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Alex's POV

"Hello?!" I shouted. There was no reply. I heard another noise, further to the left, and closer, and I whipped my head round instinctively to see what it was. There was nothing there, again. "Damn!" I yelled, angrily. I heard the noise again. I had no idea where it was coming from, but I kept looking, desperate for some sign of something, of anything. But, once again, there was nothing. I couldn't help thinking that it was something bad, maybe a lion that's come to eat me. Or maybe it's one of those Mungros. I heard the noise again, this time not even bothering to turn my head. That was when I heard footsteps coming up behind me, and they were really close too. I looked around, desperately trying to find something, when I saw a bow and arrow hidden in the bushes. I picked it up, loaded it, then turned around with my bow ready to strike. But what hit me was a blow I couldn't possibly recover from.

"Alex?" Said a voice, and I recognised it almost immediately.

"Savvie? What are you doing here?" She looked at me, concerned. She looked at me as if she was assessing me, like she was trying to determine my condition.

"Well?" I asked, after minutes of silence.

"What?" She asked. It was only then that I noticed her cheek...

"What happened to your cheek?" I dropped my bow and walked up to her, looking at the red scar on her cheek. I cupped her face and moved her head so that I could see it better, and it looked really painful. The cut was deep, clearly intentionally made, probably with a knife or something else sharp. It was pretty bad too, so whoever had done it didn't plan on going easy on her.

"It's just a scratch. Get over yourself, who do you think you are, a doctor?" She pulled away from me, shaking her head as she did so.

"Why are you here?"

"What, so now I'm not allowed to go to places you think are inappropriate, am I?" She pushed past me, picking up the bow.

"What are you doing?" I called.

She slung the bow over her shoulder and walked right up to me.

"That's none of you business." She said with a scowl. She looked at her arrows. "But, if you must know, I dropped my bow."

"Why do you have a bow?" I asked, quickly getting annoyedb with her for being so angry.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I not allowed a bow? I didn't think to alert you! my apologies! Are you going to confiscate it from me!?" She practically screamed the last part.

I was breathing heavily out of anger, and she was panting from her rant. Who the hell does this girl think she is?! What gives her the right to just start randomly screaming at me!? Now calming down, the only noise that broke the silence was the heavy breathing of the girl in front of me. Once her breathing slowed down, everything was completely silent. It was just then that I realised just how close we were, another few millimetres and our faces would have been touching. I just stood and stared, getting lost in those magical blue eyes, deeper than the ocean, colder than ice, like a whirlpool, sucking me in, pulling me down until I could no longer breathe and had no choice but to give in to the numbness that had overtaken my body. She stared back, neither of us wanting to move, and we must have stayed that way for hours, because the only thing to break us away was the sky getting darker.

She shook her head, as if to shake away the things that had just happened, and picked up her bow. She looked at me for a second, then shook her head again. "No." She said. Then she ran away. I called after her, but she didn't even look back, so I did the only think I could think of at that very moment. I ran after her.

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