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Ch. 13 Danzo's Busted

It had been three weeks since the day that AMBU will never forget. So many kids pranked the entire village. And it was for homework at the academe. Bardock smiled at the fact that he had gotten pranked by Iruka himself. And it was the most cliché prank on the planet. He walked into his office to find a bucket of water fall on his head. He held a lot of promise if he could pull that off on him. But his thoughts quickly got back to where they were before. The rumors, at least that's where it started. He quickly discovered that it was Danzo, but he needed evidence. Something which he did not have. That was until he found Zero. That kid was as reliable as they came, and last he checked he and his girlfriend Scratch left this dimension to talk about old times.

He was getting off track again. It turns out that Danzo's been trying to become Hokage for years. And he was willing to do anything to get it. He even started rumors that the Uchiha had set Kurama loose. "Still can't believe that's her name. Sounds like a guy's name." Bardock said quietly to himself. His clones were training, and doing the evil paper work while he was preparing for the meeting that would take place today. He told all his shinobi to prepare themselves to fight as hard as they could. It was going to be a long day.

"Why has this meeting come to order Lord Hokage?" The third asked. He knew full well, but he had to keep up the act.

"I have discovered that there is a plan to remove me as Hokage. And I know who that is, and who his conspirators are." Bardock said in a clear voice.

"Who is this person?" Koharu asked.

"Well it's really actually people. There's an entire group, and they've been at it since Hiruzen's first term."

"What proof do you have?" Homura demanded.

"Remember three weeks ago when no one wanted to be an AMBU?" Bardock asked. Some people blanched, while others chuckled. "Well I had someone find this guy's secret base and take some information that he did not want getting out. And let tell you right now, they happen to be the 'ROOT' of the problem."

"What do you mean Lord Hokage?" Goku asked. He knew to address his father that way in a meeting. Ever since his dad took the job, it was a pain in the butt, but he had no other choice. Plus he didn't know what his dad was planing.

"I'm glad you asked Kakarot. You see, this man has been planing the death of the Uchiha clan for the last several years. His opening came when the nine tailed fox showed up a few years back."

"And your grandson is that very demon!" Shouted one of the civilian members.

"He is a jinchuriki. He's as dangerous as a sealing scroll holding a kuni within itself. He's actually the biological son of the Fourth Hokage and his wife Kushina. My son took him upon Kakashi's request to protect him." Bardock explained. There were many who were shocked at this new piece of information.

"That cannot be possible!" Exclaimed another one of the civilian members.

"It is. His DNA is all the proof we need on that. And I am not going to let the corruption that has taken this village get any worse. AMBU, place Danzo under arrest."

"I think not. ROOT take them out!" Danzo called and many men dressed in AMBU gear came out of the shadows to fight against the real AMBU and protect Danzo.

"Explains why dad had me sign her contract." Goku said as he bit his thumb, molded his chakara, and used the seals for the summoning jutsu.

"You called master Kakarot?" Asked a three tailed fox the size of a cow.

"I need your help kit." Goku replied.

"Understood." He used his tails to keep ROOT busy while Goku confronted Danzo.

"Where do you think you're going?" Goku asked the old man.

"You summon demons?" Danzo asked.

"Kurama's children yes. I have her permission that's how I was able to get the scroll to be able to summon them. I signed it in my own blood just like for any summon. Now I'm only going to tell you once. Hand over the Sharangan that you have, and turn yourself in. You will not be harmed."

"You think I'll listen to a brat like you?!" Danzo attacked Goku with everything he had. With all the fighting that was going on in there it's amazing that the roof didn't collapse in on itself.

"NOW HARU!" Goku called.

"Yes master Kakarot." He said wrapping his tails around Danzo. He used his Sharanigan to escape, but Goku knew of it's weakness. He impaled him at the overlap point.

"Everyone move!" Bardock called out. Everyone ran as a seal began to erupt from his body. Everyone got out before the implosion could accrue.

"That was crazy. Glad you saw that coming dad." Goku said sitting down on the ground.

"What are we going to do about ROOT?" Lord Hiashi asked.

"They're like sheep without a shepherd. I know what to do." Bardock said looking at his son. Goku had no idea what why he was looking at him like that.


"I can't believe you did this to me! You suck dad!" Goku glared at his father. He had just given him the biggest headache in the world. He put him in charge of the now official ROOT division within the AMBU. Goku had to go through all the paperwork to see what they had done in the past. He had shadow clones take care of that while he spoke with some of the members of ROOT. It turns out that they have a seal on them to prevent them from spilling secrets unless they wanted to die. He got Jiraiya and Bulma on it as soon as humanly possible. All the memories from his clones were making his head hurt.

"Hey, you beat Danzo. They respect you. Plus next week we'll have to reconvene that meeting since it was interrupted by his death. We still have to get that snake next."

"Orochimaru?" Goku asked. He knew that he was dangerous. But he didn't think he would be a traitor.

"You didn't see his mind like I did. It's twisted. In fact I don't think we'll have time to do the next meeting before he makes a brake for it. He knows I'm on to him." Bardock said somberly.

"Lord Hokage, I know you said not to enter your home unless it was important." Said one of the AMBU as he appeared in a swirl of leaves.

"It's Orochimaru isn't it?" Bardock asked.

"Yes sir, he's missing. And his student Anko is in the hospital. She has a curse mark on her neck." He said.

"Unless he shows up by sunrise tomorrow with a good excuse, then I'm labeling him as a missing ninja. I'll put the price up for his head." The AMBU nodded and disappeared in another swirl of leaves.

"Well that sucks." Goku said poring himself a glass of Bulma's brew. "Looks like we'll both need this."

Indeed things did go badly for Orochimaru. He was trying to create new jutsu and went through illegal means to make them. He joined some group after that. And it gave Bardock quite the headache.

"I was right. And now we have a rogue on our hands." Bardock said as he rubbed his temples.

"At least the village trusts us more than it did before." Goku said to help raise his father's spirits.

"True. And I can only imagine what Raditz is going through right now." Bardock looking up at the stars.

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