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Ch. 2 Bardock's Resurrection

It took three day after the two universes came together that King Yemma caught up with a good chunk of the dead. "Well, looks like he was right." He mumbled to himself. "And at least I was smart enough to make a system for such an occasion." 'And it was the bet I made with Bardock, that made me come up with the system in the first place. Otherwise this would have taken longer. And speaking of him...' He looked over at one of the ogres in his command and said. "Can you please go to retrieve Bardock, He won our little bet and so I'm going to have to keep up with my end of the deal." 'Man I need to see someone about helping me out with this problem I have.'

"Yes sir." The ogre said obediently. He then took off into Hell.

King Yemma, then looked at the next name on his list. "Hmmmm…Uchiha Madara. It says here that you've done a lot of nasty things. And the way you died…hilarious! Looks like you get a one way ticket to Hell."

"What!" Madara shouted! "Mark my words when I get out, you're the first one that I'm going to kill!"

"Dream on Madara! SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" A woman shouted with red hair created several copies of herself and pummeled him to a pulp. "Take him away boys." She said as Madara groaned in pain from the beating he just received.

"Well done Kushina. You know how, about instead of going to Heaven now, how about you put that on hold, and go to King Kai's for training?" King Yemma asked the red head.

"Hmm…Sure why not." Kushina replied.

"Good luck making it across Snake Way."

"Thanks, bye!" She said. She wasn't watching where she was going and bumped right into a man that was very tall close to her husbands height, black spiky hair, onyx eyes, he had a strong build. He was also wearing a green armor of some sort, a strange device with a green lens over his left eye, a crimson red headband, and he had a scar on his left cheek. He also had a surprised look on his face. "Oh I'm so sorry, I should have watched where I was going."

"It alright, it's completely understandable" He said.

"My name is Kushina, what's yours?"


"Nice to meet you. What kind of Kekkei Genkai is that?" She asked pointing at his tail?


"It's a bloodline trait."

"Oh, well I'm actually what's called a saiyan. Saiyans are bread to fight. In fact everything about us is for combat, from our natural fighting ability, to our ki manipulation."

"Oh, your from that other part of the new universe." she said as if it should have been the most obvious thing.

"Yes I am. Well I got to go, I have to talk to King Yemma. I'll see you again eventually."

"Yeah later." She said running towards Snake Way.

"Oh, and nice work on pounding Madara! I saw him being dragged away and I couldn't help but laugh." He said trying to stop himself from laughing again.

"Thank you!" She said before taking off to snake way.

"So, you wanted to see me?" Bardock asked the large ogre behind the large mahogany desk.

"You know why you're here." King Yemma said with a slightly aggravated look on his face. "You won that bet we had. So make your choice?"

"I'd like to go to Earth please. Because, you see, my son Kakarot lives there, and I never even held him in my arms once when I had the chance, and I want to make it up to him. And build a relationship with him." He answered honestly.

"Hmm. Alright, I see no problem with that. Ah, Baba, I see you've finally arrived."

"What is it King Yemma? I'm a very busy woman at the moment." Baba said completely unaware of Bardock's presents.

"I would like you to take this man to Earth." King Yemma said pointing at the saiyan not ten feet from her. She was about to freak out when the large ogre cut her off. "And just to let you know that, as of this moment, this man is alive."

The halo on the saiyan's head disappeared after he finished his sentence. "Thank you King Yemma I'm not going to mess up this seconded chance you have given me." he said as he bowed respectively. "Also I think she's freaking out because my son inherited my looks, and the fact that she met him a few years ago."

"What are you, a psychic!" Baba screamed which caused Bardock to wince.

"Yes, yes I am." That shocked them both. King Yemma had been duped. He made a bet with a psychic.

"To be honest I wish I didn't ask. This way." She said as she led him to Earth. After awhile, they finally made it to Orange Star City. "That over there is Mt. Poaz, your son lives there, but I suggest that you get yourself some regular cloths first."

"What's wrong with my cloths?" Bardock asked in an annoyed tone.

"You would draw too much attention to yourself, that's why." She replied. "Plus it should be easy for you to get some cloths. All you have to do win a fight with the prize being money."

"That would be entertaining for you wouldn't it?" Bardock asked, he realized that she loved to watch fights.

"You learn quickly." she said. "Unlike Goku, he is not very bright."

"Well I'll have to fix that." He said. "So where do I have to go?" Then a vision hit him pretty hard.


Bardock was panting because he was running out of ki. "Man Jiraiya…your really…something." He said between breaths.

"Thanks…your not…too bad…yourself." said a man with crazy long platinum blond hair, red gi, A head band with the kanji for oil, and wooden shoes. He was suffering form low chakara levels.

"Hey, let's end this. One last attack." Bardock recovered some of his breath.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Jiraiya replied.

They then began to charge their ultimate attacks. Jiraiya, with the Rasengan, and Bardock with the Final Spirit Cannon. People were cheering them on but they didn't hear it. Jiraiya charged and Bardock launched his attack as they shouted at roughly the same time.


"Final Spirit Cannon!"

Vision ends:

"Well I think I might have found a challenge." Bardock said with simile growing on his face. "I just have to find him."

"Well there are some strong fighters that are over there." Baba said pointing at the west side of the city.

"Yeah, thanks for pointing that out for me. I guess I should take this thing off too that way I won't draw too much attention. Plus I can sense other people's energies anyway." He put his scouter away. "Shall I give my son a message for you when I see him?" he asked.

"Sure, tell him I said 'Hi'."

"Alright. I'll see you later." He then took off towards the city. It took awhile but he found the man in his vision and tailed him to a building where there appeared to be a lot of mussel bound idiots trying to look tough and keeping weaker looking people out.

Jiraiya had had enough of the big guy keeping him out. So he just summoned a toad and it beat the guy up, and the dragon guy let him in. Then Bardock walked up, and the dragon looked like he'd seen a ghost. He cocked an eyebrow at the dragon and he ran off screaming.

"Hey Girun! Where are you going?!" Demanded the guy who got beaten up by one of Jiraiya's Toad Summons when he came to.

"He must have mistaken me for somebody else." Bardock said to the guy.

"But who?"

"Somebody else, but no matter. I'm going in there, and you can't stop me."

"Oh yeah?!"

He formed a ball of ki in his hand. "Yeah."

The man ran off toward where Girun ran off to shouting. "Hey, Girun! Wait up!"

"Coward." He scoffed as he walked through the door, and made his way to the registration table to sign up. Once that was done, he walked around for a bit. 'Hmm…lots of weird looking people around here.' He then spotted a familiar face, one that he saw training with his son as a child. He was strong for a human, and he was talking with the guy from his most resent vision, Jiraiya. 'Great now how am I supposed to get Jiraiya's attention without tipping off my son's best friend? Boy am I in a pickle.' And at the mention of that figure of speech, his stomach growled.

"Wow, sounds like someone hasn't eaten in a week!" Jiraiya said.

"Or if it's Goku, a couple hours. He eats like a maniac three times a day." Krillin replied.

"Is he an Akamichi? Or no, you're from the other part of the new world." Jiraiya said quickly after remembering that fact.

'Oh crap, I gotta hide!' Bardock screamed in his mind. In fact he did just that. Hiding behind a pillar in the building.

"Attention everyone." A woman with green hair said getting everyone's attention. "I'm sorry I didn't mention this earlier, but the growling of someone's stomach made me realize that I forgot." That made Bardock blush. "You see there is free food for all the participants of the competitions, and it's all you can eat." That caught his attention, and he made a mad dash for the mess hall. And we all know what he did next.

There were a lot of comments made about his appetite. But to name a few. These were a some of them.

"Wow, this guy is eating like a madman."

"He eats more than an Akamichi."

"He looks like he hasn't eaten in years, but he's so well built."

And the one comment that made him abruptly finish his meal. "He looks just like Goku." That comment made him stop, swallow the food in his mouth and turn around to see Krillin staring right at him.

'Darn it, I should've known that he would have come over here. I'm such a fool.' "Can we talk in private?" He asked pointing at Krillin.

"Sure." He said, leaving the mess hall behind.

After they had found a private, spot Bardock began. "Look before you judge me or anything. I've been dead for 19 years." Krillin had a look of disbelief on his face. "You can ask Baba, she was there when my life was restored. Now before I died I was given the ability to see the future, and read minds, and stuff like that."

"How'd you get that?"

"I'll explain that later. To continue what I was saying, I saw you training with my son in those visions. You're his closest friend."

"I had a feeling you were Goku's dad when you said you were dead for 19 years. And you look just like him too. You even have a tail." He said pointing at his tail. "Yeah I'm not stupid."

"Your absolutely right on that." Bardock looked over his left shoulder. "You can come out now Jiraiya."

"How do you know who I am?" The Toad Sage asked, coming out of the shadows.

"I saw you in a vision of the future as well." Bardock replied. "Your are actually quite the challenge for me."

"Really?" They both asked.

"Yes. In fact you're the best challenge I think I'll have in years, according to the vision I had." Bardock said in a matter of fact tone.

"Say what?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yeah, and I know you were there for that part. I'm looking forward to our fight. And before you ask Krillin, I'm over here instead of with my son, because I kinda want to get some new cloths for myself before I head over there. I mean, look at me. I don't think I look weird, but I think I do to you."

"I see your point. But you didn't pay the entry fee didn't you?"

"Entry fee?"

"Oh boy." Jiraiya facepalmed.

At that moment there was an announcement on the intercom, it the green haired woman again. "Attention, will Saiyan Bardock, please report to the front desk. Thank you."

"That was conveniently awkward" Bardock said.

"I assume you don't have any money." Krillin said as he pulled out some cash from his wallet. "Here this should cover it." He said handing him the money.

"Thank you very much Krillin. I'll pay you back as soon as I can." He then took the money and paid his entry fee. He returned to the place that they were talking. And asked a very important question, "Is my son coming to this event?"

Meanwhile on Mt. Poaz. Goku was about to head out to that very event when he sneezed so loud that he woke the boys from their nap. "GOKU!" Chi-Chi screamed.

"Sorry Chi-Chi." He said running up stairs to the boys room and calmed them down. While having one thing on his mind. 'Was someone talking about me?' "Sorry guys I'm gonna have to get going now. We can't just live off the money that your grandpa provides us with you know. I got to get us more money somehow. Especially since I don't have a job, and my only skills are in fighting. I'm just glad that I found out about this competition. And since your daddy's really strong, there is no way that I can be beat." He went downstairs after putting them down, and he opens the door to leave. Only to find several people were outside. In fact one of them was about to knock when he opened the door. They were ninja with a different symbol on their headbands. And the symbol was in the shape of a rock. "Hi, can I help you?"

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