she pushed Mystique's statue off the cliff, her mind switched gears and went on the angry defense.

"Ya know what? Ah'm not sahrry! Ah don't care that Ah yelled at you, and that Ah don't believe a word you say! 'Cause if ya didn't give me so many reasons to not trust you, things might be a little different! But they're not, and Ah can't help it, and Ah ain't gettin' over it any time soon, so screw both of you! Don't ever contact meh again!" Rogue yelled, and turned to leave, before Mystique grabbed her arm to stop her.

"It's all true, Rogue, whether you want to believe it or not." Mystique said, and, before Rogue could protest, she quickly gathered her memories and touched Rogue's cheek with a bare hand to transfer the memories of what she had kept secret for so many years.

"How dare you!?" Rogue spat after a moment of images flashing through her mind.

("Oh my gosh, Lance, look at that!" Kitty whispered excitedly to Lance, pointing to Remy, who had one hand on Rogue's waist, and the other lightly holding her right arm, keeping her steady.

"Yea, Kitty, I see. I wonder why he isn't dead yet." Lance said, unimpressed with the hand on Rogue's waist.

"Because they're totally in love, Lance, obviously." Kitty and Lance, however, seemed to be the only ones who noticed their physical contact. Which Lance considered weird, but shrugged it off.)

"It's the only way you'll know for sure that I'm telling the truth. Now you know I'm telling the truth." Mystique said and stood up straight from leaning against the wall.

"Yah're crazy! There is no truth tah anything you say!" Rogue said, still not pushing Remy away, or shaking his hands off her. Kitty geaked inwardly at this, attributing it to her not wanting to let his touch leave her for it would tear her apart on the inside to be away from her one and only love. In reality, Rogue hadn't even noticed Remy grab her, she was so appalled at Mystique's actions.

"Rogue, you're a smart girl; you know what's true and what's not."

"Read mah lips, Mystique, get a life and stop sticking yer nose into mine! Leave. Me. Alone!" Rogue said and flung open the front door, grabbed Remy's hand and drug him outside with her.

"Um, Rogue?" Kitty called when she heard the car start and pull out the drive. When she got no answer, she and Kurt got up and went to the front window to see Rogue's car drive off with her in the driver seat, and Remy in the passenger seat.

"Looks like Romeo ran off with Juliet once again. They are so meant to be." Kitty said with a dreamy sigh.

"Alright, we're outta here. Pack it up." Logan said as he headed for the door. He couldn't get out of that house fast enough. His mind was racing a million miles an hour with nowhere to go. Sometimes he hated not being able to remember his past.

What was he supposed to do? What if Mystique was telling the truth? What if she was lieing again? What would that do to Rogue's head? Her mind was already a jumbled mess; it would just be adding insult to injury for Mystique to lie about something like this. She couldn't be that cruel, could she? What would he do if it were in fact true? What kind of expectations would there be? Would Rogue blame him for not being there all those years? Logan didn't have answers for any of these questions. He needed to get back to the Institute where things made sense in the world. The Professor would help them figure this whole mess out. That is if Rogue even wanted them to be figured out. Logan knew Rogue's pride wouldn't let her accept help in situations like this. He just hoped she would consider it just this once.

Within the hour they were all strapped in aboard the Blackbird heading for Bayville. Kitty had called Rogue and gotten an earful when she told her to meet them at the Blackbird so they could get home. Rogue, very politely, told Kitty where to shove it, and that she would get home any way she pleased. To say the flight back to the mansion was tense would be an understatement. No one spoke, and there was a silenced that could only be explained as stifling and stuffy. With the brooding Logan and Kurt were doing over whatever thoughts were circling their heads, Lance trying his best not to hurl all over the place, and Laura shooting glares at Lance as if daring him to vomit anywhere in the jet, Kitty wondered how she made it back to the mansion at all. When they did arrive home, the Professor and Jean met them in the hanger.

"Where's Rogue and Gambit?" Jean asked peering inside the jet and not seeing the pair.

"Rogue decided to take the scenic route back with Remy." Kitty said with a sly grin and a wink.

"Kitty, you do know that if those two do, by some miracle, actually end up tolerating each other at all, it will be a long, long time from now, right?" Jean asked as the males all went inside. Lance went to go throw up, most likely, Kurt went to go phone his dear sister, Logan and the Professor went to go chat and Laura stayed behind to "gossip", as she had heard was the norm.

"You didn't see the way they were interacting before they ran off, so you, like, so cannot say that." Kitty said rolling her eyes.

"Well, whatever, you still have to tell me what happened. I suspect something dramatic and life changing and completely unforeseen happened on your little trip, am I right?" Jean said with a fake innocent look on her face.

"I hate it when you do that." Kitty said, looking unimpressed and arms crossed.

"Yes, darling, I know." Jean said with a wicked grin.

"Why, what's she doing? I don't understand." Laura said looking between the two girls.

"She deep sixed me and read my mind without my permission." Kitty said with a glare.

"All the more to talk about. Now, come, let us enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together and discuss the events of these past few days." Jean said and led the other two girls up to the main floor of the mansion.

"Oh, you have, like, no idea the drama I have had to deal with." Kitty said exasperatedly as the elevator doors closed.


"Hey, Swamp Rat, look, Ah'm sorry you had tah witness firsthand the crappy relationship I have with mah Mama. Ah didn't know she'd be there. So… yeah, mah bad."Rogue said uneasily breaking, what she had assumed, the uncomfortable silence that had settled upon the pair hours ago. Remy, however, found it to be very opportunistic for him to find out more about his unintentional stalker victim.

"'S okay, Cher, Remy don't mind at all. Ah told ya last time you were in Louisiana that Ah would be there if ya needed me." Remy said casually, admiring the scene outside his window.

"No, ya didn't, Swamp Scum! Yer a liar!" Rogue said, raising her voice in accusation.

"'Course Ah am, mon Cherie, how do you think poor, old, thievin', schemin', Remy been alive so long? It ain't 'cause o' mah pretty face, ya know. Well, in some cases it might be. ("Ugh, you're a pig!") But i's mostly 'cause I'm skilled in the art of lying, and stealing and other immoral… erm, skills, and-" Remy stammered before he was cut off by Rogue's irritation.

"Get to the point, Swamp Rat! My patience is very limited today." Rogue said through gritted teeth.

"What Ah'm tryin' tah say, mah Belle, is that Ah know a lie when Ah see one. From what Ah can tell, and from what Ah saw, Mrs. Mystique, ("Don't give her respect she doesn't deserve.")was tellin' the truth." Remy continued as if she hadn't said anything. "There are certain things someone does when they're lyin', such as keeping eye contact, not using conjunctions, and other such things. You should know these same things, Chere, as ya have me in yo' head and all my memories and skills and all."

"It don't exactly work lahke that, Gator Brain, the psyche's in mah head pop up whenever they want, and… and why am Ah tellin' you this? Why are you in my car? You had better not steal any of my crap!" Rogue said eying Remy suspiciously.

"Cher, wha's this crowbar for?" Remy said holding up a crowbar he kicked by accident.

"That's mahne, put it down, I wanted to smack ya up sahde the head with it, but Kitty was your saving grace." Rogue said regretfully.

"Aww, Cher, ya do care!" Remy said, his eyes getting a look of twisted satisfaction.

"Yer so odd, I don't know how people put up with you." Rogue said a little freaked out that he thought her knocking him over the head with a crowbar meant she cared.

"Meh," Remy said with a shrug, then suddenly became serious. "So, Cher, what ya gonna do 'bout the situation with Logan and all if it turns out that Mystique was tellin' da truth and Monsieur really is yer daddy? What ya gonna do about it?" he asked curiously.

"Honestly? Ah wish she hadn't told me, especially not in front of everyone. It's lahke readin' mah diary to the class, invasion of privacy. As far as Logan goes, Ah ain't got a clue. Ah wish Ah knew how he feels about this whole thing. That woman is so frustrating." Rogue said, not bothering to give the last part an irritated tone. "Ah'm just tahred."

"Of what, exactly?" Remy asked, internally excited that she was opening up to him. She would probably kill him when she remembered who she was talking to.

"Everything." Rogue said with an exasperated sigh. "Ah can't really pin point exactly what it is, it's just, like, a compilation of different stuff. Maybe Ah'm just crazy."

"Well, Cherie, in mah opinion you're just as sane as Ah am. Be it as it may, a burden or a blessing, but Ah can see where you would find confusion in all this mess. It is a mess, you realize this don't ya, Cher?" Remy said, and turned to look at her to see her reaction.

"'Course Ah do, Swamp Rat, who do ya think yer talkin' to? This is mah life, Ah may not have much control over it and Ah may not know what's goin' on in it most of the tahme, but Ah do know what it looks lahke. It may not be pretty, but Ah didn't ask for anyone's opinion about it." Rogue said, smacking the steering wheel indignantly. "Oh, Lord, it's been a long day." She said stifling a yawn.

"Want me to drahve fo' awhile, Cher? Let ya rest fo' a bit." Remy offered good heartedly.

"You mess up mah car Ah'll kill ya, Swamp Rat." Rogue said after a few minutes of thought and pulled off onto the side of the road.

"Remy be da safest driver ever did see, Cher, ya got his word, as a Thief." Remy said, putting a hand to his heart in oath.

"That's reassuring." Rogue said rolling her eyes as she got out and went to the passenger side.

"Ah thought so to." Remy said and slid into the driver seat.

"Feel meh up while Ah'm sleepin', perv, and A'll rip yer hands off and shove 'em down yer throat, got it?" Rogue said as she settled in her seat to sleep a few minutes later.

"'Course, Cher, yo' body is safe with me." Remy said and gave her his famous two fingered solute.

"Don't talk to me lahke that, it's weird, and creepy." Rogue said and drifted off.

Next morning, around 6 or 7, R&R pull up the mansions gravel driveway…

"They're here, they're here!" A very excited Kitty yelled from her bedroom to the mansion, where she had been sitting at her window, impatiently waiting for her best friend to return. She immediately jumped up from her window seat and bolted down to the foyer, where she through open the doors dramatically and about died when she saw Remy helping Rogue get her stuff out of the trunk.

"Oh my gosh gosh gosh, Rogue! What took you so long? You, like, took forever to get here! What did you do, stop to eat the whole breakfast menu at Ihop? I mean, seriously, were you, like, trying to take your time or something? Cause if so, like, mission accomplished." Kitty prattled off quickly and excitedly.

"Kit, shut the crap up. Ah've had a long few days. Ah'm gonna go tah mah room, get a shower, and go tah sleep. You, little miss thang, are gonna let meh do that so Ah don't kill anyone. Understand?" Rogue said, pointing a stern finger at her excited friend. When she walked into the foyer she saw Logan walking towards her looking wary, (A/N: I think I used that word right. If not, let me know.) which, as everyone knew, was not a good sign.

"Hey, Stripes, can we talk?" He asked, a little uneasy.

"'Bout what?" Rogue asked casually.

"About everything that Mystique said. You know, about me and your mother-"Logan began but was cut off by an agitated Rogue.

"No, Logan, we ain't gonna do this, this whole heartfelt 'if you're my kid, I'll do the right thing,' ain't gonna happen. Ah don't know if what she said is true or not, it's a big jumbled mess of thoughts Ah can't sort through right now, but it doesn't change anything. Mah life makes some kind of sense right now, and Ah don't want to mess it up anymore than it is. So, no we can't talk, 'cause Ah got nothin' to say. Tomorrow ain't lookin' so hot either." Rogue said and brushed passed him to continue up the stairs before she turned back around.

"Oh, Kit, keep an eye on that fool, make sure he don't get into trouble. Or a fight. Or steal anything. Or break anything. Thanks, girl, Ah owe ya one." Rogue said to Kitty, who had been standing just inside the door with Remy, listening quietly to the conversation, before she turned and continued up the stairs.

To be continued in the sequel: Black Velvet.

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