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Ch. 12 It's A Bad Day to be an Ambu

Bardock was sitting at his desk. Everything was falling into place. All he needed was someone to get in and get the files he needed to convict Danzo of high treason. And he knew who to get.

Suddenly there came in a tall muscular man with dark skin, black hair with blood streaks in his hair, somewhat spiky. He's got some tattered black jeans, custom boots, a fur lined coat, gray and black jacket (minus fur), blood red button up shirt underneath. His signature is his mercenary grin, which shows he's got a plan up his sleeve. His jacket is also black with a fur lining.

"So you're the man I've heard so much about. Please have a seat." Bardock gestured to the seat in front of himself. He was not surprised to see this man here. The man sits down slowly, cautiously, making sure the area is safe before continuing.

"I hear you can do what I need done." the Hokage said to the man.

"Depends. One way or another, sure. If the pays right." the man said.

"Of course. I have something in mind for you, that I think you will like."

"...Alright. So, uh..what's this..job you called me for?" he asked.

"I need you to get information for me. It's located here." he began taking out a map that revealed the secret base that Danzo ran. "These people have done experiments on their own people within the facility. They even began to spread rumors about my grandson being a demon. He's a jinchuriki, not a demon."

"Hmm..alright. Do you guys got any info or recon on the security of the place or am I going in blind? Costs more without info." he requested. Zero curiously examines the map, keeping an eye on certain passages and crevices.

"Alright here's the thing. Security won't be as tight as it normally is, and here's why. I'm going to the academe and give our aspiring shinobi a job. They are to prank the village with everything they got. No one will know about this except the students, their chunin sensei, and us. It will be all hands on deck to to insure that the mess gets contained, and cleaned up."

"..Heh, alright. That'll do. I should have this...information long before the pranks finished. Guaranteed ."

"Thank you, the pranks will happen in two weeks. You'll have plenty to study, but it's mostly for the kids to prepare."

"Ah. No need to study. I've already got it down. Thanks anyway. your part, I'll do mine. We all leave this behind happy. I hope."

"I hope so too."

"Alright class, we have a very special guest here today. He is both my sensei and our Hokage. Lord Bardock" Kazuki said introducing the children to the Hokage.

"Hi, I have something for you kids that will help you in real life when you become shinobi. Only a hand full of people know what I'm about to tell you. I'm going to allow you kids to prank the village in any way you see fit. You can go it alone, you can do it with a friend. I don't care.

"There are rules to this. If you pull it off and don't get caught, then you get a perfect score for this test. If you get caught, then you'll have to keep you mouth shut for as long as you can about this. The longer you last the better your score. You won't be getting a perfect though. Unless you somehow escape. Then you get extra credit, but I don't recommend that road.

"Next on the list is that they cannot harm anyone unless the injuries are minor like a rash or something. Nothing too serious. Also you cannot tell your parents. You have to hide this from everyone outside the academe. And you have two weeks from tomorrow to prep, and set up the trap. They are to start at sunrise. Also one more thing. If you can prank me it's extra credit too."

Excited murmurs could be heard among the crowd of children in the class room. Bardock left with a smile on his face.

It was beautiful. Ambu were everywhere trying to catch the ones that did it. Some of the best work went out to Iruka and Mizuki who teamed up to prank the Uchiha compound of all places. Best part the didn't get caught.

Bardock was walking into his office to meet with Zero. When he opened the door to find a bucket of water falling on his head. He did not expect someone to have gotten into his office to do that. And after all the pranks he avoided too.

He sat at his desk for him to hear a knock at his door. "Enter." he said.

Zero walks in with a bit of a stagger, placing the scroll onto his table. "That's all I found. Not sure if there was more or not but if there was, its gone now. Didn't peak though. Customer privacy."

Bardock took the scroll and read it. "Thank you. This is exactly what I need. Danzo will face a long hard sentence with this information. And apparently he's been working with Oroichmaru. That's something I didn't expect."

"Yeah yeah. Now. How bout payment?" Zero asked getting into a defensive stance.

Bardock put up his hands in a defensive manner to show he would not attack. "I don't have it with me. It's at Icharaku's. I'm not trying to scam you or anything. Just go there and see for yourself."

"Alright. Part of the job, man. No offense. Hee hee."

"None taken. I'm not sure which one of us would win to be honest." Bardock said offhandedly.

"Gotta be careful. I'll go see."

"Have a nice day."

"Yeah. You too. Don't get into too much trouble. You look like you could handle it but..uh..yeah. Never mind. Ciao." With nothing more to say Zero left to the location he was told to go.

"I wish you every happiness. You deserve it."

Zero arrived at the place he was told to go, and went inside the Ramen stand. Inside he saw a girl with light skin, pink iris, bright pink hair down to her knees. Very skinny, with not a lot of muscle. She was also wearing a pink causal dress and a long robe with it.

"Scratch?" he asked. He thought he would never see her again.

"Zero?" she breathed. She had long though the same thing.

"Hay Vegeta, are we there yet?"

"NO NAPPA! WE ARE NOT THERE YET!" he screamed.

"Hay Vegeta, can we stop over at that bug planet?" he asked.


"Thank you! I don't know how much more I can take!" Raditz cried out with frantic joy.

Vegeta then landed the ship onto Planet Arlia.

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